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Better see what you stand for then what is said. The blame game is getting old--who cares?
What is the meaning of writing people off of any reason at all? Am I looking for a reason to do just that? After all, there is fault with and in everything that is not perfect. Some things are just better off not said--with good reason as no good reason.

I'm finding myself turning off my TV on subjects of deliberately finding fault in people to the ends of the earth in the News. Isn't there any other worthy News stories to reflect on instead of the blame game? Is that really News? Soon, nobody can go on without being scorned to some degree.

Scorn is getting old in the News. He or she said what to whom for why? I don't care for the reason in anything at all of such blame. Talk is cheap and actions speak--I repeat. We are supposed to work together and not against one another.

What has happened to unity? The News is unfolding chaos as I write among public figures against public figures. Soon, nobody will want to take any position in the public eye. It is getting discredited all the time and while that isn't truly Newsworthy. What has happened to our public image as a result of such publicity of our leaders.
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