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Chapter 2 of Life of Anna.
The sun was up and shining at its brightest but not bright enough. Waking up to silence she thought it would be safe to clear out. She is alone walking to breakfast with nobody in sight. She got to the dining hall and sat down and waited to be served. No one else was there. She thought maybe she was just early. Still waiting she sees no one is coming for breakfast. One glance at the clock Anna knew what was wrong. Without a second thought she rushed to first period. What she thought was early was actually an hour after breakfast. It was eight thirty. Just as she was about to reach her first class the bell rang. As the people rushed out of the classrooms into the halls Anna merged into the crowd. Anna went throughout the day as if she never missed first period until lunch came.
On her way out of math the principal was waiting for her. Miss Cunning, "May I have a word with you.” Anna internal screams echoed through her head a thousand times over. With a pause she replied with the low tone, “yes". Following the principal she listened to the sound of her steps. A click and a tap, click and a tap reaping in hear head. The principal stopped in front of the door to her office. On the other hand a girl with a huge plant bumped into the principal. Stepping back she raised her head and stared at Ms. Brickley. No comment on the accident from Mother Earth,but Ms. Brickley did “You would think with a name Grace you would demonstrate more often,” with a growl that could scare wild beast away and a slight rise to her eyebrow. It was bad enough to look at her with a non expressive face. To see her cold dead eyes, eyes of a true principal gazing at Grace was horrifying. The crawling of her skin down through the decades made her eyes even more frightening. And to think we haven't even started.
Making her way around her desk Ms. Brickley commanded me to, “Take a seat.” I scuttled to the chair. I tried to present myself with utmost dignity. My lack of posture showed a different view. One strong suit I wish I had for me at the moment.
I hear you weren't at supper yesterday evening or morning breakfast Miss Anna
You're right, I was busy
Exactly which engagement made you be absent is everyone ones present not once but twice.
I was unpacking
Surely it didn’t take that long
It took longer than I thought
And would it be because you were not unpacking but occupied with other matters
What else would there be?
I don’t know, how about potential vandalizing school property
Anna’s eyes shoot wide open and with a single droplet of sweat rolling down her forehead gives away the answer. Her grip on the office chair was so tight the wood would split any time now. Anna has dug her grave. Well, her poor aim didn’t do the right work. It is her bed to lie in now.
So I take it was you who broke the dorm window and with ...acorns no less
I wish not to hear your excuses! Seeing you are here on a scholarship plus the highest ranking on the entrance exam out of your whole class. I expect more from you. Not only it will be bad for you to get expelled by it would hurt the schools ranking. Instead I will give you sympathy, one year of detention. While you are still here in privacy of my office, put out your hand. Crack! I hope that will help you remember your place. And you will also serve one month of clean up duty plus, 48 hours of community service for your mistake. This is to learn to respect the property of others. Do I make myself clear!
Yes mam
Any questions?
No mam
You may be excused now
Anna left the office to find herself in an interrogation. Boxed in on all sides with no way to run. Quietly standing waiting to be stung by the bees Anna braced herself.
All always thought you would be trouble, Queen Bee commented
I don’t know what you mean
You know exactly what I’m talking about. Everyone does. After all, it really isn't hard to figure out who did it. Besides it was just a matter of time. Also I was wondering if you might what some roasted acorns.
How did you know it was acorns.
So, it was you
You're the one who told on me.
Pause before a false “No”
And also a liar too. But I will give you prompts I didn’t think someone like you could do such a thing. And here I thought Carmen did it.
I’m not a liar and so what if I broke the window. It has nothing to do with you.
It has everything to do with me. Unlike some people I care about my fellow classmates record and their safety.
Anna shoved her way out of the group of surrounding girls. Storming off with tears dripping down her face, Anna wanted nothing but to run far away from everyone everything. Pacing students on the way Anna got stared at all the way down the hall. She ran into the nearest stall. With her luck the restroom was full of girls in front of the mirror. Curled up on the floor she heard the girls on their why out say, “What a freak.” Anna cried her eyes out for hours until the janitor came to clean.

The final bell has rung and two hours of detention has started. She was not the only one in trouble the first day of school. Laying back with her feet up on the desk was a girl with bobbed haircut, a mess of the school uniform, a intimidating smile and look in her eyes that says a thousand words. Her dark brown eyes reflected my every body movement. Her eyes followed me all the way to an empty seat in the front row in the middle of the room. A chill ran down Anna’s spine she could tell she was being watched. Anna awkwardly looked to the left behind herself eye locked. The punk girl never looked away not even a single blink. The girl left out a little giggling huff. Anna turned back around in her chair facing the chalkboard. Then all of the sudden the door cracked open with the detention adviser for today.
Hello, I am Mr.Hutton I will be your monitor not only for today but the rest of the year for most of you,while strutting to his desk and crouched down in his ratty old chair.
Excuse me sir,” the punk girl grabbing the teacher's attention.
Yes miss...West what is it?
Well today in home economics class we were baking brownies. I thought it would be nice to share some with
Brownies you say...bring them here.
Miss West reached in her bag and grabbed the brownies and walked them to Mr.Hutton’s desk. Timid by the chocolaty goodness he unwrapped the brownies and took a mouthful bite out of one. Humming to the beat of his own drum, Huckle couldn’t get enough.

Very good, delicious, you may return to your seat but leave the brownies.
Her back to Mr.Hutton there was a silt giggle chuckle just as before. Now what could be so funny about brownies? They are just Brownies, right. I whale of a grumble came from mister Hutton. His face was unpleasant to look at, all sweaty and disgusting.
Behave girls as I excuse myself from the room,” walking out of the room like a stick up his bum.
I hope he will be OK
I wouldn’t worry yourself over him, he’ll be fine once he gets it all out of his system.
Get what out?
Let’s just say those brownies were extra special. That isn’t the only thing that's special. And the one that’s special is you.
I think you got it backward, seeing how the teacher already knows your name by heart and on the first day of
school no less.
Why no one dares to talk to me like that.
No I’m just kidding. And to answer your question, technically it’s not the first day for me. This year is going on
my second year at this school. But back to what I was saying you really are special.
I’m not special in any way.
Oh, but of course you are, you are rooming with Chloe Springfield. Now tell me is she all people
say she cracked up to be.
Well, she’s beautiful and a natural born leader, wants not to like.
Laughing as she says. “Wow, now really what is she like. Don’t be shy everyone knows she a Pain.”
“More like royal pain, all hail Queen Bee” Anna muttered.
“Queen Bee…”
“No that’s not what I meant. I just...”
“...then wait did you mean. Personally I couldn’t said it better myself. Queen Bee I’ll remember that”
“I doubt that”
“What a flatter you are.”
“I like you, you have spunk. My name is Carmen Charmmens, I’m one of the locals, you.”
“Anna, just Anna.”
“OK just Anna what brings you to detention.”
“I bet you already know.”
“Well I got sent here because of the disrespect of my craft. So what if I crashed into the cooking staff while they were serving dinner. They had enough food to go around.”
“Exactly what is your craft?”
“I’m glad you asked, I am an extreme roller blades fan twenty four-seven.”
“It must be nice being able to do what you love all the time.”
Mr. Huckle stops in to the detention room.
“You may be excused; detention will have to be shorted today for practical reasons.
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