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What are they for?

Piles and piles of boxes
Some open
Some untouched
Some layered with a thin film of dust

She stood and stared
Letting her gaze wander
Lingering on certain boxes
Hands fisted as she remembered

Stepping forward
She touched a box
Gasping as it overwhelmed her

She remembered
Friendship turning stale
Him deciding she was boring
Throwing her away
Like an unwanted rag doll

Blinking back tears
She touched another one
Flinching when she heard voices
They hissed
Pathetic! Stupid! A disappointment!
You will never be enough!

Painful and bitter
Sealed shut
Locked away for her protection

But in moments of weakness
She relented and revisited them
Experiencing them again
Feeling the anguish and anger and sorrow
As each painful image flashed before her eyes

She needed another box
For him
But nothing was working
Nothing could contain thoughts of him
His face his smile his voice EVERYTHING
They wouldn't fit

So she gave in
Allowed him to exist freely
Tormenting her
As she tried in vain to ignore the pain

Piles and piles of boxes
Yet none of them had him
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