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Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2186556
The love story of some Canadians
          In the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada, a man named Edward is dating a girl named Nicole. They're a very tight couple, doing everything together, like going to Walmart Canada together, seeing the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Edmonton Oilers for the 1687th time and overall, have a lovely time together, usually with the song Careless Whisper by George Michael in the background. But, there is another woman in this tale. A woman by the name of Trish is in the background of this tale. She is the best friend of Nicole and she is in love with her. Like, to put it lightly, Trish is a lesbian.
         Yes, this is one of those stories. It isn't exactly a J.K Rowling style story, but it is a story like that. Anyways, Trish has felt this way about Nicole since the two of them were Canadian teenagers. Nicole was very popular to all the other Canadian teens, especially the male Canadian teens. This is when Careless Whisper entered Nicole's life. But while this occurred, Trish was hiding her lesbian ways by dating many male Canadian teens herself. But lately, she has come out of the closet because humanity has finally accepted homosexuality.
         One day, Edward and Nicole bought tickets to a Toronto Maple Leafs game. Needless to say, they received one extra ticket. So during a trip to Tim Horton's (which is basically Canadian Starbucks), they formally invited Trish to the game. Trish, seeing an opportunity, accepted the invite. The opportunity she saw: stealing Nicole from Edward. Trish cackled about her plan, leaving Edward and Nicole confused.
         On the day of the game, the trio walked into the arena to enjoy the 1688th time the Toronto Maple Leafs destroy the Edmonton Oilers. They did the usual stuff, buy snacks and beverages, make out in the middle of the arena, get to their seats and make out in the seats, all while Trish was the third wheel. Overall, it was an average time.
         Once the game started, the trio were enthralled by the destruction of Oilers. Actually, the duo of Nicole and Edward were. Trish was enjoying the sight of Nicole. All Trish could see was the image of her and Nicole together. She couldn't contain herself. Against her plan, she rushed into a kiss.
         During the kiss, Nicole shoved Trish away, shocked by the move. Edward was still focused on the game.
         "What do you think you're doing, Trish!?"
         "Nicole... I'm so sorry."
         Trish ran out to the halls of the arena. Nicole soon followed, with Edward slowly following behind. Trish at this point was holding back her frustration in herself, holding back the tears of rejection. Nicole was just bewildered by Trish's action. Edward was confused on why Nicole wasn't enjoying the 26 - 0 score game. Nicole eventually caught up to Trish.
         "Trish, what the heck was that?"
         "Nicole. I need to confess something."
         "Trish, I understand you're a lesbian and all..."
         "Nicole, I've been in love with you since we were Canadian teens."
         Nicole went silent. Many thoughts were rushing through her mind at this point. Trish, her best friend, is in love with her. Edward eventually caught up.
         "Hey guys, is everything okay?"
         "Edward... we need to talk."
         "What is this about?"
         "Edward... I can't do this anymore."
         "Do what exactly?"
         "Edward. I've been living a lie. I'm not the straight Canadian woman that you thought I am. It turns out... I'm a lesbian."
         "Nicole, this isn't funny. What is really going on?"
         "Edward, I'm in love with Trish."
         Edward was stunned. First his girlfriend is a lesbian, but now she's already after someone else? A million thoughts were rushing through his mind.
         "Nicole... I... I love you, though."
         "Edward, I know you do."
         "Then why are you doing this to me, Nicole?"
         "Edward... I just can't do this anymore."
Nicole turned to kiss Trish.
         "Edward, it's over."
         Nicole and Trish started to walk out of the arena. Edward, meanwhile, was shocked that this happened."
         "Nicole! I love you! Please! Come back! Please!"
         Back at Trish's apartment, her and Nicole bonded in more ways than one. And throughout the entire experience, you could faintly hear Careless Whisper.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2186556