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by Monty
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The road I travel


A winding road I’ve traveled,
Through the valley to the peaks
Wondering if I ever did succeed,
That which man forever seeks.

I’ve felt no real importance,
As I traveled this long road,
Never have convinced myself
I picked to bear the proper load.

Tonight I look at a clear bright sky
And a feeling burns within,
It tells me; if I chose wrong this time
I’ll return to choose again.

I think that I remember a life,
Lived somewhere in another day
A place I must return to,
Because I’ve been too long away.

It causes me to wonder if
In my head ‘tis but a game,
Or if one day I will return
To a place from where I came.

The fire is dying down but
I’ll know without a doubt,
The answer to my question
When my flame burns out.

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