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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Horror/Scary · #2186825
a welfare check for an elderly person goes wrong.(work in progress)
Prompt: Authorities go through the cluttered apartment of a deceased man who lived alone with no known relatives or friends for decades and finds something disturbing.

The rescue vehicle came to a stop in front of an old brick building, the air brakes hissing as the air was released from them.
“Dispatch this is rescue 45,” the paramedic announced through the radio.
“Go ahead R-45,” the voice answered back quickly,” this is dispatch.”
“Show us on the scene of the welfare check on 45th and 12th, please.”
“Rodger, You are on-scene.”
“Thank-you,” he said as he put the microphone back into the holder and got out of the vehicle.
“Well, Sally,” the paramedic said as he looked up at the aging apartment building,” let's get this done.”
“I hate this area,” Sally responded as she closed the door and saw the people all around the neighborhood staring at her, at least that's what it felt like to her.
“I know,” The Paramedic agreed as he waited for her to come around the vehicle, ”Me too.”
As soon as she joined him they made their way up the outside stairs and into the lobby of the building.
“Apartment 2-f?” she asked.
“Yep,” he said as he headed for the stairs,” Mr. Salvatino, a regular of ours.”
She followed closely behind him as he started up the stairs, not wanting to be left behind in this neighborhood.
It took but a moment of their time to climb the stairs. As soon as they got to the second-floor landing, a ding could have been heard.
Sally saw the elevator doors there.
“Couldn't we have taken the elevator?” she questioned.
“You want to?” the Paramedic asked.
“Would have been easier.”
The paramedic walked over to the doors and motioned for her to watch as the doors started to open, revealing that there was no elevator car.
“Wow,” she exclaimed,” Well where is it?”
He just smiled and pointed downward, she carefully edged up to the edge. Her body trembled in fear, as she looked down the shaft only to see the smashed remains of the elevator car at the bottom of the shaft.
“OK,” she exclaimed,” so I don't want to wait for the elevator.”
They both laughed as he nudged her to come with him down the hallway to the apartment they were dispatched to.
“Oh God,” she exclaimed,” what is that smell?”
The paramedic sniffed at the air, just as she did, and caught the same odor as he did.
“I don't know,” as he wrinkled his nose trying to identify the odd odor that lingered in the hallway just outside the apartment,” But let take care of him first tho.”
The Paramedic knocked on the door, that was marked with the 2-f on it. After a few moments, he knocked again due to no answer.
“Mr. Salvatino!” the paramedic called out, ”It's Paul from station 22, we are here to do a welfare check on you.”
Paul was answered only with silence and nonactivity from within the apartment.
Paul knocked on the door once again,” Mr. Salvatino, Are you in there?”
And just as the first time, he got no answer.
He grabbed for the microphone of his radio,” Dispatch this is para-45, come in please.”
The radio went silent.
Just as he was going to repeat the same transmission once again.
“Unit calling dispatch, repeat,” the radio came alive with a voice.
“This is Paramedic 45.”
“Go ahead para-45,” she acknowledged.
“We get no answer on the welfare check,” he said with a stern tone to his voice,” We need a Leo to access the apartment, asap.”
“ Maybe he's asleep?” Sally questioned.
“Doubtful,” he answered the cute young blond EMT,” he has to be in there. He is wheelchair bound and can't leave, remember the elevator?”
“Para-45, this is dispatch,” the radio came alive again.
“Go ahead,” Paul answered quickly.
“LEO notified and has officer responding,” the Dispatchers tone got just as serious as the paramedics were,” they have been apprised of the patient.”
“Roger, that,” he answered.
“Now what,” she asked as she put her hand on her hips as a sign of her frustration.
Paul put his hands up in the air,” now, we wait.”
Paul started to worry about the old guy, he had known him for a while, and he was like a friend to him, so the waiting was very difficult. Paul paced up and down the hallway doing everything in his power to resist the temptation to bust down the door and rush in. Which, without sufficient cause, he was unable to do. It frustrated him to no end.

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