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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Gay/Lesbian · #2187071
Adrienne ends up going home with Theodora. Will sparks fly?
         "Sure," she replied, almost relieved to get out of the crowded club, "I'd love to grab a bite. Let me just text my friend and let her know real quick."
         The woman nodded and finished her drink as Adrienne pulled out her phone to let Skylar know she was leaving. Skylar texted her back instantly, demanding to know the woman's name and where they were going. That was a good question, considering Adrienne didn't even know the woman's name.
         "Er," Adrienne muttered, "May I ask your name?"
         "Mm," the woman almost choked as she finished the last sip of her drink with a chuckle, "where are my manners? My name is Theodora Alvarez. Pleased to meet you...?" She lingered as she took Adrienne's hand for greeting.
         "Oh," Adrienne giggled softly, as she gave the woman her hand, "Adrienne Thorne."
         "Pleased to meet you, Ms. Thorne," Theodora said as she placed a soft kiss on the back of Adrienne's hand.
         "The pleasure is all mine...literally."
         Theodora laughed at that, knowing exactly what she meant. She offered Adrienne her hand to lead her out of the club and Adrienne was grateful because the club had gotten so crowded, she wouldn't even know where to begin to look for the exit. Theodora weaved in and out of bodies, pulling Adrienne along with her, until they reached the exit and were finally outside, where Theodora let go of Adrienne's hand. Adrienne frowned, she didn't want her to let go.
         "Did you drive, Ms. Thorne?" Theodora asked as they stood outside in the cool night air.
         "I took an Uber."
         "A wise choice," Theodora mused as she lead Adrienne to her sleek, black Maserati Grancabrio, and opened the passenger door.
         "Wow," Adrienne gushed as she ran her hand along the plush leather interior, "beautiful car."
         "Thank you," Theodora smiled as she closed the door behind her and walked around to the driver's side and got in, starting the car up and pulled quickly onto the main street.
         Adrienne recalled that she hadn't replied to Skylar's text and sent back the information that she required and then put her phone away, "So, where are we going?"
         "Where would you like to go?" she asked, looking over at Adrienne.
         "In-N-Out sounds good to me."
         "Huh," Theodora chuckled, "I thought for sure you'd be an expensive date."
         "This is a date?" Adrienne asked, trying to keep a bit of the excitement from her voice.
         "Relax, Adrienne," Theodora commanded, "I saw your engagement ring. This is just dinner between new friends."
         Adrienne looked down at the ring on her finger, having completely forgotten about it, considering it meant absolutely nothing to her. She draped one leg over the other, and said nothing. She was ashamed that she was too afraid to leave Jaxon for what she wanted, which was a woman, this woman. It wasn't just Jaxon though, she had to admit. She was afraid of what her parents might think too. She was a daddy's girl, always had been, and she'd be absolutely devastated if her father disapproved of what she was. She feared that her father might think that his image might be tarnished if word got out that his daughter was a lesbian.
         "I didn't mean that in a bad way, Theodora," Adrienne said softly.
         "I'm sorry," she apologized sincerely, "I didn't mean to sound rude or angry. I just wanted you to know that I was aware of your engagement, and that I would never intrude on your relationship in that manner."
         "I didn't think you were at all," Adrienne said softly and fidgeted with her clutch, "but I wouldn't mind if that was a date."
         "You're not happy," Theodora stated as she pulled into the In-N-Out lot. Once again, it wasn't a question, and Adrienne was beginning to feel like an open book. Was it really that obvious? Did she really wear her heart on her sleeve so much that this woman, whom she'd just met, could see that she wasn't happy in her engagement to Jaxon? Did she also know that Adrienne had never truly loved Jaxon, at least not as a lover? Before he'd become violent, she'd loved Jaxon as a friend, but never anything more. Could Theodora tell that Adrienne was unhappy mainly because Jaxon wasn't a woman, simply from her demeanor? She certainly hoped that she couldn't. She hoped that she wasn't that outwardly pathetic.
