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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2185921
Entry for Taboo Words Contest. Express anger without using the taboo words.
Taboo Words Contest

My frustration rose to new heights as I drove from my workplace to where Jimmie was waiting for me, handcuffed to a bench I was sure. How could he be so stupid? God, we didn't need this. The more I stewed, the more my outrage increased. I tried listening to the soft voice on the radio singing about being wronged by her boyfriend. I was working myself up to a full-fledged hissy fit and one hell of a headache.

I parked in the visitor area of the police department. I needed to calm down before I went inside to get Jimmie. If I didn’t, I might be the one in handcuffs. What happened? Why was he out in a bar drinking when I’m working a double to make ends meet? Why was he driving? Hell, it was nearly 3 AM. I needed to hear him explain this to me, if he could. But first, a little deep breathing.

The police department entrance opened before me as I approached. I entered a room full of police, people, noise and confusion. Each police officer was talking to someone trying to help. I didn’t see Jimmie in the crowd as I approached the front counter. An older police officer, a Sergeant I think, watched as I approached. “Calm down, Kimmie, I told myself.” I pasted on my best smile.

“Good morning, sir. I’m here to pick up Jimmie Hawkins.” I said courteously as my blood continued to bubble in my veins. I really needed some type of pain killer and water. Yes, a bottle of water, please. The pleas of the voice in my head went unheard of course.

“Miss, you need to go down the corridor,” he informed me as he motioned to his left, “last door on the right is the jail entrance.” The phone rang and he quickly picked it up to assist the next wronged woman needing help. Or whatever.

Jail entrance! The reality set in as I walked the length of the hallway with my head throbbing and mad as hell. I didn’t think the police would put him in a cell. Jimmie wasn’t the criminal type.

I pushed the door open and was greeted by a short, overweight women in uniform. She didn’t look pleasant, but I was already pissed off and didn’t care. What could she do to me? But I knew better than to be mouthy with someone who held the power. Besides, I was here to get Jimmie out, not get myself thrown in.

“Hi,” I hoped I had a smile on, “I’m here to pick up Jimmie Hawkins.”

“Have a seat,” she stated briskly. She pointed to a wooden bench against the far wall. I sat but tried to disguise my displeasure with her attitude. Who did she think she was? I’m a tax payer I told myself. Doesn’t she work for me?

Just then Jimmie was escorted from the back area where I imagined the cells were. He looked tired and beaten, his shoulders sloped. He looked at me and tried to smile but I didn’t dare. Good choice, I thought. I had my dander up and wanted to stay incensed.

The officer looked at me. “He’s all yours, Miss. Just make sure he’s in court this morning at 9AM or he will be in contempt of court.”

We left the building and walked to my car in silence. Jimmie slid into the passenger seat. “You’re pretty pissed right now, aren’t you?”

I left the parking lot heading home. “What were you thinking? Why were you out drinking and spending money we don’t have while I’m working a double? For Christ sake, why were you driving?”

“Sorry.” He wrapped his arms around himself. He looked ashamed and timid like a little boy caught doing something wrong.

“Sorry isn’t going to make it. I am livid, mad as hell, upset and I intend to stay this way. And I’m missing hours and money. What if they take your license? How are you going to do your contracting jobs? Did you ever think of that?”

He went to open his mouth, but I put my hand up. “Talk to the hand Jimmie because the rest of me is pissed.” We drove home in total silence. This wasn’t over but he needed to sober up for court and I needed to get back to work. No, I told myself, this wasn’t over by a long shot. My conniption was going to last for a long time.

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Taboo Words Contest
Taboo words: Anger, cross, annoyed, furious, irritated, temper or any derivatives of them.
Theme: Anger
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