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Prompts for HTTYD

Gobber always has a mountain of rags in the forge, but why? Where do they come from? Gobber won’t say. But it might have something to do with a certain trader docking on the other side of the island to sell to him privately. Or perhaps a certain Bog Burglar.

Hiccup is poring over the laws of Berk, finding strange and obscure ones still on the books, trying to find a way to avoid being called Hiccup. He discovers giving hideous names is enshrined in law.


Tuffnut attempts to teach the Terrors to sing, with mixed results.


Hiccup pranks the twins. Hiccup is seven and learning about being a chief. He is learning Haddock sign, a secret body language code used only by the Haddock Chief and Heir. Hiccup challenges the twins to shape their bodies into different ways. He does the same thing except he uses Haddock sign to insult them and make remarks about them. Stoick sees this. He later talks to Hiccup, telling him he can’t abuse his power as a chief or heir and Stoick never wants to see him do such a thing. Oh, and that Stoick spotted him with the twins earlier. And if he discovers a hint of Hiccup invading his father’s papers, he will truly regret it, so don’t even think about it, Hiccup. Whatever is in those papers is not for a seven-year-old to see. Subtext: when it comes to the twins, only do it once in a while, and don’t let me catch you. When it comes to Stoick’s papers, avoid them like they’re a plague. Basically, Stoick allows him get away with it.


Astrid wants to improve her writing skills and asks Hiccup for help. Little does he know she wants to write him love letters.


Hiccup wants to expand his skills into woodworking, specifically carving. He develops tools to help with this.


Fishlegs collects all songs, stories, tales, and legends and attempts creating an archive.


Ruffnut becomes accident prone, but it all goes wrong for Tuffnut instead.


It’s the first Snoggletog after the dragons departed and Hiccup is making a gift for Astrid using material left from the dragons. Scales, spines, spare saddle parts, etc. Hiccup is drawing Stormfly and framing the piece with a frame he made, that include Stormfly’s spines. He’s told no one he collected scales, spines, and other items related to the dragons. Now he’ll use them to please, remind, and comfort Astrid with a permanent reminder of her time with Stormfly.

Question: How has life on New Berk changed since the departure of the dragons?

Communicating with the outside world is harder. No one knew where the Berkians went, so no one can look to trade with them. Other tribes and chiefs will need to be contacted and trade relations restored. There’s an ample supply of fish in the waters around New Berk and enough sheep to feed them all for most of a year, but trade must resume as quickly as possible.

Shipbuilding is a must now that dragons cannot be used for travel. Hiccup wants to locate nearby tribes and form alliances with them. Hiccup also requires a map to facilitate travel to new locations.

Hiccup is busy assigning work and outlining tasks to prepare for a permanent settlement. The tribe needs to keep busy now that they need to do everything themselves. All help from the dragons is gone—all tasks the dragons helped with now fall on the tribe alone. All protecting, collecting, herding, fishing, travel, child minding, and so on come from the people and their efforts.

New Berk also needs to analyze what goods and services they can offer the outside world in order to thrive. Hiccup is full of ideas, and hopes to offer things to trade people can’t find elsewhere. His inventions can be sold or traded for, Berkian craftsmen have honed their skills in building, smithing, and creating furnishings because of the items needed by dragons.

Education amongst children has flourished and most children can read, write, and figure higher numbers. Once people have settled in more, Hiccup will encourage more educational pursuits, such as a school/library/training center. Other tribes may be allowed to send children in exchange for money or trade, furthering good relations and creating a pool of people guaranteed to have useful skills.

The knowledge and memories of dragons will linger in New Berk, affecting the culture in different ways. Phrases like “Snappier than a hungry Nightmare”, games like Whiptail, and household furniture carved to resemble scales will exist in New Berk. Small and naughty children will be described as terrible terrors.

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