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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2185845
A teenage girl finds a miniature city with shrunken people
In the year 5150...

A wealthy man named Hayden Hawk sat at a table, during a meeting with members of his staff.

"As you know, our network needs ratings if we are going to compete. I have a solution that may meet our criteria. One thousand criminals were miniaturized and purchased by us, to do with as we please. I have rented a time taxi to take the shrunken people to a specific location in the early 21st century, and we will have video cameras in a parallel dimension catching everything, and transmitting it to us here in the present. Are there any questions?"

A man named Steve Sanderson raised his hand. "When the shrunken people are attacked, is there a specific predator you have in mind?"

Mr. Hawk answered, "Her name is Drusilla Dyson, a 13-year-old athlete. She is training for the junior Olympics, and she runs on a trail at a specific time during the morning hours." An image of Drusilla appeared on a monitor so they all could see her. "We will place the miniature city in her path. We've done a covert analysis of her temperament, and it is almost guaranteed that she will wipe out the shrunken people."

The men and women in the room seated at the table began clapping.

"I've got to hand it to you," said Mr. Sanderson, "you came up with something that could really boost our ratings!"

"There's more," said Mr. Hawk, "I've provided a way for the tiny people to defeat the girl who will attack them, but they don't know how to orchestrate this. I've given them a former electrical engineer, and as far as I know, none of the rest of the captives know how to manipulate the technology they have been provided with."

"Do you think he will be able to figure it out?" Mr. Sanderson asked.

"That's what people will pay to see," Mr. Hawk replied. "Micro video cameras are placed throughout the miniature colony, so we will be able to see and hear what the ant sized people are saying to one another. We will also have a worm's eye view of Drusilla, as well as shots from the perspective of normal sized people from that other dimensional continuum."

"Can we view what happens live, before it's uploaded to the network?" Mr. Sanderson asked.

"From our perspective," Mr. Hawk replied, "this happened many thousands of years ago. The temporal transmission that was beamed back to us was received in it's entirety, so the computer knows what happened already. Ladies and gentlemen, we will be the first to view this adventure!" Mr. Hawk keyed a remote control, and the video monitor began playing the transmission.


Somewhere in California some time in the year 2020...

There was a dirt path popular with joggers, it was still early in the morning. There were surrounding hillsides, and the sun hadn't quite risen above the nearest hill, though it was light out. The colony had just been placed near the path. A loudspeaker was in the center of the colony, as the inhabitants exited their dwellings to survey their surroundings. They were all the same height as the length of a typical ant. The colony stretched out (by their measurement) for about two miles in one direction, and was about half a mile wide.

The loudspeaker addressed the miniaturized criminals: "Attention inhabitants of the miniaturized colony! You have all been placed here so you can be killed for entertainment purposes. Your bodies are immortal, needing no food or water, but you can be killed by stomach acid or by being stomped to death. A teenage girl will discover your colony in less than 20 minutes. A mind control transmitter has been programmed to control the minds of anyone other than her, so they will run past the colony without discovering it. There is a way you can all defeat the girl who will attack you, but you have no way of knowing what that method is, and you have less than 20 minutes to implement it."

Timothy Terranova stepped out into the midst of the other tiny colonists. "I'm an electrical engineer, I might be able to re-program the mind control transmitter so it will work on the girl!"

Another man stepped up beside Tim. "I'm Brett Burleson, my grandfather was an electrician, so I know something about this. I say we use the power from the solar cells to send a flash of light that will blind her! If she can't see, she can't attack us!"

"I wouldn't recommend that," said Tim, "If we miss, we'll have drained all the solar cells, and by the time they've re-charged the batteries, the girl would've wiped us out!"

Brett replied,"My grandfather was an electrician, so I know what I'm talking about! It would take too long to re-program the mind control device!"

"But that won't work!" said Tim. "I know from experience that our only hope is to re-program the mind control transmitter!"

"Blinding her will be faster!" shouted one of the other colonists. Many others agreed with him. "Let's take it to a vote! Who agrees with blinding her?"

Almost everyone raised their hand.

"And who agrees with using mind control on her?" the man asked. Only a few people raised their hands.

Brett went with some of the others to the control room, to implement Brett's plan to blind the girl with a flash of light.

"I think your plan would work better," said one of the men to Tim Terranova, "but they won't listen to us."

After about fifteen minutes, Brett had a control tower equipped with a laser-type weapon powered by the main battery that got it's power from the solar cells.

"We're ready!" said Brett. "The girl should be here any minute!"

