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by Zoey
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a woman who is in love with her ex, doesn't want to start over, heartbroken
Tell me you're different
not like these lames
running on games
loving from a distance
I got you on my mind
these walls get closer
feeling like I'm losing mines every time
nobody quite does it for me
learning to keep my heart out of my sleeves
there's no cautions
when your love hit me like a potion
now I'm drifting away
got me feeling a way
every time I know you spend most days with her
jealousy triggers
my tears forming like rivers
cry you a river
I got to break down these barriers
unable to let me get past the madness
I'm sad shit! people asking me what happen?
looking at everything like how do I get past this?
Every time I pour my heart out to you
it feels like it's breaking in two
hoping I wake up and it's a dream
ain't nobody else I want on my team
if it ain't you and me
I wouldn't want anyone standing next to me
if I could give you the world we would be living
so all I got right now is my heart
that's all 'm saying.
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