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Starting to learn here place in the world, Anna tries to find the key for the door.
Anna left her room early just to get away for Chloe but finds her walking into the same homeroom with both of her workers. Anna had better things on her mind than worry about Queen Bee. She spent most of the morning drawing the key lock to the door when Chloe was in the shower room. She was almost finished with it until the Queen took her privilege away. Not only her workers but the Queen herself too. The whole hive in one place first thing in the morning no less.
"Nice picture, you don't mind if I have it."
"thanks i'm glad you agree."
The teacher walks in the room. It’s the same one from detention. Mr.Glutton neck tie had a big strange sauce stain and crumbs on the corner of his mouth. I had a big old cup of hot coffee in his hand. The smell was more like hot chocolate than coffee. What are the odds of getting all my enemies all one way from HELL!
"Everyone please take your seats the final bell has rang."
Strolling to her throne as if she won the battle and the war. The queen takes one look at at the paper and crumbles into a ball. She throws it to her one of her workers to take care of it. Just as about as she was about to throw it away the extreme Blades rolled in snatching it from her greedy mitts. Carmen makes a U-turn around the desks into her seat right behind Anna. Quickly Carmen grabs her bag and put in front of her skates before the teacher turned around.
"Miss West I hope that wasn't you skating in."
"No Sir"
"You better be right for your sake."
Anna looks over her shoulder to see Blades with her drawing. Watching her unravel the crunch up paper to reveal the lock. A look of disappointment and confusion fell across Carmen's face tucking the paper away, until she looked up to seeing Anna expression. Time has passed and the bell has rung. When Anna goes to leave Carmen hands her the picture.
“I think this yours”
“Thanks...How did you …”
“I saw the way you looked at it. So is it something you do often.”
“What do you mean?”
“Drawing, what do you think I was talking about.Does it have to do with your picture.”
“Ugh no nothing at all.”
“If you say so”
Carmen rolls out of the class. Anna waits in the classroom decide to follow. In the end Anna decides to sprint up to Carmen, but she is to fast. With a corner coming up Carmen with have to slow down. In the time span Anna might have a chance to catch up. Blades had no intent in slowing down by her movement and speed. Then all the sudden she halts screeching and mucking up the floor. Anna stumbles past Carmen trying to stop. Then Carmen grabs Anna by the back of her sweater to stop.
“Shall we continue.”
“U mm yes”
“Actually , I was wondering what key went into this lock.”
“It looks old.”
“It is trust me i was almost forgotten.”
“Did you find anything special in it.”
“What, um no.”
“Why not?”
“I don’t have the key.”
“Just get it replaced.”
“I don’t know what kind of key matches to the lock.”
“Exactly what is the lock on? Come on you can tell me.”
“It’s on a door.
“If was me I would just pick it. All it takes is a bobby pin and some elbow grease.”
Isn’t illegal to break into something that is not yours.
So it’s not yours, you are more sly than I thought.
Thanks, I think?
You know what they always say don’t knock it until you try it.
“Sure I’ll try it.
Well I go this way.”
“OK see you.”
During lunch break Anna goes to her room to try Carmen's advice in lock picking. The only problem is Anna does not own a bobby pin of any sort. But for once being the roommate of one of the most high fashion beauty queens comes with a plus. Her side of the room is full of a million different clips, clasp, fastens scattered all over her vanity. With one of the bobby pin Anna tries to open the lock by twisting and turning but the door will not budge. The pin got stuck in the keyhole. It would not come out by just pulling by hand. It was wedge in deep. Anna had to think fast. Looking around she was searching for a hook of some sort to pull the bobby pin out. A light bulb went off in Anna’s head. She scared her way over to Chloe's closet and took a shirt off of a hanger. The cured edge threaded through the loop of the pin. Holding on tight Anna pulled out the pin. Anna hid all the evidence and scurried to what time was left of lunch. With a bust of plan Carmen comes plan B eventually.

Excuse me that’s my seat. After all the center table is meant for people that deserve attention.
