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by Medie
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Fantasy · #2186668
Two mermaids have had their waters disturbed...what will they do in reaction?
Something rocked Malya in her sleep. Jerking her tail, she flipped upright, blinking awake. “What?” she asked, her voice clouded with sleep.

From the coral bed beside her, Carlina sat up, rubbing her eyes. “Why did you wake me, sister?”

“Something has disturbed the water,” Malya replied.

With a flick of her tail, Carlina slithered off her bed. “Should we investigate?”

Malya levered herself up and flicked her tail to propel herself into motion. In tandem, the sisters swam out of the grotto towards the disturbance. They broke the water surface and searched for its source. The two sisters looked around their normally peaceful waters, trying to find what had disturbed them.

Carlina bared her teeth as she was rocked against the surface of the water. “Malya,” she growled. “They disturb our waters.”

Malya watched the craft race across the surface of the water, stirring up waves. “What shall we do?” she asked, her eyes glinting even as they narrowed.

Carlina turned, her eyes on the craft as it continued to circle. On board, two humans laughed and talked; their hair bright in the sunlight. One steered the craft; the other leaned back in the seat next to him. “Perhaps we should introduce them to our waters?” she suggested. A slow smile spread across Malya’s face in response.

Both females studied the two males on the craft. One leaned against the back of the boat, hand trailing in the water and watching the world around him. The other was apparently the reason the craft was moving as every time his arms changed position, the craft followed.

The grin that had spread across Malya’s face was a look of terrible danger for the craft that had turned and bore down on them. Her gaze darted around and spied a nearby boulder. “Go,” she ordered, pointing.

Getting the general idea of her sister’s plan, Carlina dived, swimming just below the water towards the rock. Grabbing handholds, she pulled herself up until she could sprawl out on the boulder. Malya followed her up, situating herself behind her sister. “Now?” Carlina asked.

At Malya’s nod, both mermaids opened their mouths, ethereal music issuing forth.

The craft turned at the sound of the music, the gazes of the males seeking the source of the noise. Carlina continued singing as Malya slipped back into the water, diving down to grab some seaweed to tie around the propeller, which would jam the mechanism and stop the craft before it reached Carlina.

Malya’s head popped back up out of the water in time to see the craft stall and the two males scurry around as they tried to see what was wrong. Carlina dived off the rock, her singing abruptly cut off, as Malya swam for the craft. They surfaced, one on either side of the craft, and levered themselves up, grabbing at the males.

Pulling them over the side of the craft, they dragged the males down under the surface. Someday the surface dwellers would learn not to invade their peaceful waters.

Special thanks to Brandiwyn🎶 , Mummsy , and MontyB for their assistance with this story.

Word Count: 507
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2186668