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Rated: E · Fiction · Horror/Scary · #2186824
this is a hotel you can check out of if you dare.
Prompt: no one ever checks out of this hotel.
Prompt2: the secret room
prompt3: the portal opened and closed suddenly.

Almost in the dead center of the city stood the old Brokner house. It was rumored to have been built back in the early 1900's, but no one is for sure. The first owners disappeared suddenly leaving no trace behind.
The police eventually opened a missig person report on them, but try as they might, they found no trace of the husband and wife team that built the house. Strangely, they also found no trace of the two of them ever exsisting at all, ever.
The house sat for about ten years before the second couple, a well off couple bought and renovated the house. However the rumors about the house caused the worken to run off often, especially after one of the immigrant workmen disppeared.
The couple had to shell out some major money to have the job finished. And after nearly twenty years of work, it finally was. However, sadly the husband never got a chance to see the house, which was his ulitmate dream, ever completed.
He had a heart attack and died in the living room. It was strange as he was an olympian and never had any heart issues. He was in great physical shape. His wife had been devistated, after the loss of her soulmate.
Over the next year she became more and more withdrawn, not only from the life going on around her, but from everything completely. Till one day she just stopped coming outsode the house completely. The friendly neighbors started to worry about the kind older lady, they involved the town police in the endevour to check on her. They tried several times to get her to answer the door, or even give any idea to anybody that she was alive and well.
The police finally got a judge to ok a forceful entry into the house, on the grounds of a welfare check. The entry wasn't really difficult for the police to accomplish, as the house was an older house, and wasn't in the best of shape.
It was a sunny Thursday morning whn the police forced open the doors to the house, before a crowd of people surrounding the house.
“Hello,” the officer shouted in the house while still standing on the porch,” this is the sherriff's department. Is there anybody here?”
The uniformed officer got silence in response to his call. He waited a few seconds before doing it again, and receiving the same response to his calls.
After waiting a specified amount of time, the officer reached up to his radio microphone clipped to his shoulder. It activated the microphone, once it had he spoke up.
“This is officer Martin, the doors were foricbly opened, and no answer to repeated calls for an answer, I am going in to check the house.”
“Roger that, “ the young woman's voice echoed in response to his report,” Be careful.”
The officer smiled as she said that,”Will do,” was his anwser.
The officer slowly crossed the threshold nd walked into the house slowly as he went, calling out for an answer to anyone in the house, with each step. It took a bit as the lone officer searched room by room fr signs of life. As badly as he really wanted to find someone there, all he found was stuff that looked like it hadn't been moved in decades. Cobb webs in the corners and inches of dust on everytyhing.
“This is officer Martin again,” he spoke as he activated his mic again,” Entrance into the house is established.”
After a breif pause he continued,” but no signs of life are here. Infact it looks like she hasn't been here in decades.”
“That makes no sence,” a male voice came back in response to his report<” She has no car and can't walk more than 50 feet by herself.”
“I cant explain it,” the officer said,” But there is even food on the table covered in about an inch r two of dust.”
After a though search of the house the officer was ordered out, and the doors were sealed, and the house sat unclaimed and uncared for for about 5 years, all the while the rumors about the woman's disappearence circulated throughout the neighbor hood. Some of the rumors were far out there, like aliens abducted her, to her dying and her body not being found in the house.
The old mansion was bought by another couple who wanted to fix up the place again. After a year of workmen coming in and out of the house, it was finally completed and turned into a hotel. The couple was so proud of themselves they had a grand opening party to celebrate it. Within hours of opening the hotel had been fully booked for the first night. There was nothing but happiness and joy. throughout the place as the guests checked into the rooms for the night.
The bar was alive with music and people who were making merry in, what could have been described as the best place they had ever been in. The sun went down, and the darkness came but the party rang on till about 10 that night. Then the music wa stopped and the lights of the bar died. The guest retired to their rooms to get some rest, at least some of them planned to get some rest anyways. As the night passed silence was the sound of the time in and about the area, as people slept in their rooms. The only people still awake was the front desk clearks and those that needed to be awake for the service department of the hotel.
As the night progressed, the hotel saw no problems, nor concerns. The break of dawn brought the workers for the day shift in.
Shiela, a desk clerk, was the first in for the day shift. She usually walks around the hotel looking at all the new thigs before she went to the front office. As she did she saw nothing out of the ordinary on this walk, but noticed something was wrong as she entered the empty front office.
After a quick search of the front office and finding no one where they were supposed to be, she immediately picked up the phone and called the night shift boss. The phone rang and rang, then went to voice mail.
As the first ones went in, no one seemed to notice anything wrong, as the dawn gave way to the day and the sunlight illuminated every corner of thehotel. The dayshift workers thought something was weird when they didn't find anybody that was supposed to be working, and upon openeing of the guest rooms doors, they found all the rooms open. In fact they found the whole hotel empty, not a living sole was in the hotel from the last nights activities
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