         Theodora got out of the car and came around to open Adrienne's and offered her a hand to help her out. Adrienne nodded her thanks and took the hand offered to her and walked in, hand-in-hand, with this beautiful woman. She stole glances at Theodora as they waited in the ridiculously long line that was norm at any In-N-Out location. She studied the woman a bit more closely, while the lighting was opportune. She noticed that her hair wasn't just brown, it had beautiful, crimson highlights that glimmered like rubies spun into silk under the florescent lights. Her eyes were lighter than Adrienne had originally thought; they weren't brown, they were actually more of a hazel. They finally approached the counter to place their order and Adrienne was glad to be; as much as she loved staring at the woman, she didn't want to get too attached.
         "Ms. Thorne," Theodora's singsong-y voice pulled Adrienne from her reverie, "the man asked for your order, do you know what you want?"
         "A double-double no tomato, animal style fries, and a root beer," Adrienne said almost out of habit, opening her clutch, "and I've got the bill."
         "Like hell you do," Theodora grabbed Adrienne's purse and tossed it under her arm and pulled out her card for the kid to swipe, then looked to Adrienne sternly, "I believe I asked you to dinner, and if I'm not mistaken, you said you wouldn't mind if this was a date, so that's what I'm considering it, and since it's a date, the person who asked for said date, should be the one to pay."
         "Okay, then," Adrienne threw her hands up in joking surrender, "don't get your panties all in a twist."
         The boy behind the counter handed Theodora her receipt and stared at the two women as they walked off to wait for their food. When they were out of earshot, Theordora pulled Adrienne close to her by her hand so she could whisper against her ear.
         "Believe me, Ms. Thorne," she whispered and Adrienne could feel the smile curving her lips against her ear, "if anyone's panties are going to be in a twist, it will be yours."
         Adrienne swallowed hard as she felt her nipples begin to harden, thankful for the somewhat thick bra that hid them, but nothing could hide Adrienne's delicious squirm as she tried to keep her panties from soaking through. Theodora left her to wait for the food as she grab napkins and forks and such. Their number was called within a few minutes and Adrienne went to grab the tray, but Theodora was faster. She lay the utensils and napkins on the tray and grabbed it, looking sternly toward a table in the corner that was probably going to be the quietest place in the whole restaurant. Adrienne headed for the table indicated almost as if she'd be commanded to do so. Once, Theodora saw that she'd gotten the hint, she whizzed past her to set the tray down and pull her chair out for her.
         "Thank you," Adrienne said as she sat down, "you know I'm very capable of doing things for myself, right?"
         "Sorry. I guess you could say I'm a little old fashioned," Theodora said as she handed Adrienne a fork for her fries. Adrienne gave her a quizzical look. "They're animal style. They are messy."
         Adrienne picked up a greasy fry covered in the thick, heavenly sauce and took a bite, dripping sauce down her chin. "And I don't mind getting a little dirty."
         For the first time, the entire portion of the evening they'd spent together, Theodora looked shocked, but only for a second before regaining her cool demeanor, cocking her eyebrow, "Well, Ms. Thorne. That's good to know."
         Adrienne chuckled softly and draped one leg over the other as she dug into her burger, starved from not having eaten anything but her salad for lunch. She felt her eyes roll back at the flavor of the burger and she smiled. It was the happiest she'd felt in awhile, and it was all over a single burger. Jaxon didn't let Adrienne eat anything but healthy food, protein, meat, fruits, vegetables, and the like, while he ate whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. As Adrienne devoured her burger and animal sauce-smothered fries, she looked up to see Theodora just watching her eat, smiling softly.
         "You act like you've never had a burger before and that it's the best thing you've ever put in your mouth," she smiled, sucking lemonade through her straw.
         "It's been a long time," Adrienne admitted, "I can't remember the last time I had a burger. I'm a model, and my boyfriend..er...my fiance doesn't like for me to eat fattening foods."
         "I see," Theodora said, not quite managing to hide the sadness from her eyes from Adrienne's confession, "I, on the other hand, don't think it's a bad thing to have an indulgence, at least once in awhile, even if you are a model."
         Adrienne smiled and quickly changed the subject, not wanting to think about Jaxon anymore, "So, what do you do for a living."
         "I'm actually a photographer," Theodora said as she stabbed a fry with her fork and pushed it between her set of beautiful, pearly-white, teeth, "I think I've actually shot you before. I do runway photograph and model shoots, though models don't really pay attention to me much; they're usually to busy making sure they have the right pose and are sucking it in as much as they can."
         "Are you sure you've shot me?" Adrienne asked, "I'm pretty sure I would remember someone as beautiful as you."
