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Can you still see the cracks?

Hide and See

"Quick! We have to hide this." George threw the piece of wood at me, then ran away, into the thick stand of trees.

"Hey - get back here! Don't leave me all alone with this!" I looked down at the hunk of redwood. George had carved a piece from the giant tree right before me. Oh boy, we were in trouble now. The Park Service rangers would be on us like ugly on a pig, as they say. I didn't want to have the evidence in MY hands when they descended on us like the death squad. I threw it into the brush along the trail. Then I thought 'Can a piece of wood like that keep fingerprints?' Surely not. Or surely knot, as the case may be. I smiled, huh, what a silly pun. Hey, get serious Mark.

George reappeared, his backpack in tow. "I've got just the thing that can make this right. Check it out." He pulled out a tube of superglue. "What do you think? Huh? I will just glue it back into place. No one will be the wiser."

"First, who carries a tube of superglue when backpacking? Second, surely someone will notice us gluing a piece of wood back onto a GIANT TREE!!!!" Now I was shouting. "Kind of like gluing a finger onto the statue of David, or painting a scratch on the Mona Lisa, someone may notice, George, don't you think? Oh, pardon me! That's right, you don't think or we would NOT BE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION!"

"Just help and spare me the lecture, OK?"

Well, we found the piece of wood, finally. It fit back exactly. That glue really was super. Then the death squad ranger behind us asked "Aren't you going to fill in all the cracks, boys?" Busted.

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