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by Gasper
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2186273
Those who do not learn from the future are doomed to repeat it.
"I have the electric bill, an ad for that shoe place that you liked, and something from a place called 'D.I.T.' about renewing your license?" Charlotte spoke to me as I sat in a haze. I had slept in due to working a later shift at the gas station last night.
To be honest, I wasn't listening to a thing she said, until:
"'D.I.T.'? It has my name on it?" Charlotte handed over the envelope and it had "Michael Day" printed on the address line.
The only license that I had ever had was for whatever trash car I could afford at the time.
"I don't know what kind of license they're talking about. Maybe it's for a different Michael day." I said to Charlotte as she shrugged and put her nose back to her crossword puzzle.
I ripped open the envelope and saw that "D.I.T." stood for "Department of Interstellar Travel."
"What the hell?" escaped my mouth, but Charlotte wasn't paying any attention.
The letter read as follows:

Dear Sir and/or Ma'am,
We hope you are doing well. You are receiving this letter because you are about to become late in regards to renewing your license for:
'30415 Series HF Skyjumper (in black)'
If we do not receive payment via this letter and the provided envelope or by calling our toll-free number (1-666-DIT-6666) in two weeks time your vehicle will be impounded.
Thank you and have a galactic day!
Department of Interstellar Travel

ACCT #: 40256189472226489666
AMOUNT DUE: $45,632.94
Confirmation #(if calling): __________________
If Maling Payment:
CARD #: __________________
CVV: __________________
ZIP: __________________
Full Address(as printed on evelope): __________________ "

"$45,000?" I screamed, making Charlotte mess up her crossword.
"Oh my God, did we win 45k?" Charlotte screamed back and jumped from her chair.
"No, no, no," I quickly said before Charlotte had a heart attack, "We owe $45,000 for a bill that I am 100% sure does not even exist yet." I looked down at the date printed on the letter, "2048? That's practically 30 years from now."
"2048? That has to be a misprint. How do you get a bill from the future?" Charlotte snatched the letter out of my hands, "What the hell is a '30415 Series HF Skyjump-?" before Charlotte could finish, all the lights in the kitchen flashed and a sudden bright, white light appeared between Charlotte and myself. Before we could attempt to retreat, he was there.
It was me. He was older and more fit. I had to get a gym membership soon.
"Don't be alarmed." future me stated, "I am only an accelerated version of yourself."
"You could just say you're from the future." Charlotte started, "I assume you're here for the license renewal for a vehicle that doesn't exist yet?" future me paused after Charlotte and then nodded.
"And I would never pass up a chance to see my young, healthy, beautiful Charlotte." future me smiled and took a step towards Charlotte. If you wondered whether watching you future self flirt with your current wife was weird or not - it was.
"Oh, so I'm not beautiful in the future?" Charlotte bit back, and future me deflated immediately, "Take your paper and go." she handed future me the license renewal.
"You don't have any questions about the future?" future me didn't expect this response from Charlotte. He was married to her as well, he should have known better.
"I'm going to live through it, aren't I? Now get out." Charlotte went and showed future me the door. I had questions but I wasn't about to step on her toes.
"Charlotte, you know that I am not here only for this piece of paper. I am giving you this opportunity before it's too late." future me was visibly upset. Charlotte looked as though she was about to spit fire.
"You have no right to come back here and act like you have any control over the past. Get out of this house now." Charlotte looked over to me as if I could take on a much stronger version of myself. Nonetheless, I walked towards future me to usher him out.
"You have no idea what happens if you wait." future me looked like he was crying before disappearing from our foyer forever.
"What was he talking about Charlotte?" I turned to her and saw she was now smiling, acting as if future me never appeared.
"Oh, it was nothing, honey." she turned and patted my chest before sitting back down at the kitchen table and continuing her crossword.
It wasn't "nothing," was it Charlotte? Maybe if you had just told me. there could have been hope.
But all hope was lost.
I bought that Skyjumper because of you. It put me into debt that I couldn't even imagine having.
You didn't know about it in the future or in the past, other than that misguided letter from the DIT.
I wanted to run away from Earth, from everywhere and everyone.
I wanted to be with you.
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