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the story of a sucker punch( it is still being worked on)
Prompt: Someone you don't know punches you.

It was a nice day. It was warm and breezy, the sky was cloudless. The sun had spent the day warming up the park. I came here because I do my best thinking there, sitting beneath a banyan tree in the very center of the park.
The noise from the childrens playground was barely audible, and not going to be a bother to me today. I finally have a smile back on my face after theblow up I had at the apartment today when I found the girlfriend, I'm sorry ex-girlfriend now, having sex with someone in our bed.
I dont know who he is, but his face does look vaguly familiar. I don't know where, but I had seen him before, I am sure of it. But no matter, she destroyed the relationship, as far as I'm concerned. I can't and won't trust her again.
After the confrontation in the apartment, when he threatened me with bodily harm for confronting her about the infidelity she had been engaging in for an unknown amount of time. I stormed off, out of the aprtment, slamming the door behind me.
“Leave the keys behind, dumbass.”
That was the last thing I heard before the door slammed, and of course I did not do it. What she doesn't know is that the apartment isn't hers, it is mine. Her name doesn't appear on the lease at all, so she can't do anything but destroy the apartment. She really likes this apartment, so she wouldn't do that.
I sat down on the soft ground, crosslegged in the shade of the great ytree, as I called it. I closed my eyes and tried to control my breathing in an effort to calm down a bit, so I can go and do what I must.
I meditated for nearly 30 minuets, with no results. I was still mad, angry, and disappointed in her. After all that bullshit she threw around the apartment about being able to talk before things went to far, she didn't even follow her own advice.
I must have dozed off sitting under the tree, and while I did, my body stayed in that position. When I awoke I felt relaxed. But more importently calm enough to go back and reove her from the apartment and my life. I needed to eradicate her from my life forever, the sooner the better, at least for me.
The walk back to the apartment was longer than it was getting to the park, at least it seemed to me to be. I know it was just because of what I knew I had to do, but I knew it had to be done.
As I walked down the streets I had walked for years, past businesses I frequented often, and past crowds of people, nothing seemed to ring in my head. My mind was focused on that image of her on her hands and knees with him behind her, her eyes closed and him pounding her into oblivion. Whats worse is that she was liking it, but she wasn't with holding anything from me.
Without thinking about it I found myself infront of the apratment building. I looked up at the window of the apartment, not like I actually expected to see anything. Took a couple deep breaths, before stepping up a short flight of stairs opening the door to get into the building. Went down the hallway, and waitined for the elevator to come down, which seemed to take forever.
The silence of the hallway was broken by the ding of the elevator, just before the doors opened. I slowly stepped in and pushed the button for the third floor. The elevator responded by allowing the doors to close, nd to lift me to my floor and dumping me out there.
The hallway I had walked so many times, seemed to go on forever. But I walked it just the se as I always did, only a bit slower. Once I got to the door, I closed my eyes and opened the door. I can tell she was there, her perfume hung low in the air. I didn't see her in the living room, so I stepped in and closed the door.
I walked through the apartment lookoing for her, or even for him too, as I didn't trust either of them. Luckily as I searched room after room, I became ever more clear that noether of them was there.
The bedroom was the last room I checked, only to find it empty. The closet half empty and her dresser just as empty.
“I guess she knew what was coming,” I though as something shiny caught my attention.
It was over on the bed, I recognizeed it as the key to the apartment sitting on the pillow.
The placement was in the dead center of the pillow, obviously left by her, onto of a brief note in her handwriting.
“I'm sorry you saw what you did.” she wrote,” You weren't supposed to see thathappening, in fact it wasn't supposed to happen at all. I was wrong for allowing it. I hurt you, and rather than fighting about it, and trying to fix what's wrong with us. I'm leaving.”
A tear ran down my cheek, as I let the letter fall from my fingers. I was no longer feeling anything. I was numb, thats how I can best describe it, I'm simply numb. I felt nothing, as I stood there staring out the window towards the river, not a great view but good nonetheless.
I decided to go outside and sit on the stoop, like the kids do during the summer when they are out of school. By now the day started to dwindle and give way to the night as it approached, slowly. I just sat there, exsisting in this exact moment for what ever reason I dont know. Finally the daylight was gone, and replaced by the darkness, the light of the streelights, along with the light from the moon itself shone about me.
I didn't smoke, nor did I ever have the desire to smoke before today. Now all I can think about is smoking a cigarette to try and relieve some of the stress I was going through. The street which was once filled with people going about their indivual lives, was now as deserted as a dessert island in the south Pacific Ocean, so even if I wanted to I couldn't even ask for one, if I wanted one. And, thankfuly, at this time, I don't.
I turned to go back into the building, when a feeling I never had before told me to duck, and as I did I was caught by a fist coming out of nowhere, striking me in the face knocking me off balance, and causing me to tumble down the concrete steps collasping on the sidewalk, landing on my face.
“That was for Sylvia,” a voice called out from some where above and behind where I was laying now.
It took me a few moments to realize what had happened.
I grunted as I rolled over, got my bearings as to where I am, and what happened. I sat upright, placing my hand on my now aching jaw, as my head finally stopped spinning from the sucker punch I was just given.
“What the fuck!” I called out,” I didn't do anything to Sylvia, she cheated on me.”
The ficus returned to my eyes, and I realized that there was no one there around me. The form that obviously hit me, was no gone, and leaving behind no tracethat it was even really there.
I quickly recomposed myself and went back up to the apartment, and locked the door. I was home and now I felt saafe once again. And for the most part, I was happy.
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