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life of qias
It turns dark. the sihaara village is known for its cucumber cultivation. The farmers working in the fields were to end their work and were to return to thier homes. The farmers get high yield in the cucumber crops. During Festilval times the village looks colourful with flowers decorated in the houses everywhere. Qias the son of the great merchant Huba was 14 years old. He is the handsome and smartest boy in the sihaara village. He is playful and was a very intelligent one. he used to make girl friends and often spend time with them.One usual day there came a big storm which threatened the lives of the village. qias however survived and was not affected by the storm. he lost his family in the storm and was standing alone in the village with others whom escaped the death. Their belongings were lost. He is alone and was aided by the people of the next village. They provide food and needs for these affected people. Qias planned to reach his uncle's house which was in the next town. The sihaara village lost its identity. the people whom lived happily there was no more. the cucumber crops were spoilted in the storm.But qias survived. In the uncles house qias was greatly welcomed. They cooked a special meal on the day of qias arrival. he loved a lot to stay there. Qias had a good time with his niece. He forgot the whole thing happened in their village and lived a new life. Soon qias got elder and his uncle decided to marry him. He got engaged to a pretty girl and got married.they had children and had a happy life.everyday Qias plays with his children and was happy with his lovable wife.His uncle often visits their home a had a good time with them. Qias was Very thankful to his uncle and lived a peaceful life.
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