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Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2186150
Two men try to cope with loneliness and a dwindling food supply.
Written for a Dialogue 500 prompt for a story about two very hungry people stranded on an island.

“Aaarrgh! I’m starving!”

“Eat another coconut.”

“Oh, sure. Eat another coconut. It’s always, ‘Eat another coconut.’ Do you think coconuts grow on trees?”

“As a matter of fact---”

“Okay, maybe I worded that poorly. But we’ve been stranded here for four months. And you ate the last banana two weeks ago.”

“Yeah, but you ate two in a row before that.”

“Well, I dropped the first one, and it had sand on it.”

“And whose fault was that?”

“Yours. You yelled, ‘A ship. A ship.’ And when I jumped up to see, half of the banana broke off and fell into the sand. And there wasn’t even a ship.”

“Well, it looked like a ship. I couldn’t help it if the sun got into my eyes.”

“Trixie and I talked it over, and we agreed that you’re not doing a very good job here.”

"Who the hell is Trixie? And just what am I’m not doing a very good job of? I don’t recall being assigned any kind of job.”

“Trixie’s my girlfriend. And I saw her first, so don’t try to butt in. And you’re not doing a very good job of managing the food supply around here.”

“Trixie thinks so, too? Then I guess I’m not doing a very good job. But at least I’m still sane. That’s more than I can say for you.”

“And another thing.”


“You snore at night.”

“What makes you think that’s me? Maybe it’s your girlfriend.”

“Don’t talk that way about Trixie, or you’ll be sorry.”

“I’m already sorry. I’m stuck on a deserted island with you.”

“And Trixie.”

“Okay, with you and your imaginary girlfriend.”

“She’s not imaginary. She’s real.”

“Then where is she? I can see pretty much all of the island from right here.”

“She’s over there, under that tree.”

“You’re kidding. That’s a coconut with some seaweed on top. You have gone crazy. And by the way, I’m just as hungry as you. If you don’t eat that coconut, and that seaweed, pretty soon, I’m going to do it.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Just wait and .... a ship. A ship.

“Forget it. You already tried that once.”

“Behind you. Look out there. Either that’s a ship or I’ve gone crazy too.”

A ship.

“They’re headed this way. Start waving.”

“Oh, oh.”

“What are you doing? Don’t tell me you’re pulling the seaweed off that coconut so they won’t think it’s a woman. I doubt that anyone else is that crazy.”

“Of course not. And neither am I. But who knows what they might think?”

“What do you mean, neither are you?”

“I know perfectly well that it’s a coconut with seaweed on it. But it kept me sane.”

“Whatever it takes, I suppose. But I’m a little sad, too.”


“I was starting to wonder if she might have a friend for me.”
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