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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2185953
Young superheroine Blue Pixie is trying to rid her city of an insidious, deadly drug.

In the middle of the night a figure, shrouded in darkness jumped effortlessly from rooftop to rooftop. The figure was shadowing two members of a local gang that were walking quickly while looking nervously behind them.

"I'm telling ya, I think we are being followed!" The smaller of the two bangers said as he looked behind his shoulder.

"Shut up Manny. None of the Smashers would be stupid enough to follow us this deep in our territory. Now let's get to the warehouse." The larger one said in an annoyed tone of voice.

"I... I think it's a cape Stan." Manny said as he looked down an ally way as they walked past it.

"I'm telling you. NO ONE saw the deal go down. Now shut it!" Stan said in an angry tone that finally shut his companion up.

The figure staring down at them, chuckling to itself, hearing the exchange.

The thugs finally made it to the warehouse they mentioned and quickly went inside. While the figure stopped on a building across the street and observed.

"Hmmm. Late enough that there's no one near the building so it should be safe for me to engage those two. I need to find out who they are getting the 'Juice' their gang is distributing. I'm tired of hearing news stories about some poor soul who took it to get superpowers and died as their body burnt out. It was a kid the last time... No more!" The figure thought and then with a mighty leap covered the 50-foot distance between building with ease.

The lithe figure lightly touched down on the roof top, but even the figure slight weight was too much for the impact and the figure fell through the roof. Tumbling out of control, the figure fell the four-story height and landed hard in a small stack of crates with a loud grunt, sending splintered wood flying in all directions!

"Oh, That's just great.... Going to be hard to intimidate those two after that misstep..." The figure thought.

"SEE!!!!! I told you a cape was following us!!!!! It's that Pixie chick!!!!" Manny exclaimed.

"Alright you two. I have questions that you are going to answer!" Blue Pixie said as she freed her self from the wreckage of the crates, "Now how did you two... get... the..." She said in a deeper than normal voice, trying to sound intimiating and then trailed off as she looked up and saw not only Manny and Stan, but at least twenty more members of the same gang. All armed to the teeth, "Oh, crap..."

Pixie jumped and was in mid-air wincing as some of the small arms fire directed her was bouncing painfully off her dense skin. She landed behind another stack of crates and deftly hefted one of the larger ones above her head and propelled herself back in the air. At the apex of her leap she found a tight group of five or so gang members and threw the crate, smiling in satisfaction as it smashed into them sending them to the floor.

She landed right in front of two more bangers who were also shooting at her. Grimacing, she held her arms out away from her body and leapt forward instead of up this time, clotheslining the two thugs, flipping them into the air, their weapons flying free. She grabbed a nearby crate and went airborne again so quickly the two thugs she just hit hadn't hit the ground yet. She saw another group of bangers the were grouped together and threw the crate she held. This time though the thugs scattered, and the crate smashed harmlessly to the ground.

"Hmm... Figures the same trick wouldn't work twice... Most of them are near a large stack of crates though. I have an idea..." Pixie thought as she landed.

She heaved the crate she just picked up to the left of the group of bangers and they retreaded to the right and got behind the large stack of crate near them, using the stack as cover. Pixie, with a crate in hand again leapt up again and this time threw the crate harder than she had thrown the previous crates, but she didn't aim at any people this time, she aimed her throw at the crates the group was using for cover.

Pixie's crate smashed hard into the stack sending the other crates into the group that was hiding behind them, scattering gang bangers like bowling pins!

At that point it didn't take long for Pixie to mop up the rest of the gang bangers. She found Manny and held him up off the ground (barely...), "OK Manny! Speak up! Where are you guys getting your Juice!? My patience is exhausted at this point," She said, angerly.

The bruised Manny opened his mouth to start speaking then looked past her, his eyes wide with fear. Pixie dropped Manny and quickly spun around just in time to take a large fist to her jaw. The blow snapped her head back as the punch propelled her into a pile of ruined crates.

Seeing stars, Pixie quickly scrambled to her feet just as Manny spoke, "Aw, no Stan!! You shouldn't have taken the Juice!! It's not worth it!" He exclaimed.

Pixie vision cleared, and she saw the gang banger Stan standing near Manny. He looked radically different now. He was a large, muscular man before but now he was enormous. He was easily a foot taller now and most of his clothes hung off his body in shreds. His skin was torn in places and hot steam was coming off the exposed muscles that were underneath.

As Pixie was staring in shock, finally seeing first hand what Juice could do to someone, Stan leapt forward with inhuman speed and punched the unprepared Pixie with a low uppercut, right in her stomach, sending her into the air and her breath forced from her lungs.

"UUUGH!!!" Pixie grunted. The blow hurt and knocked some of the wind out of her, but it mostly succeeded in snapping her out of her shock induced inaction. Stan lept after her and Pixie was ready for the punch this time.

She grabbed his arm and levered herself above him and kicked down as hard as she could. The force of her kick propelled her all the way up to the ceiling and sent stan down the warehouse floor. Hard. The concreate floor cracking in a spider web pattern from the impact.

She grabbed onto one of the steel beams the supported the ceiling pushed herself as hard as she could back down towards Stan. Stan was slowly picking himself up off of the floor, his eyes burning in a Juice filled rage when Pixie landed right beside him and punched him as hard as she could in the back of his head.

His head bounced hard off the floor and he amazingly got up to his feet and cocked his arm back to punch at Pixie again when he abruptly stopped in his tracks. His eyes glazed over, and he toppled over backwards and was dead by the time he hit the ground. The steam dissipating and his body shrinking back down to normal size.

Pixie just stood there, stunned at what just happened as Manny spoke up again, "Damn it Stan. I told ya you ought not to have done that..."

Manny looked at Pixie and recoiled back away from her, startled at the look of murderous intent in her eyes and she stomped over to him.

She grabbed two fistfuls of his shirt and pulled him close, "Where. Do. You. Get. The. Juice???!!!" she said with clenched teeth, police sirens now off in the distance.

"Pier 4! Pier 4!!!" Manny shouted, truly frightened now by the petite heroine that had a hold of him.

The bruised and battered Pixie walked through the ruins of the warehouse dragging Manny behind her, taking him outside to wait for the police.

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