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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Drama · #2186280
A "true" story about a boy who has never cried.
Louis had never cried before. Lots of people, doctors included, found it rather interesting that he never cried. Time and time again, he had been told by people, "It's okay, you can cry." and "Don't bottle up your tears. It'll just make it worse." but Louis didn't know how to explain to everyone that he didn't feel the need to cry. There were things that would make him feel sad, but not to the point of crying. When he would watch something sad, he wouldn't cry, he would just feel down. When his friend told him that his mom died in a car accident, he lowered his head and sat down. He loved his mom very much and normally a person would cry in a situation like that, but his tear ducts were dry as a desert. Once again, he didn't feel the need to cry, he just felt depressed. His depression got to the point where he felt like committing suicide.

The other day, his friends invited him over to watch a movie. After making some popcorn and grabbing some sodas, they sat down in beanie bag chairs and watched the movie. It was a story about a little boy who loved his mom immensely. He and his mom did lots of things together, but one day it all changed. The boy's mom and dad divorced and the little boy had to live with his dad. The little boy hated the idea of his parents being apart but the dad was extremely protective of the boy. The dad made sure that the boy had no way to escape and run to live with his mom, right down to not telling the boy where the mom lived.

A couple of months after the divorce, there was a knock on the door while the dad and the boy were eating breakfast. The boy answered the door and the officer asked the little boy, "Where's your father?" The dad was right behind the little boy. "What is it, officer?" The officer took his hat off, lowered his head and answered, "Your wife has committed suicide." Both the dad and the boy's eyes widened in fear. The boy's widened eyes quickly filled with tears as he ran from his dad's grasp to the boy's room. The boy slammed his door shut and screamed, "WHY! WHY MOM, WHY!" He sobbed then quietly asked, "Why did you leave me? I thought you loved me." The screen faded to black then a sentence appeared on the screen that read, "The story you were just told was a true story. The boy became diagnosed with depression after the news of his mother's death and a couple of weeks after her death, he died by walking in front of a car."

Louis was traumatized. Normally movies like these wouldn't faze him, but this hit him harder than he thought it would. When he later arrived home, he didn't get out of his car straight away. He placed his forehead on his steering wheel and cried.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2186280