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Rated: E · Fiction · Relationship · #2185918
A couple fight over their past just to realise that the future and present is still theirs
The door bursts open. Ella storms out of the house, stilettoes clicking furiously, as she runs towards their red car parked outside. Jack pursues her outside, barely catching up. “It doesn’t matter what I do, all that matters is what they say”, Ella screams without turning to look at Jack. “All I am asking for is an explanation. I didn’t say I believe them”, Jack says finally catching up with his wife.
“Explanation? What they said was bullshit. There’s no explanation for bullshit.”, fires Ella.
“There can’t be smoke without fire. Two billion people can’t be wrong.” says Jack.
“Two billion? It’s just that same dumb crowd. The very people who pulled me down. And now you’re listening to them.”
“Did you have an affair two years back?”
“Then who is this guy from Malibu, the ring, the chain?”
“You didn’t hear this from me.”
“Why do so many people keep saying you had an affair with a guy from Malibu?”
“Jack, I am responsible for what I did, not what people say I did. I can’t shut their mouths.”, Ella says in exasperation, face creased, her hands flying to her forehead as if attempting to hold her head in place,.
Jack stops and holds back what he was going to say.
He watches Ella crumble into the seat of the car, head against the steering wheel.
He sighs deeply and looks into the sky contemplatively.
He says, “I’m sorry”, puts his hand on her back, and squeezes into the seat beside her, holding her close.
He presses his head against hers and as their cheeks touch, he realizes they are wet with tears. He looks into her tear-filled eyes and says, “How does it matter what two billion people say, huh? You’re my wife, and I love you.”
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