         "Well, thank you, Ms. Thorne," Theodora nodded, "but I don't really dress like this for my actual profession. I'm usually in something quite less eye catching."
         "Well, if it's any consolation, I'm kind of a ditz anyway. Don't really notice what's going on around me."
         "You know more than you let on," Theodora said, very matter-of-factly, "you just aren't allowed to show that, are you?"
         Adrienne bit her lip, fidgeting her fingers in her lap. Theodora saw so much deeper than Adrienne cared for her to, at least without getting to know her a little bit better too, but Adrienne thought maybe the reason Theodora could read her so easily was because she'd been trying to get people to notice her for more than just her body for such a long time that that was just how she portrayed herself anymore. She wore her heart on her sleeve, and someone had finally taken notice. That person just happened to be the most beautiful woman Adrienne had ever met in her life. It wasn't that Adrienne minded that Theodora was so insightful, she just wanted an even playing field. She wanted to see the parts of Theodora that she kept hidden, and not just her body. Adrienne, for some reason, wanted to know everything about this woman, from her favorite foods to her deepest, darkest secrets.
         "Adrienne," Theodora said her first name for the first time all evening as she grabbed Adrienne's hand, "we don't have to talk about this if you don't want to. I'm sorry."
         "How about we play twenty one questions," Adrienne suggested, "You can ask me anything you like, but I get to ask you stuff too. I-if you'd like."
         "Deal," Theodora agreed as she finished off her meal, "but why don't we go back to my place. It's quiet there, and we could change into something more comfortable."
         Adrienne agreed and they tossed their trash into the bin and headed toward the car. Theodora opened Adrienne's door for her and offered her a hand to get in, closing the door once she was safe in the car. She quickly walked around the front and got in the drivers seat, started the car, and sped off into the night. Adrienne sat quietly in the passenger's seat, thinking of all the questions that she wanted to ask Theodora, but fearing the questions that Theodora would want to ask her. In no time, they were in a private garage in a gorgeous apartment complex.
         Theodora got out and came around to open Adrienne's door and helped her out of the vehicle. She the lead Adrienne to her beautiful apartment which had a plush white couch with matching armchairs that looked oh-so-inviting. In between the couch and the chairs was a gorgeous barn wood coffee table, where a beautiful live orchid bloomed in a handcrafted pot in the middle. The kitchen was all stainless steel appliance with beautiful granite countertops, a french door refrigerator, an island in the center with bar stools on one side, and best of all, a gas stove top with double oven doors just below.
         "Wow," Adrienne mused, "you have a beautiful home. I'd kill for your kitchen alone."
         "Thank you," Theodora chuckled softly as she walked into her beautiful kitchen and grabbed a bottle of wine, "would you like a glass? I find it helps me unwind after a session or a long day at work."
         "If you don't mind, I'd just like a glass of water."
         "No problem," Theodora said, grabbing a glass from the cupboard, "would you like ice?"
         "Yes, please," Adrienne said, still standing until she was invited to sit.
         "So polite," Theodora chuckled as she placed the cup to the little compartment on the freezer to get her some ice, "crushed or cubed?"
         "Crushed please," Adrienne smiled.
         Theodora made the glass of water and poured herself some wine, but before she served them, she looked to Adrienne, "Would you like to slip into something more comfortable so we can relax a bit?"
         "That sounds lovely."
         "Strip," Theodora said with an air of control about her that was almost palpable, so palpable, in fact, that Adrienne felt shock consume her abruptly and she blushed hard, but was about to do as she was told when Theodora threw up her hands, "I'm kidding, Ms. Thorne. Let me grab you a pair of pajamas from my bedroom. Please, make yourself at home."
         Theodora let Adrienne settle into one of the plush white chairs, and brought her water and set it on a coaster on the coffee table for her. She then left Adrienne to sip her water as she grabbed some pajamas for her. Theodora was back in a flash, dressed in a gorgeous set of crimson, silk pajama tank and shorts, with a matching pair of black ones in her arms. Adrienne gratefully accepted Theordora's PJs, and pulled off her stilettos, her feet aching from wearing them for so long. Adrienne almost went to take her dress off in front of Theodora, but thought better of it.
         "Might I use your restroom, please?" Adrienne asked politely.
