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An article about leaving blogging for bigger and better things.
Six and a half years ago, I downloaded an app called WordPress, and I had begun a blog, just that I could share my writing and art skills with the whole, entire world; Now, fast-forward to today, six and a half years later. Throughout those years, I have done as much of my writing and art talent as I possibly could, and I am sure that I am quite satisfied in keeping readers happy…
In the here and now, I have a job, a REAL job, as a food service cleaner for a company called Sodexo that is located at the Patterson Dining Facility at the Dover Air Force Base in Dover, DE back in October; In the past 5 months, I have since focused on my job, cleaning every table, chair, and counter as much as I could, and with such tasks as these, it has since become difficult for me to find time for ideas for my blog, in fact it’s become difficult to find ANY time for ANY ideas for my blog, and even once I find ideas for as well as time to put them down on my blog, then I would be exhausted before I would even finish.
One morning, as I was walking to my bus stop to catch the bus for work, I began to quietly weep to myself while I began to think to myself, This cannot go on...I cannot go on blogging forever! So it was with that that I began to type out what I was about to announce to the general public a few weeks later…

On March 8th, I had made an announcement over at my WordPress-hosted blog, KALEIDOSCOPE, that I would be shutting down my blog for good and leaving WordPress in June (as of this writing, the June date is June 14th); The reason why I shall not be blogging any more on June 14th is that I want to put my focus now on what is and should be very important to me right now: My food service job as well as being an author and doing a podcast, such as the one in which has just started its second season, KALEIDOSCOPE Time (www.anchor.fm/kaleidoscope-time).
If I had one wish to come true, it is that I do not to ever give up on blogging, but the truth of the matter is that I really do not want to go on blogging forever and ever; Planning and writing drafts for blog posts and copying and pasting them into the posts in which I publish almost each and every day has become time-consuming for me, and I would really like to do things outside of blogging, in which I had been doing so for the past 6-½ years. But it shall soon be very well time for me to put my blogging career to bed, and just move on to other things, because, as Carol Burnett once stated, change is growth, and I think that she is right: Life and dreams grow as life changes.
Yes, times have certainly changed, and to my surprise, so has WordPress: When I have joined them with the launch of my blog in 2012, WordPress used to have its own Community Pool, when they answer questions and help new bloggers. But now, the Community Pool has been drained after all of those years, and do you want to know something else? I too shall be saying goodbye to WordPress; I am so very grateful for that company that has helped me learn how to blog and to grow not just as a blogger, but as a writer as a whole. I shall always have that thankfulness for those people for as long as I shall ever live. Now, the time has come to prepare for my swan song for my blog and for my own farewell. I am both happy and sad at the same time. I know that leaving behind something that you truly love after all of these years is very sad, but afterward, it shall all be worth it for me when coming June, I shall finally be relieved of my own blogging duties and to get on to my next chapter in my writing career: Author.

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