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At Brickley High,Anna will find allies & enemies in here journey of the schools mysteries.
It’s seven sixteen o’clock. The local bus has arrived as late as always. What else do you expect from an eighty year old man. Mr. Jacobs is the only person in this town that knows how to act right unlike some old lady we all know and are creeped out by. The bus came to a screech. The doors chartered open to a row of steps to walk. Seeing how the little girl had an old chest as big as her, she had trouble getting into the bus. Stalling the people's time inside the bus of their evening plans made the elderly cranky. Mr.Jacobs was nice enough to offer, “Do you need help little girl with your luggage.” “UM?” Don’t worry I’m not that old.” For a feral old man he is pretty strong. The cranky… crazy old lady was in the back and like always she had a few words of her own to say for me again,” This ain't no place to be fooling around.
Sorry for the wait, the driver commented.
You ot to be, Right now I’ll already be at bingo chomping on a bucket of fried chicken with my new pearls by now
Don't mind her, she is a little, while twirling his finger beside his head, Have a seat sweety, guiding her to her nearest seat.
Anna seated herself behind the bus driver. Seeing how he would be in her best interest for survival.
Why you off to this late, my dear. I hope your not doing something your not suppose to.
No, and the airport.
What would a girl like you doing at an airport all by yourself.
Leaving for California for school.
With that easing his mind he pulled off on the the road. Glancing back at the little girl in the rear view mirror he questioned, So you're the promising young lassie with the scholarship?
That’s me.
Well, good for you.

Goodbye to the crazy and hello to anew. The scenery is changing fast but I’m ready. I am but on my way to the place where I belong.” Starting today I leave from Ohio all the way to sunny California. At the break of dawn my new life is about to begin. By the time I got to the campus the rest of the girls have already finished unpacking. “Where do I sign in again, well I bounded to find it,” wandering around? Attached to her luggage is a piece of rope knotted at the handle. If the struggle was not hard enough a second obstacle is at hand. Her room is on the second floor. With no one willing to help, I gasped the rope tightly and dragged my chest one step at a time. Then down the hall I went slow and steady. By the time I made it to my door, the hours have passed by. I opened the door and slugged myself across the empty room then, plopped myself backwards on to the bed. I was drenched in sweat.
Staring off into space, she loses herself in the vast empty void. Floating endlessly into the deep abyss she disappeared. Waiting for someone to come a rescue her. The air thickens by every tap. She heard an unknown speech but no one in sight.Someone is approaching. The exit to the void was still enclosed. Looking back up to the ceiling she wondered what type of life form she was going to encounter. She dreamed of the possibilities at hand, a high fashion cat walking model or a super science geek gold medal champion or maybe, someone like me.
The creaking of the door strung her right back up and into a standing position. Her hand held out as stiff as a board. She didn’t get a handshake or a hello but a cold shoulder. She slowly pulled her arm back to her side like nothing happened. If she was going to find anything out about the trio of girls, she had to be brave. The silence stilled the air, but that didn’t stop her from cutting the tension. She walked to the group starting with a fresh start, "Hello, my name is Anna... nice to meet you all. And if you don't mind me asking which one of you three is my roommate.” An overpowering response made the mood of the room even colder than before. With a roll of the eyes, the girl with the ponytail stated, “I do. Anna scratching her head then said, “I guess that means you’re my roommate.”
“Not for long.” And with the comment Annabella slowly slid away out of the room.
She leaves the dorm to follow a bunch of kids running off to the main building. What could possibly be so exciting? There was a girl in the center of it all, doing flips twists and tricks. To bad I can’t see her clearly. There are rows of girls cheering her on. Her face was half covered by goggles. Not even the first official day of the school year and Anna knew was in for a ride of her life.
With the return of Anna also was confusing and disappointing welcome.
Where is my stuff
What stuff
The mushroom then huge vintage wooden chest, it’s not hard to miss
Oh that, they're beside the dumpster
How can I sleep in a room with junk all over? Besides some of your belongings made this room childish.
Some belongings that was all of my belongings
Really, Well at least you have more free space to put actual clothes and decorate from this century .
You took the rest of the room for yourself.
Well, how else am I going to fit my precious belongings in my room.
Your room? Anna glared
Yes my room. Besides don’t you have somewhere to be.
You're not getting away with this.
Oh but I already have.