While biting down on a bologna sandwich Anna looked up with just her eyes to see the Queen Bee. She ripped off a piece and began chewing during the time of replying back to the Queen, but…
UHHHHH NO NO NO, just, leave, commanded pointing toward the loser table.
Anna gulped down the sandwich and scurried to the table.
The Loser Table a vacant wasteland. It sits right up against the trash cans. People throw rappers all the way from the other side as if it were a basketball game. A trust me their aim not so good. But with no more seats left in the cafeteria Anna had nowhere else to go. Another disappoint added to the book with all of Anna’s secrets.
Anna slide all the trash to the side and sat down. As soon as she sat down lunch ended and then came the line up missing every shot but instead landed on Anna. In the background she heard wheels grinder against the floor coming closer and closer. Turning and Carem was coming in hot. As usual Anna closed her eyes and braced for the impact.
Did you do it?
Anna uncovered her face to see Carmen waiting.
What was that again?
The lock, Anna the lock!
Oh, yeah no luck.
To bad I was looking forward to see wants hiding in there.
There is, no there…
Yeah yeah a big secret right.
No it's just…
By the way why are you sitting at the salvage yard?
The what?
The salvage yard you know. Anna looked at Carmen will complete absence of mind. You don't know, replying to Anna’s shoulder shrug! It’s the most disgusting place on this campus.If I were you, don't ever find yourself here again. You will surely be an outcast by the end of the week. You should came with me during lunch next time in the courtyard. Carmen glanced up at the cafeteria clock. Well,I got to go.

“Today we are counting the history of Egypt. More pacific the pyramids and their hidden secrets. Many archaeologist discovered that the pyramids are an ancient burial ground. To get to the bodies you have to find your way through the maze while avoiding booby traps. You would have to do a much research to figure out the meaning of the hieroglyphics to safely make it through the pyramids. If not you are at greater risk at putting yourself and others in danger. Some archaeologist spend decades studying the history before entering the sites. First, research than putting the plan in action that is always the right way to go about things. Don’t you think class.”
“Yes Mr.Bull,”the class responding together with a long and lengthy breath.
A light bulb above Anna lit up. Busting out of her seat,“THAT’S IT!”
“What would that be miss Anna?”
“U mm what you said, I agree.”
“Well I glad to see a student so thrilled over the history of Ancient Egyptian culture,but next time keep your excitement down a little. After all we are still in class.”
“Yes Mr.Bull.”
Anna goes ahead and slides out her diary when the teacher isn't looking and jots down her idea.
School library history section is the best place to take a glimpse back into the past. After school Anna went to search for clues in the school’s library. It was a two floor building in the campus central area. Waking into the library the decor was magnificent. It looked like it came from the pages from a princess fairy tale. The bookshelves were three times higher than an average adult. They were full to the brink of explosion covering every nook and cranny. It went on for miles. And at the other end of the building was the librarian. She had her hair pulled up into a tight bun. The only thing keeping her face from hitting the ground. Blue circled her bugged eyelids all the way to her fake eyebrows and her cheeks were two big pink circles with bright red lipstick. A the teachers at this school really are ancient history. I wonder which pyramids they were dug up from.
Excuse me
May I help you
Uh… yes...i need a book on... history of ...in not really sure but it is from along time ago.
If you don't know what you are looking for how do you expect me to know.
Well, I do know it has to do with the town’s local history.
The lady pointed her finger in the direction of the world history section. Anna’s eyes followed the path her old saggy arm no the tip of her long red nailed finger full of fake jewelry to the direction of the second floor. Anna looked back at the librarian but there was no response other than the direction of her finger. Anna bowed will a short thank you and headed left to the history section. The librarian is cruel on the eyes but see did send me in the right direction. Maybe I was wrong about this school they all can’t be terrible, I hope.
The shelves were full of books but none on what she was looking for. There were multiple copies of on well known books by famous authors. Rows on the history of the two World Wars. Some books just had pictures of tragic events. In the back Anna found news articles. The paper was fail and discolored. Some of the print was smeared from the humidity. This truly was gonna be a challenging problem for Anna.
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