         "Of course," Theodora said as she brought her wine over and set the glass on a coaster, then led Adrienne to her bathroom to change and freshen up. Adrienne slipped out of her dress standing in nothing but her panties and strapless bra. Her panties weren't nearly as wet as they'd been at the club, but they were still a little damp, and she wasn't sure if she should wear them or not in the silk pajamas. She decided she'd keep them on; she knew how impossible it was to get smells and stains out of silk, plus it wouldn't show as bad if she got aroused again, which wasn't an impossibility with Theodora. She shed her bra, and slid the tank top on, the silk clung to her still-aching breasts and the feel of it against her swollen nipples made her bite her lip as she salivated. She slipped into the shorts which were almost like panties they were so short, and the friction between the shorts and her actual panties made her shiver. She calmed herself and grabbed her dress, laying it over her arm and walked back into the living room where she found Theodora in readers, scanning a magazine. Adrienne swallowed at the realization that this woman could be wearing a burlap sack and Adrienne would find her absolutely stunning.Theodora looked up from her magazine and slid the readers off her nose, folded them shut, and placed them on the coffee table along with the magazine, smiling her approval of Adrienne's appearance.
         "I must say, Ms. Thorne," Theodora said, waving a hand over the empty chair, "you look amazing in my clothes."
         "Thank you," Adrienne blushed and set her folded dress on the arm of the chair that she sank into, which Theodora grabbed promptly and hung on a hanger from her coat closet. She came and sat back down folding her legs under her, getting comfortable in the plush chair.
         "Well, Ms. Thorne," Theodora began as she sipped her wine, "I'll be a gentlewoman and let you have the first question."
         Adrienne wasn't sure if Theodora was giving her an advantage or taking one away. The longer she didn't have to speak, the longer she had to think of what question to ask and how to word it. Adrienne drummed her fingers on the arm of the chair and took a sip of water to try and calm her nerves.
         "How old are you?" Adrienne spat, asking the first thing that popped into her head without much thought.
         "Really Ms. Thorne?" Theodora raised her brow, "If you must know, I'm twenty eight. Now, it's my turn, and you may tell me if I'm being to bold or prying, but I would really love to get to know you better, but lets make this a little more...intriguing. Whatever question one asks, after the other has answered, the interrogator has to answer the question asked. Deal?"
         Adrienne nodded, "I'm twenty seven."
         "Okay," Theodora swirled her wine, taking a long inhale before she sipped, "why were you at the club tonight?"
         "Well, my friend Skylar had invited me out tonight, just saying that we were going to a club, and then we ended up in La Esclava. I don't really think you need to answer your question, I can assume why you were already there."
         "Indeed, Ms. Thorne."
         "Why do you call me Ms. Thorne instead of Adrienne?"
         Theodora shrugged, "I'm honestly not sure. Does it bother you?"
         Adrienne shook her head, "No, I was just curious, but if you want to be more friendly with me, it'd be nice."
         "Touche, Ms. Thor-Adrienne."
         "How long have you been engaged?"
         "About a year and a half. How long have you been a dominatrix?"
         "A few years give or take. I've been a bit more active with it recently more so than I have been in the past. Do you know anything about the lifestyle?"
         "Lifestyle?" Adrienne asked, confused.
         "I'll take that as a big fat 'no'."
         "Is it my turn now?"
         "What do you like about being a dominatrix?"
         "I'm somewhat of a people pleaser, I suppose," Theodora said thoughtfully, "being a dominatrix isn't like most people would think. It seems like we're in control, but in reality we're at the mercy of our subs. They have all the real power. When they say their safe word, we dommes must abide by that, and stop whatever we were doing. Sure dommes can be sadistic, but only as much as the sub will allow."
         Theodora was passionate about her her role as a dominatrix, and Adrienne could tell. She didn't need to know much about the lifestyle to know that Theodora absolutely loved what she did in this aspect of her life; her eyes lit up when she talked about it, like a child showing their parents something they were excited or proud about, and Adrienne loved how it made her feel, hearing Theodora gush about her passion as a domme.
         "Now," Theodora said, "You can somewhat answer that question, I think. So, this question I'm about to ask is more of a redirection of your question, and doesn't count as mine. What did you like about what you saw tonight during my performance?"
