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is onision spreading shade to get more views??? and when will he stop
As some of us know Onision or Gregory Jackson is a you-tuber who speaks his opinion very strongly and has no problem with it, but for some of us we can take these into an outraging manner because lets be honest if you've ever watched onisions videos they can be arrogant. Just like the one he has posted about shampooing your hair everyday and he has stated if you don´t do that you are ¨dirty and disgusting¨ not to mention how he has tried to suggest things for a hair type he isn't even compatible with.But that is just 1/1000 things he has said that has pressed many viewers buttons an example can be when he has talked about Eating Disorders he makes it seem as if someone with anorexia can just eat or makes it seem as if someone with B.E.D can just stop eating. Well it seems to me he really doesn't do any research on these topics before he states his opinions. And all of this arrogance has caused him more views and more views as you know means more money in your pocket for a you-tuber even if it is just $5 it still is a yay! if you have 7 million dislikes and like 500 likes but a billion of views you get money for how many views you get.But the real question is why does he need to be rude and offensive in order to get those views? If you have watched onision since the beginning like me he has actually always been like this but it was not as bad as it is now he has always as I say told his opinion but made a comedic sense out of it ,to the point where most or some of his opinions made sense in some way shape or form but now his opinions are just idiotic and make no sense, that´s why I have unsubscribed to him because id rather watch something that makes my day like comedy gold not something that makes me mad and want to comment something out of anger and in the long run the attention is helping him out. Lets face it onision´s channel is dying to the point where he has to bring others down in order to get views.Many people have made reaction videos to his videos and this causes more tension because later on he reacts to those people reacting to him and gets mad gets more views and he is still winning in the long-run. But the real facts are he gets as it shows on the statistics 323,236,756 views on many videos and gets $80 - $1.3K for those views even though viewing rates are going down by 69.3 percent he still gets many for a hated you tuber, but that hate shows since he has-447 subs for the last 30 days and that rank is dropping increasingly so in the long-run his channel is dying and all he is trying to do is get many mad to bring it back up in veiws. But the real question is when will is channel get removed from youtube?????
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