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Sometimes you just need a gorilla to help

All Like Lambs have Gone Astray

WC 300

"Look what you made me do!" yelled Billy. He watched as his wagon rolled down the gully. "How am I going to get that? You know Mom told us to stay up here."

Sally peered over the edge. She was the one who told Billy to put the bricks into the wagon. How was she to know the wagon would then roll down into the big ditch in front of them? There were two lambs in it to boot. Mom would get them for sure. "Maybe if I slowly go down I can get it."

"You can't so quit saying you can. Oh, we are in so much trouble!"

Both kids stood looking over the edge. Suddenly sound from behind made them turn around.

"What you two lookin' at?" George towered over them. He was as big as a gorilla and just as strong.

"Nuthin'. Just lookin'. Never mind, George." I didn't want him here. He would tell Mom if he helped. He always tattled on us.

"C'mon, Sally. Tell me." George was their big brother. Usually he was helping Dad. Why he chose now to be here I'll never know.

"Promise you won't tell anyone."

"OK, I promise."

Sally pointed to the red wagon at the bottom of the steep bank. "See the wagon and bricks? And the lambs running around? We need to get all those back up here."

As quick as anything, George pulled out some rope and ran down the bank. He put the bricks into the wagon, gathered up the lambs under his arms, and tied rope to the wagon. He hauled the wagon to the top of the hill.

Billy and I stood in amazement. So simple if you are a gorilla.

I gave George my piece of pie at supper for his silence.

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