         "Bear with me, because I'm honestly not sure," Adrienne thought a moment, "I mean I sort of do. The young woman you were with, she was gorgeous. The way the rope caressed her body, your attention to the most minute details, her reaction, the way you put care and thought into everything you did, the way you made sure she was comfortable and not in pain, and the way she trusted you. Not knowing either of you, I could tell she trusted you not to hurt her or push her limits too much or something. I can't really explain which aspect I like most or what made me react the way I did. I just know that I liked it very much."
         Theodora nodded, "it seemed you liked the intimacy of it, and believe me, that intimacy isn't just in public performances, Adrienne, it's behind closed doors as well. I never have been, nor will I ever be in any type of romantic relationship with Ms. Stacy, the woman I performed with tonight, but there's still a level of love and care that you have to exude with anyone you play with, romantic or platonic. Now, for my next question, when was the last time you felt pleasure?"
         "Sexually?" Adrienne asked.
         "In general, Adrienne," Theodora said pointedly, "you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that you're not very happy."
         "I don't think I seem that unhappy," Adrienne thought aloud.
         "Adrienne, you told me that you wouldn't mind if we were on a date and you have been engaged for almost a year and a half? I don't think that screams that you're in a happy relationship with your fiance."
         Adrienne frowned as she realized Theodora was absolutely right. Adrienne wasn't happy at all. The only thing she found much solace in anymore was work, or anywhere Jaxon wasn't. As much as she wanted to tell Theodora that it was none of her business, it was a question she'd been meaning to answer herself, but had been avoiding because she already knew the answer.
         "Not in a long time," Adrienne admitted, her mouth a hard line, hating to admit the truth to Theodora, but more so to herself.
         "I'm sorry if the question made you uncomfortable, Adrienne," Theodora said as she finished off her wine, "we can stop if you'd like."
         "N-no," Adrienne said, "I need to answer these kind of questions. Maybe hearing it from other people, it doesn't sound so crazy."
         "What doesn't sound so crazy?"
         "That I don't have it all. Jaxon, er, my fiance will come to watch my shoots on his lunch break some times and all of the other models think he's so handsome and swoon over him and tell me how lucky I am. My brother and he have been friends since high school, my parents both love him, he works for my father's law firm, everyone just thinks he's so great."
         "Everyone except the one person whose opinion truly matters in the long run," Theodora said, placing her hand on Adrienne's with a sympathetic gleam in her eye, "you're the one who has to go home to him. Nobody else endures what you do on a daily basis with him."
         "I have tried, for years, to love Jaxon," Adrienne admitted, seeming to be unable to keep the words from tumbling out of her mouth, "I was able to find him attractive in high school because he looked, he looked like a, like a girl. He treated me okay in the beginning, he'd take me on cute little dates and stuff, but he really just wanted to fuck me. He didn't want to listen to how my day was or how I felt about anything. He'd rather I just kept my mouth shut, unless it was around his cock. I'm sorry, this isn't a therapy session," Adrienne said abruptly, clearing her throat, "do you mind if I grab some more water before we continue?"
         Theodora nodded and Adrienne got up and went to the kitchen, pushing her glass against the arm for ice, then the arm for water, taking a long swallow before refilling it.
         "Would you mind bringing the wine with you when you come?" Theodora asked, and Adrienne grabbed the bottle of the island where she'd left it and returned to the living room where Theodora had moved to sit on the couch. Adrienne joined her on the couch and poured her another half glass of wine and sipped her water as she thought of another question to ask the hazel-eyed beauty, but remembered she hadn't answered her own question.
         "You have to answer the question too," Adrienne reminded her softly, "when was the last time you felt pleasure?"
         Theodora simply smiled, "Well, the last time, is right now, sitting here with you, talking, but I've felt pleasure all night. The moment I lay eyes on you at the bar, when you agreed to grab dinner with me, when you said you'd come over to talk."
         Adrienne thought of a question and blurted, "What's the longest relationship you've ever been in?"
         "My longest real relationship was probably about three years," Theodora said, but Adrienne could tell from her tone of voice that she wouldn't continue further unless asked a more in-depth question, and maybe not even then either, "what about you? Jaxon, I'm assuming?
         Adrienne simply nodded and waited for Theodora to ask her question, "You mentioned that Jaxon looked more like a girl in high school, how long have you known that you were a lesbian?"