Before long, the young teenage girl arrived during her morning jog. To normal sized people, she was a tanned half Mexican, half-white athletic girl, but to the people of the miniaturized colony, she was a beautiful behemoth. She wore a violet tee-shirt and dark pink shorts, and white socks and pink running shoes.The girl spotted the colony, and jogged toward it. From her perspective, it was about five feet long and two feet wide. Most of the colonists were standing in an area where she could see them, and they bowed to her.

"What is this?" the girl asked.

The loudspeaker made an announcement that had been pre-recorded by the people who had purchased and miniaturized them.

"This is a colony of shrunken people from the year 5150. They are violent criminals, and as an elaborate form of execution, they are here at your disposal, to do with as you please!"

"My name is Drusilla, and I'm your conqueror!"

Drusilla stepped on a section of the structures and crushed some of the barracks where some of the colonists lived. Inside the control room, Brett aimed the laser at Drusilla's face; he fired, but she happened to look away when it hit her face. She was unharmed.

"We missed her eyes!" said Brett. "We won't get another chance until the solar cells re-charge! That could take another ten or fifteen minutes!"

"Did you just try to attack me?" Drusilla asked. The conquering colossus lifted her right leg, and stomped on the control tower that emitted the laser beam. Drusilla laughed at how easily she was able to defeat the tiny weapon.

"My boyfriend got me into the fantasy of conquering shrunken people," said Drusilla. "Ever since then, I've always wanted to swallow shrunken people! I'm training for the junior Olympics, so as far as you're concerned, I'm an Olympian!"

Drusilla knelt down, and licked her right index finger. She collected about a dozen colonists and smeared them harmlessly on the palm of her left hand, and licked her lips.

“Prepare to end up as the food of the gods!” Drusilla shouted, and licked the tiny colonists from her palm. She swallowed them with ease.

Some of the colonists tried to retreat into the barracks, but Drusilla stomped a section of them into the ground, which made the other colonists exit the barracks to face their fate. Drusilla knelt down again, and put her hand down palm up.

"I command you to step onto my palm! Make it easier for me to collect you!"

About fifty colonists climbed onto Drusilla's palm. When her palm was covered with colonists, the daunting diva stood once more and said: "You’re going on a one way journey to my belly!" Drusilla licked her palm clean, and closed her mouth. She swirled her tongue back and forth within her mouth and swallowed her prey. Once they were gliding down her esophagus, Drusilla laughed.

"Do you want to be stomped, or swallowed?" Drusilla asked with an evil smile on her face. "If you want to be swallowed, line up on my left, if you want to be stomped, line up on my right." All of the colonists lined up to her left, choosing to be devoured.

Drusilla lifted her shirt slightly, revealing her belly button and rubbed her stomach. "Your destiny is to end up as my next meal!"

There were more colonists than could fit in both of her palms, so Drusilla knelt down and placed both hands down, palms up. "I command you to climb onto my palms!"

One hundred of them climbed onto her left palm, and one hundred of them climbed onto her right palm. Drusilla stood up, and addressed the colonists still on the ground. "If any of you try to escape your compound, I'll stomp you down! I won't allow you the luxury of denying me the pleasure of sending you to my belly!"

Drusilla turned her attention to her palms. "Walk across my arms, and climb up onto my shoulders, so I can collect more colonists!"

The colonists had no choice but to obey the deific damsel, so they did as she commanded, and walked across her arms. Soon, there were one hundred colonists on her left shoulder, and one hundred on her right shoulder. Drusilla knelt down and placed her hands on the ground palms up as she did before. "Surrender to me, an Olympian has commanded you!"

As many colonists as could fit onto each of her palms climbed on, and Drusilla stood up once more. Just then, the remaining group of colonists tried to make their escape, and exited the compound. They headed toward the bushes about ten normal sized feet away. The thundering thirteen-year-old lumbered after them, and stomped them into the ground with two or three well placed stomps. The bottoms of her running shoes were caked with blood.

Drusilla addressed the remaining colonists on her palms and shoulders. "How does it feel to know your destiny is to end up in the belly of an Olympian?" The voracious vixen licked her lips, and smeared all of the colonists on her left palm onto her tongue, and sealed her lips. She swallowed them and laughed, then smeared the colonists on her right palm onto her tongue, and did the same with them.

The only remaining colonists were on her shoulders. "I command all of you to return to my palms!"

The colonists on her shoulders marched across her light brown arms to her palms. Soon, they were divided into two groups, half standing on her left palm, and the other half on her right palm.

"You should consider it an honor to die for me, my little slaves! There is no escape for you, my guts will be your grave!"

Drusilla tossed the captives from each hand into her mouth and swallowed them all. Her laughter echoed through the countryside as she continued on her run.
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