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Differences. Duality. Diddly.
         The modern age starts with a rocket to mars.
I haven't eaten a thing in fifteen days.
         So many great minds, the best of our generation, all racing towards a common goal.
My life suck, I can't get a job because I don't have a house.
         Mars is a strange choice, although we've always been chasing it, haven't we?
Thank god the park has a bubbler, otherwise I would have died a long time ago.
         We've had Invaders from Mars, My favorite Martian, even Mars Attacks.
I've taken to sleeping in the woods as of late, as I don't get harassed as much.
         Why not Venus, or Saturn, or Mercury?
Hopefully my luck will change soon, and my mother will let me back in the house.
         Travel somewhere lonely, somewhere hot.
I found two dollars today, I went to the store but didn't know what to buy.
         We'd need to do a test flight there first, something no one would miss.
Peanuts, I bought a single bag of peanuts.
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