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Children's Story/ Fairytale/ Fable
A Story About a Krill
by Hektor Thillet

Once, in the farthest blues of the vast oceans, a tiny little krill swam alone under the surface of the waters, eating tiny plankton and crying tinier tears all at the same time.

“The ocean is so big and I am so tiny." cried and cried the little krill while gobbling up his food. "The fish, the coral and even the oysters, all are bigger and more important than me." the shrimp-like little fellow resumed his lamentations. "The fish are loved for their fancy shapes and pretty colors. They inspire a poet's heart. The coral gives life and the oyster pearls. But who do I inspire? What do I create? What do I have to give? I only eat and eat, turn plump and pink, just so one day a whale can eat me. Oh, poor me..., the tiniest nobody in all the world." the little krill finished with a sigh, trying to recollect himself.

The little krill continued trailing under the soft waves propelled by his feathery mermaid-like tail and an army of puny little legs. He was chasing after the plankton that floated about like an underwater assortment of sweets. Suddenly, the little krill sensed what seemed like distant voices speaking around him. He could barely hear them as they were merely soft little whispers which sounded more like a mysterious melody than words. They were the million voices of the tiny plankton trying to speak to him. Their voices spoke with urgency and they appeared to have something important to say, but the little krill bothered not to listen, so busy worrying about himself.  However, regardless of one thing or another, these plankton folk were so tinier than tiny the meaning of their message regular ears could not convey. Not even the little krill who in comparison was still much too big, and who therefore paid no mind and continued his way.

And so it happened that the little krill swam back to his family, a tribe of a trillion or so. But just as he was getting close to them the hugest blue whale rose from the bottom of the ocean and "CHOMP!" swallowed his entire family in one giant mouthful. It splashed like a colossus over the furious sea waves and again dove back down into the depths until it vanished, as quickly as it had appeared.

The sudden violent currents swept away the little krill, which had been swimming too close to where the whale made its splash, and then wound up lost at the bottom of the ocean where everything was dark. And there he stayed, in the vast silence all alone.

Again, the little krill began to cry. His family, eaten by a whale, and he had done nothing. Could do nothing! He felt tinier now than he had ever felt before. Less fortunate and more useless than all the living creatures in all the world, for now he also had no one to care for him.
In the middle of his lamentations the giant blue whale reappeared, and it swam close to the little krill. So close, only the whale's giant eye was he able to make out in the darkness. He panicked in horror and waited to be devoured by the vicious beast. Then the whale said in a voice that rumbled through the waters: "Why are you crying, little krill?" Letting out a tiny peep of air, the little krill answered:

"You've eaten my whole family."

Unlike the little krill, the blue whale could pick up even the tiniest sounds from miles away; this is how it was capable of finding its tiny food. The whale was also a good listener, which helps one in matters of understanding. When it learned what the little krill had to say, it burst into laughter and caused the water to rush swirling in all directions. Thankfully, the little krill had been fortunate enough to grab on to one of the whale's lashes, and for this reason it wasn't swept further away by the current. Everything the whale did proved so troublesome for the little krill. "And why is that so bad?" asked the whale, now apparently amused. 

"Well, you see, I am the tiniest creature in the entire ocean. I am not pretty as a fish. I don't make life as the coral do, and I have no pearls to give. I am useless. You've eaten my family whom I was not able to save for I am so insignificant. I have no purpose. I have no value. And now I am completely alone." concluded the little krill blue as an endless ocean of melancholy.

Once the whale had listened to the little krill's story, it started to think. It thought for a long while. Finally, the gigantic blue whale said in a more serious tone: "Little krill, did you know I am the biggest creature in all the oceans and all the earth? I am bigger and far more awe-inspiring than any fish. My flesh can feed an entire coral so it can give life. And pearls and all sorts of precious things rest inside my belly. Yes! I am the greatest and most distinguished of all!" exclaimed the whale triumphant. The little krill sighed defeated. "But! It is you who makes all these things possible!" the whale reassured abruptly. "Me?" asked the little krill in complete disbelief. "Yes! You, little krill! For I only feed on krill, and it is krill that made me this big. That makes you the true biggest creature of all." The whale paused. It's menacing stare now reduced to a compassionate glance. "Mighty is the big ocean, but its tiny drops of water are mightier still." concluded the whale wisely.

The little krill understood the whale's words. He understood them well, and an ocean of happiness rushed through him. It was true, he and his family were responsible for the biggest creature of all. And that was something big!

A friendly smile showed on the whale's face now appeased. Thus it opened its mouth wide and rested. The little krill, now filled with pride and purpose, swam willing and unafraid inside the whale's mouth. Swam until the darkness inside the whale's stomach consumed him and was never seen again.

Inside the whale's stomach a heavenly light descended from its blowhole and illuminated a new world. To creatures as small as a krill the blue whale’s stomach was as big and wide as any ocean. There the little krill found his family, and they all swam together again. And for a time, as it can happen in a minute or a in 100 years just the same, it was good.

A teeny tiny plankton swam into the little krill's ear one day. This time, the little krill heard the plankton’s words clearly, for he had learned to listen. And so the tiny plankton said: "It is our greatest honor to give you life. You, little krill, the biggest creature of all."

The End.

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