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by Delia
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A story about a father and daughter's
Angelique’s chubby palms rubbed her eyes nothing wanting to get up from the bed. The light from the sun was coming into her room. She opened the curtains and the suns beamed became brighter.
“Today is Saturday. I get to go for a morning walk with daddy,” yelled Angelique.
She opened the door from her closet and pulled her little red wagon. There in the closet, she saw a king’s crown her mother bought for her. Angelique wanted to give it to her father one day. The crown didn’t have any jewels, but Angelique was working on making it beautiful.
I need one, two, three more jewels to complete the crown. I hope daddy loves it when he sees it.
She put two stuffed animals in her wagon, a first aid kit, and small bottles of waters. Excited she ran out of her room pulling the wagon into her father’s office.
Running toward him with arms open, Angelique’s hugged her dad.
“Good morning dad.”
“Good morning my princess,” he said and kissed her forehead.
“It looks like you’re ready for our morning walk.”
She smiled and said, “Yes I am. I love spending time with you.”

They hopped in the car and headed to the park. Angelique sat in her red wagon and her dad pulled as they walked through the park.
“Why did you pack the stuff animals, princess?” her dad asked.
“They looked sad and I wanted to cheer them up, so I brought them with us. Coming to the park with you cheers me up. My stuff animals will be happy too.” Angelique smiled.
“Yes, sweetie they will enjoy the walk.”
“Daddy, can I play on the playground.”
“Yes, we can stop for a few minutes.”
Angelique played with her friend Sarah.
“It’s hot and I’m thirsty but my mom forgot to bring water”, said Sarah as she wiped the sweat from her forehead.
“You can have one of my water bottles. I have a lot”, said Angelique.
They sat down to cool off and drank their water.
Her dad grinned as he watched Angelique.
I love seeing my daughter having fun.
“Princess, it was kind of you to share your water with Sarah.”
Angelique chuckled. “Oh daddy, I learned it from you.”
“Daddy, I’ll race you. One, two, three let’s go.”
Angelique pulled her little red wagon and she ran. She saw a little boy holding his knee and stopped.
“Something is wrong with the little boy,” Angelique told her dad.
“Are you okay?” asked dad.
The little boy said, “I fell and scraped my knee.”
Angelique said, “I can help.”
She took a few bandages out of her first aid kit and handed them to him.
“Honey, that was caring of you”, said Dad.
She smiled and said, “I learned it from you.”
They hopped in the car and headed home.
“Daddy, now that my stuff animals are happy can I give one of them to cousin Cheli. She was sad yesterday when she came to visit. “
“Of course, that is very thoughtful Angelique.”
“Daddy, I learned it from you.”
Angelique’s dad read her a bedtime story, tucked her in, and kissed her forehead.
“Good night princess.”
“Good night daddy. I had fun today.”
The next morning when Angelique was making her bed, she found three beautiful, shining jewels under her pillow. She grabbed the crown from her closet and placed the jewels on the spots that needed one. She walked to her parent’s room. She was hiding the crown behind her back.
“Mom, Dad look what I have,” she said.
“Dad I have something for you”
“I have this crown for you. I am your princess and you are my king.”

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