         "I-I'm not," Adrienne stuttered, but Theodora cut her off.
         "Adrienne," Theodora put her hand up and began, "You don't have to hide here. You can be yourself, but let me also rephrase the question: how long have you known you preferred women?"
         "For as long as I can remember," Adrienne said, rubbing her neck, "I had a huge crush on my fifth grade teacher, well before I knew I was a les- into girls, and well, that's the first time I can recall ever having had a crush on a woman. There were several others after her, but she was my first. So probably about ten or eleven, roughly. What about you?"
         "Probably around the same age," Theodora smiled, "maybe a bit younger, but like you, for as long as I can remember."
         "What do you look for in a woman?" Adrienne asked as she draped one leg over the other, the silk swishing softly as her legs crossed.
         "Well now, Ms. Tho-Adrienne," Theodora sipped her wine, "what a very forward question."
         Adrienne shrugged with an impish grin as Theodora looked over the rim of her glass as she finished the last of her wine.
         "What do I look for in a woman? Well, let's see. I prefer her to be smart so we can hold a conversation. I like to laugh, so I like funny girls. I love for them to be submissive to me in the bedroom, but able to speak their mind outside of it. Good looks don't hurt, but they aren't a must. As long as she has a decent personality, she's beautiful in my book, but if I must say the type of woman I prefer I like them blonde and leggy. What do you look for in woman?"
         "Well, if I were to ever be with a woman," Adrienne threw her gaze from her fidgeting hands to Theodora's beautiful hazel pools almost hopefully, "I'd love her to be a great listener. I'd love for her just to ask me how my day was. I hope she would make me laugh, or hold me when I felt down. I wish she would tell me how she felt, no matter how much she thought it might hurt my feelings, and that we could talk out our problems. I-I hope she would never put her hands on me in anything but a loving manner. Physically, I like dark hair with lighter eyes, pretty lips..."
         Theodora's eyes seemed larger to Adrienne now, making her realize that as she had been describing her physical desires of her ideal woman, that she'd been leaning closer to her the whole time. Adrienne sat straight up and sank back against the couch, ashamed that she had almost tried to kiss the most beautiful woman in the world.
         "I'm sorry," Adrienne apologized, still fidgeting her fingers in her lap, trying to look anywhere but at Theodora.
         Theodora reached over slowly to lift Adrienne's chin to make her look her in the eyes, "Adrienne," she smiled softly, "I would not have minded in the slightest if those pretty lips met mine."
         Theodora let go of Adrienne's chin and leaned back against the arm of the couch, "but that is going to have to be your move. If you seemed a little more sure of yourself, I'd have kissed you just now, but I don't want you to feel more confused or self-conflicted than you do already. I would never take advantage of you like that."
         Adrienne was bummed. She had hoped, no, she had fucking prayed that when Theodora had grabbed her chin to make her look up at her, that she would have placed those crimson red lips against Adrienne's bubble gum pink ones. She'd almost begged any deity that would listen that Theodora would have closed that physical gap between them, that the god who answered her prayer would vanquish the curiosity that overwhelmed her mind about what Theodora's luscious lips tasted like.
         "Now," Theodora said firmly, her face very stern and serious, "you said that you hoped your ideal woman wouldn't put her hands on you in anything but a loving manner. Does Jaxon...beat you?"
         Adrienne looked away shamefully and almost whispered, "yes."
         "Adrienne," Theodora said very carefully and softly, "I would appreciate very much if you would stay here, with me, tonight. Will you please do that for me?"
         "I'm not sure," Adrienne said, biting her lip, "not that I don't want to. It's just that he'll hurt me worse if I don't come home."
         "I see," Theodora said, trying very hard to keep any emotion from her face, "Adrienne, you life is none of my business. I am very worried for you, but I do not want to overstep my boundaries and risk losing you before I've even really gotten to know you."
         Adrienne cocked her head, confused, "What do you mean?"
         "I mean I want to call the fucking police on the fucker," Theodora said, unable to hold back her anger any longer, "I know I don't know you very well, but you seem like a very sweet girl. Not that it matters if you're not as sweet as you seem, but nobody deserves to live in fear and be physically and emotionally abused the way you are. And I swear if I ever run into him..."
