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Christian Conspiracy Theories make me Question Christianity
HELL 6000
I don't want to write this. Westcott and Hort are not Jack the Ripper after all. My world is confusion.
It is not something that my brain can even handle at this point in time.
I have lost two things. Two very important things.
Two things that are fundamental to the core of my existence.
I don’t want to write this because if there really is a god, then I might commit the sin of leading people away from, the Cross. According to Brent Douglas that would exclude me from entering certain parts of Heaven including the very Throne of God himself.
This all began way back when I was into the deepest Christian Conspiracy Theories. Albert Pike said that “Yes, Lucifer is God”
The Freemasons were behind the One World Government, One World Religion. We were preparing ourselves to accept Lord Maitreya as the Antichrist. Benny Hinn himself was in Nairobi and stated that he had met Jesus there. After Jesus never came back in 2000 I was heartbroken. I would have to remain on Earth, with all its wickedness. Maharishi said that the “End of Christianity was near” and they were teaching Yoga in the Y.M.C.A.
At the same time I was drawn towards Non-Christian conspiracies. DUMBS – Deep Underground Military bases. Alien hybrids living in Military bases on Earth and on Mars. The moon was a Spaceship brought here 40,000 years ago by the Andromedens. I could dismiss this automatically because I was taught that only “Alien” that existed was the AntiChrist. He would boast that he was a being from another Planet. As suggested by Chuck Missler, Hal Lyndsy and even Barry Smith.
Anyway this story is about coming ½ way out of the Christian “Religion”. So after many years of being told my Homosexuality was a deep dark sin almost unforgivable, I didn’t reject the teaching. I rejected myself. I lost touch with reality and demons were everywhere. I was caught in a war. Humans were on a Planet where Angels were constantly battling for everyone’s very soul. Then it happened. I for a whole day bought into the Kings James Only Cult mentality totally sold out to never reading any other version of the Bile. This is me were talking about here. At the time I was studying the Bible in Greek and Hebrew. Then all of a sudden I was told that those manuscripts were corrupt and differed from the KJV so therefore they were evil.
After watching James White for 2 weeks I came out of that belief. That is why I am thankful for people like Godless Engineer, Reds Rhetoric, The Non Sequitur Show, Sir Sic, Bob the Science guy, etc. etc. I’ll call these guys “The Sceptics”
The aftermath of leaving the “One True Church and every other denomination is evil and Satanic. (Henceforth known as OTCEODES). I needed a way to free up my brain. I needed something to help my brain to be able to, think, reason, use logic, make my own decisions and have my own choices.
So by coincidence I came across Flat Earth debunkers. I didn’t even know that Flat Earth was a thing. I followed the debunkers and learnt a lot from them about basic science. You can never ever understand what it’s like to be raised from a young age that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and all scientists work for Satan for the purpose of leading people to HELL. That their jobs were pointless because they were just making up dates on flood fossils to prove the religion of Evolution. This is so hard to type.
So following along with the sceptics, they would debunk Flat Earthers but they would also talk about my most hated subject. Millions of Years (MOY). After nearly a year of this I know feel the 6000 year wall coming down. That’s as far as I can talk about it without my brain aching. What if Ken Ham is wrong? After all these years. At this point in my life, it is a possibility. At the same time I’m questioning if Hell itself is real or not. I am thinking taboo thoughts.
If there is no Hell then there’s nowhere for God to send me. I say this because Paul & Morgan make it very clear that you cannot be both LGBT and Christian. So if there is no Hell then you can be whoever you want to be without worrying about being burnt forever because of it. Again my brain is stopping this way of thinking because of Mark K Baxter. As she describes Hell there is a special place in Hell specifically for LGBTQIA people. All chained together with a golden rope, burning on the inside for ever.

This is the start of a new part in my life. I can’t openly tell people that this is happening to me. I have a fear that I cannot put a name to. I will keep a blog on my progress to what is my Journey to the outskirts of the Christian Religion. I know at this point that me becoming an Atheist sounds impossible right now. You can’t just up and leave something that’s been a huge part of your life. I have to say in closing that all this happened before the Mosque shooting in Christchurch. That has had a huge impact on what I know believe and my head is spinning because I have so many questions.

This is a journey that I don’t want to be on. Living forever is a horrible nightmare for me. What if there is no afterlife at all. What then??????
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