Anna stormed off out the room in a huff. Stomping down the hallway she heard her roommate comment “You don't mind if I hang some of my clothes in your closet do you,” sarcastically. And with that in her mind she paused but, it was not worth it. With her train of thought back on track again she headed off down the hallway.Stumbling around the campus in the jungle not yet explored. Looking high and low for the missing treasure, Anna traveled a vast distance on the tedious trail around the campus. “Even if it takes all night I will not surrender. She will not get her way. In the end it will be the evil Queen that will smell defeat,” shouted Anna within her head. Climbing high in the trees, she scouted out for other foes. Her guard was up and on high alert. Footsteps were lurking closer by the second. As the closer the two girls got she realized it was the other two girls back from the room. She had no time, her cover was about to be blown. Her gears working at top speed made her mind was overworked. The steam cleared the way for a brilliant plan, a plan was brewing. A light bulb went off. She picked an acorn from a branched and throws it away from her direction. It did not get the girls attention. The sound was not loud enough. She quickly gathered all she could and though it as hard as she could. This time it caught the girl's attention along with a few others. Anna fled from the scene. The constant pelting of the acorns accidentally broke a nearby window. With curiosity on her side she was bound to win for now.
On she went, back on the path to find her treasure chest. The sun was cruising across the sky. The day was halfway over. Finally, she stumbled upon her stuff behind the girl's dormitory. “Of course it was behind the building I was staying at. Like that stuck up girl would drag my belongings across campus or should I say her worker bees. Well at least I have my stuff back, for now,” Anna commented.
The challenge has yet to start. “The true question that bothers me is how am I going to get my stuff back to my room before curfew without anyone noticing. The hardest part is keeping Queen Bee and her Workers from doing it again, but how.” Anna plopped down on her chest and resumed thinking position. Searching the premises for the best route she finally found one. With only little time to spare, Anna’s luck is all she had left to go on for the time being. She went back for her chest of treasure, slowly bringing it to safety. If it wasn't for the campus staff I would have not be dragging my belongings to my room twice. It is like they have no eyes. It's all up to me. Getting closer to the front of the building a sound of a group of girls were approaching. She sprung behind her chest hiding from her enemies or at least total embarrassment Besides It not like they would believe me over the campus’ own royal, Queen Bee. As the footsteps ceased to exist. She continued her journey. The most difficult part was the towering mountain. Anna had no choice but to climb, being the only path to the castle in the sky. But that was not going to stop her, so close to the end of her journey. She was close to her deadline with the girls at the dining hall eating their supper it was the perfect chance to hall the loud,thumping making noise of a chest up the staircase with no one wandering eyes to see. With the cries of the staircase steps against the case just begging for mercy. The creaking of the boards made Anna jump as she tugged the case up the staircase.
But everything has to come to an end. The girls were on their way back from the dining hall. Hurrying up the steps and down the hall, her life depended on it. It mattered more than the world itself. Her social life was on the line. Finally, in front of her room she opens the door and shuffles the case inside the room and quickly closing the door behind her. Anna opened her closet door to find it untouched for now. Seeing it be the only place to keep out of Chloe's direct line of sight, Anna shoved the chest in the closet. But that did not stop the ones lurking behind her. Anna didn’t know how loud she was being,until she heard whispers down the hall. While Anna was busy on her part a group of girls followed the noise all the way to her room. And just as the girls of the dorm were about to open the door, she quickly tiptoed to her closet shutting the door in front of her as the other one was opening. She waited in the closet for the girls to be done with their search. Just as it was about to end the, bees came flying back into the hive. The others leave with their heads held down some mumbling sorry on their way out. But for me it seems I’m stuck in here for the night.

Sitting in this closet is ridiculous. I should just open the door and go sleep in my bed. In the end, I still find myself inside the closet every time I open my eyes. It’s not as bad as I thought. I can rest my back against the hard wall and sit on the splitting floor. Well, it could be worse. Miss Queen Bee could have opened the doors revealing me in front of the other girls earlier (or the other way around.) I would be the highlight of the school. Extra Extra read all about the new girl hiding in her own closet. People will think I’m a freak! Total embarrassment would have fallen upon me. How would I be able to survive the six years left of school? And on top of it all it is just the first day. What else can possibly happen? After all I am just an average girl in an average school. Right?
It is the middle of the night and I have not slept all day. How could I, I was busy getting my stuff back and hiding it and myself in this old closet. The only thing calming about the situation is the beam of light coming from the bottom of the door. I guess I finally got to see the moon... (Light). Shimmering off the wall, revealing all the cracks and creases and the pilling of the wallpaper was revealed by the light. Behind the piling wall there is a wooden door. What could be behind the wallpaper? Quietly tearing the wallpaper off the back of the closet, I try not to wake the majesty. Behind the old wallpaper was a door, but to what. I go to open the door but it will not open. I wonder what is behind the door? Where would the key be to this old forgotten door? She sat back down staring at the old door, wondering. Before long she drifted into a deep sleep.
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