         Theodora trailed off, her body trembling with rage, but she took a deep breath and closed her eyes, "I'm so sorry. I let my anger get the best of me there. I've just seen this happen with a very good friend of mine, years ago, and I stayed out of it, and well, let's just say, she's no longer with us, Adrienne."
         Adrienne bit her lip and sipped the water, whose glass had been building up thick condensation over the last forty five minutes. She'd heard horror stories online and on television about women who'd stayed with physically abusive men, women who said that he wouldn't do it again, that they'd ended up dead sooner rather than later, due to their spouse's violence. It was a very real possibility that Adrienne constantly tried to ignore. It wasn't so much that she loved Jaxon and wanted to be with him, but for her reputation to her parents, to her brother, as a model. Adrienne stayed with Jaxon for her image, but would that eventually be her fatal downfall? Jaxon had already hospitalized her about six times just within the past two or three years, what made Adrienne think that he wouldn't go as far as to kill her, even accidentally? Theodora poured herself a glass of wine and draped one leg over the other, fidgeting with the rim of the glass, and Adrienne knew she was hating the fact that she was considering going back to the man who'd been physically hurting her for years now, simply out of fear.
         "I'll stay," Adrienne said so softly it was almost a whisper, the worry very apparent on her face as she toyed with the hem of the silk shorts she was borrowing.
         "Adrienne," Theodora pulled herself to the edge of the couch, closer to Adrienne, and placed a gentle hand on her knee, "I don't want you to anything you're uncomfortable with. I want you safe for at least tonight, yes, but if you're not comfortable staying here, I wish you'd be honest with me."
         "Theodora," Adrienne said softly, "it's not that I'm uncomfortable at all. I'm actually the most comfortable I've been in a very long time, but look at what he texted me."
         Adrienne opened her phone to Jaxon's texts and handed it to Theodora who read over the conversation carefully, then looked up worriedly at Adrienne, "What do you think he will do to you?"
         "I really can't be certain," Adrienne said, "I haven't stayed out overnight in so long, but last night I came home just after sunset after a run and he sliced my breast and used me as a human table, but made me kneel on rice as I did so."
         "He sliced your breast?" Theodora sounded shocked.
         Adrienne nodded and pulled the tank top to the side to show Theodora the bandage, which probably needed changing. Theodora's face was expressionless, but Adrienne could tell she was struggling to keep her cool. This woman, who was calm, cool, and collected was gripping her silk shorts till her knuckles turned white. Her face didn't betray her, but the rest of her body did. Adrienne let out a long yawn and stretched.
         "Why don't we get ready to call it a night?" Theodora suggested, standing up finishing off the bottle of wine, "you seem exhausted."
         "I am," Adrienne nodded, "If you have a blanket, I'll just sleep here."
         "Well, I was actually thinking you could sleep in my bed with me," Theodora said, "but if you're uncomfortable with that, you can take the bed and I'll take the couch. I want you as comfortable as possible. You at least deserve that."
         "Oh, well, I'm open to that. I just didn't think you'd want me to."
         "Ha!" Theodora barked with laughter, even the outburst sounded like glass tinkling in the wind, "If I had it my way, we'd do more than just sleep," she said with a saucy wink, making Adrienne blush a deep pink.
         "Come along," Theodora said and offered Adrienne her hand, which Adrienne gladly took. She loved how warm and soft Theodora's hands were around hers as she led her down the short corridor to her bedroom, which was absolutely gorgeous. A flick of a switch on the wall illuminated the room to depict a simple queen bed took up the center of the wall, graced with gold and burgundy sheets with beautiful ornate pillows. A beautiful antique vanity sat catty corner along the far wall, holding bins filled with neatly organized makeup brushes and other utensils. Shelves full of books ran along the walls like a long, ornate snake, giving the room a unique little touch that Adrienne absolutely loved.
         "You have amazing taste," Adrienne said smiling around the room, "everything is just placed so...carefully? I especially love the book shelves."
         "Thank you, Adrienne," Theodora smiled softly, "I'm glad you approve."
         Theodora pulled the duvet and sheets back and swept her hand over the bed, signaling Adrienne to get in. Adrienne crawled under Theodora's arm as she held the blankets back for her, then tucked her in once she settled.
