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by Paul D
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2185991
An alien encounter.
Short Shots Image Prompt (March 2019)

I stood naked at the edge of the water and watched until the motorboat disappeared into the distance.

* * *

The online news article about over crowded prisons barely got a glance. I was more interested in the latest fashion news. My name's Willamina, which I truly hated, preferring Mina, Johnson. I owned a small hair salon in a strip mall. I worked long hours and struggled to make a profit.

The only way I stayed in businness was by building relationships with my customers and providing top notch customer service. Almost all my customers were repeat customers. Gaining new customers required promotions, which could be costly to the bottom line. I usually had only one promotion a month, and I hired one or two people from a temp agency to help during that busy time.

December promotions were the hardest and the most profitable. This December, the temp agency sent me four ladies: Trish, Candi, Leslie, and Donna, who ranged in age from 18 to 56. I always requested women because they were better with customers.

On this particular day, a tall, older man got in my face and said, “I'm going to get you arrested and put out of business for what you did to Trish.”

His anger was disturbing and frightening. “I don't know what you are talking about.” My words were wasted; he was already gone. Trish had not come to work that day, so I couldn't ask her about anything.

The police showed up an hour later with questions. Their number one question, “Where is Trish?”

Sgt. Davis said, “Is this your car?”

I looked at the picture. It looked like my car and the license plate was mine. “Yeah.”

The next picture showed Trish entering my car. “No way, I never picked up Trish in my car or any car.”

Sgt. Davis said, “We can prove Trish was in your car. Where is she?”

“I have no clue. Someone must have borrowed my car.” Which sounded so lame, I knew I was in trouble.

My lawyer told me to plead guilty and ask for mercy. I refused, thinking at least one person on the jury would believe me innocent. I was wrong.

I was given a life sentence and given a choice: an over crowded prison or a prison island. I chose the island.

* * *

Even as the sound of the boat could no longer be heard, I still didn't want to believe all that had happened. I turned from staring at the water and saw someone walking over the grass toward me.

“Trish?” She was clothed and carried clothing in her arms, which she handed to me.

“Dress and we will talk.”

* * *

“My name is Tricia Madsen. I am from the planet Trifane.”

At that point I tuned her out, thinking she had more than one screw loose. However, when her body shimmered and began changing shape, my attention refocused on her.

The creature looked like an upside down jellyfish. It was sickening and terrifying at the same time. Take me to your leader.

I almost laughed. The feminine voice was still that of Trish. I breathed a sigh of relief when the jellyfish vanished, and Trish stood there once more.

“Earth's days are numbered. We have been selecting a few people, who are willing to leave Earth. You are one of the chosen few, and we hope you will agree to relocate to Trifane.”

I struggled to accept what Trish said as being true; yet, I couldn't think of any reason or making this up. I knew one thing for sure. I didn't want to remain on an island prison. I didn't want to even think about what was likely to happen to me.

I looked at Trish and nodded. Light surrounded me. My feet left the ground and I screamed but no sound left my mouth. My upward climb continued and I closed my eyes.

When I stopped, I was inside a small white chamber filled with strange looking machines. Trish stood nearby. I was glad to see a familiar face and smiled.

Trish said, “Migration to Trifane is not free. We require the use of your body for one year as payment.”

My mouth dropped open as the clothes Trish provided melted away. I tried to speak, but my mouth felt as if it weighed a hundred pounds and wouldn't move; in fact, my body was held in place – even my eyes couldn't blink.

I watched in horror as Trish vanished, and the upside down jelly fish reappeared. One of its appendages entered my mouth, descending inside me. I wanted to throw up.

Every month for the next year, I birthed hundreds of jelly fish. Knowing that my time of freedom was at hand, I wanted to celebrate, but I still couldn't speak.

Finally, the day came. Trish in her human form reappeared. “We are so pleased with your cooperation, Mina. We've decided to send you back to your own people.”

I stood on the island again, naked. Men and women slowly emerged from the trees. A man and woman walked toward me, stopping almost in my face.

The man said, “You are my bitch.” The woman added, “And my slave.”

Word count 868
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