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Imaginary review of an imaginary movie of my yet to be completed novel

A Dreamer's Review


Title: On Call
Release Date: Premier Opening Date of March 20, 2019
Rating: Pg-13
Genre: Sci-fi

A 5 Star Cinematic Production by Director Ron Howard
Screenplay by Lori A. Grawitch

Starring: Nicholei Grawit as Scientist Matt Hamlin
Tori O"Laughlin as Dr. Joey Wildner
Daniel Dimaggio as Leo Schemp
Molly Ringwald as Dr. Jean Barbery
Denzel Washington as General Christopher Crenshaw
Kiefer Sutherland as Base Commander- General Brent Gordon

Supporting Cast: John Compas Lynny Davita,Milton Ferrell. Benj James, Claudia Jordan, Jamie Nicole, Dimitri O'toole, Vladimir Pappas, Marcus Trovarse

Cameo Appearances: Matt Damon and Sigourney Weaver

Premise: American Crisis and Epic Disaster
Plot: Doctor Joey searches for both the cause and the cure for the growing number of mysterious deaths throughout the country. Matt, who works at the same facility, aids in the needed research to find the answers Joey needs. Tasked with stopping the outbreak, the pair ends up uncovering a governmental conspiracy. Their efforts are squashed by military officials attempting to guard secrets of the past. Leo is the one patient that lights the torch between Joey and Matt providing the purpose and resiliency to fight the good fight. The relationship is a roller coaster ride of intensity but they must learn to trust each other along the way.

Jean Barbery and Brent Gordon are the duo working to bury the facts. They readily use their positions of power to derail Joey's investigation. Committed to keeping the truth hidden, the pair willingly place Joey and Matt in grave danger. Forced to battle the outbreak and a sinister web of intrigue, Joey and Matt are thrust into a race against time. Their very lives depend on the outcome.

Reviewer: Lori A. Grawitch and Author

This writer was on site for the Grand Premier of this extraordinary new film. On a personal note, there was a certain amount of giddiness on my part to see my name flash on the big screen. It has been long sculpted dream of mine to have my writing reach a broad audience. From the writer's perspective, I was nervous about the film industry's ability to transport my cleverly crafted story into the vivid tale of my imagination. Concept and characterization are often lost in budgeting meetings. The actor's portrayal of my characters has the power to draw the audience into the drama or leave them empty and wanting more. Scenery consistent with the storyline is imperative. All of these many thoughts traveled through my mind, as I sat down between the two leading actors to view the movie. Needless to say, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Reviewer's Rating-5 stars

Cinematography Award of Excellence

Golden Globe Award Nominations for the three Lead Actors- Nicholei Grawit, Tori O"Laughlin, and Daniel Dimaggio

Billed as the Action Adventure Film of the Year- Director Ron Howard has directed a film of epic proportion and its merits will certainly stand the test of time

There is something to be found for everyone in this tale. The saga offers drama, adventure, romance, laughter, and tears. The mystery of the hidden secret salt and peppers the movie with espionage and intrigue. The story is believable and real. It is easy for the audience to become vested in the outcome.

The chemistry between the lead actors is phenomenal, making it easy to root for them. As the movie unfolds, the audience is able to visualize the complexity of their relationship. The conflict between them is evident, and escalates to a larger spectrum of emotion as they battle the outside forces that divide them. Working together against their enemies is their only chance at survival.

Daniel Dimaggio, as Leo, manages to invite you into the world of a 13 year old dying patient. He captures your heart from the start, weaving a common thread of purpose for Joey and Matt. This reviewer fell in love with the actor's talent of building upon the character and pulling the audience into his world. His performance was an unprecedented body of work by this writer's standards.

As easy as it is to love the heroes of this adventure, it is just as compelling for the audience to want to combat the villains. Molly Ringwald manages to transcend the good girl image of old in her portrayal of Dr. Jean Barbery and Kiefer Sutherland becomes a lot less than presidential as General Brent Gordon. Simply and eloquently, they become the characters that we love to hate with their gripping performances. Cameo appearances by the block buster stars, Matt Damon and Sigourney Weaver, lent credibility to the production.

The story of good versus evil and the writer's effort of delivering the message of doing the right thing were prominent throughout the film. It is a bold exploration of ideals to entice the moviegoer. It is a movie that will enthrall the viewer and is highly recommended by this reviewer. Little appeared to be lost in the translation from book to movie with a thrilling sensation brought to life on film.

Word Count 839

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