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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2186215
it's an anomaly, a media gestalt; I asked, to the zeitgeist, and received. but the jinn...
I watched them sail off, feeling apprehension.

Would she return to me, someday?

Beautiful skin, and a body that flew through the night.

Curves that'd make anyone jealous, and the lights, her eyes...

My car's on a voyage, now, across the great blue to another station

I gave it all up, the race, the papers.

For a little peace of mind.

I have a wife now, a child, a future.

Can't I have some time to myself, right now?

To remember how it used to be.

Screeching tires

Pounding hearts

Flowers at the finish line; I wish

When it was over, the winner just sped off

But we liked it that way, when the speed was gone

So were we, back to our old lives, a shop hand or mag manager

Street whore, yeah, I remember her

Right alongside me and then never seen again

I wasn't special, I lost as much as I won

If only I could go back and do it all again...

I wouldn't change a thing

We only have one life to live

Do your regrets tie you to what could have been?

Feeling like you can't ever die, you have the power to control destiny

A fleeting pride

Now's the time to turn away from the past and fantasy

She's already sitting in the passenger seat, and soon we'll be in the driveway

What can this thing do? Not a monster, a comfortable sedan sitting silent

Could it roar?

I'm sure, but I'm beyond the violence and war

The feeling is fleeting, a bittersweet ache

I'm smarter now, stronger, I won't take chances

I have to hold on and escape

The drive back home was sedate and normal

It truly is all over

And I'm home
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2186215-Tell-Yourself-You-Cant-Cope