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Short poem on water
I remember
The way the water looked at me
So curious, a gentle melody
I giggled, and waved
It didn't wave back, but
Maybe it was just shy

The next day I brought a friend
His name was Intrepid
A calm stirring, a terse clause
Was all I got from the water
It looked so beautiful with its
Pristine sheen glistening and
Divine surface which I could barely
Put my nose to

The closer I got, the more I could feel
The water was there to guide me
It caressed my shoulders as I got deeper
It softened my skin as I got deeper
I closed my eyes

Surrounded by water, I could
Hear nothing
See nothing
But I could feel the water
Its calm comforting clear clasp
cleverly closing crevices and curtain calls
coinciding with cacophonous cries of confining conundrums.
I breathe in.
I breathe out.
Water all around
Protecting me, calming me, making me stronger,
Just as the Lisianthus.
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