         "Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable?" Theodora asked sweetly. Adrienne shook her head and smiled up at her, "Then I am going to use the restroom one last time before I turn in. The wine is starting to go through me. I'll grab you a glass of water to keep at the bedside in case you get thirsty in the night."
         "Thank you so much," Adrienne nodded, loving the change of scenery, both physically and emotionally. Theodora was treating her like a princess, and she loved it, and wanted to do the same for Theodora. She wanted so badly to leave Jaxon, but she was still afraid. Maybe she'd go see her father tomorrow to see about a restraining order or something, but she'd want to have a plan of action before she made any sudden moves. She'd need a place of her own, she'd need to break the lease which Jaxon had been clever enough to put both of their names on. She sleep on it for a few days, and decide, but this woman was making her feel like she could conquer the world, and before she could weigh the pros and cons, darkness consumed her and she slept peaceful for the first time in forever.

         Theodora returned with a coaster and a glass of water for Adrienne, only to find the sweet, blonde angel fast asleep where she'd left her. Theodora smiled as Adrienne snored softly, knowing she was finally at peace, sleeping, probably for the first time, unafraid of the repercussions of not sleeping with one eye open. Theodora set the glass on Adrienne's nightstand and sat on the bed next to the girl and stroked her hair. She had seen all of the fear and hurt in those beautiful, steely-blue eyes of Adrienne's and for some reason, wanted nothing more than to make it all go away. She hadn't felt this way about anyone since Christina. It literally pained her to simply see the pain in Adrienne's eyes, and she wasn't sure why. Everything about this girl made her question herself, and usually being so in control of everything, up to and including her emotions, this new uncertainty was driving her absolutely insane.
         "Who are you, little one?" Theodora asked the sleeping girl as she stroked her thumb over the back of Adrienne's baby-soft hand. Adrienne's only response was louder snoring, which made her chuckle and tuck her in for the night. She stood up, turned off the light, and crawled in beside Adrienne and studied the girl's face as best she could in the dark. She had gorgeous long lashes, beautiful facial structure, a graceful swan-like neck that Theodora wanted to sink her teeth into and wrap her hands around. She wanted to run a nail down the prominent tendon there, but refrained from doing so without Adrienne's spoken permission. Instead, Theodora just used her eyes and her imagination.
         It was true that Theodora wanted to fuck Adrienne, that was no secret. There was obvious chemistry between them, but Theodora wanted more than just meaningless sex. She wanted to please Adrienne. She wanted to make her feel like she mattered. She wanted her to feel like she was loved. Theodora looked away from Adrienne's slumbering face, and to the ceiling seemingly to keep her sanity intact.
         'Love, Theodora?' Theodora's shoulder devil said, 'really? I thought we had sworn off love.'
         Her shoulder angel popped up in her other ear ear, This one's different; she's special. I mean just look at her, Theo. She needs you.'
         Theodora did look back at Adrienne sprawled out next to her on her back, her blonde hair spilled all over her pillow, her pretty pink lips parted as she snored, a tiny rivulet of drool running down her chin, and her arms tossed above her head. She wondered how Adrienne normally slept with Jaxon. Did she curl in on herself? Did she cover her face when she slept because she was afraid Jaxon might start pounding on her in her sleep? Did she even sleep? If so, she probably didn't sleep well. She probably just passed out from sheer exhaustion of being in constant fear for her life and well being. She rolled onto her hip to get a better look at Adrienne as if she hadn't been staring at the woman all night, admiring her quietly. She could see, just from Adrienne's body language at the club that she was rigid and stiff, not sure how to act around people, it seemed, but when Theodora had gotten her home with her, she'd seem to let quite a bit of that pent up tension go, and all without a drop of wine. Did she actually trust Theodora somewhat? They had just met. Was Adrienne that desperate that she was willing to trust a complete stranger enough to sleep in their bed, or did she really just not care anymore after all she'd been through?
         'I want this girl,' Theodora thought to her shoulder angel and devil, 'I think, given the chance, I could give her exactly what she needs. I can't believe I'm even thinking this, but I think I could love her like she wants, no, needs to be loved. She's seen so much hatred and pain in her life, I think even the smallest dose of love and affection would do her a world of good.
         Her tiny metaphorical demon shook it's horned head, Theo seriously? I've got three words for you: CHRIS-TEEN-UH. She was pretty, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and sweet too, and that bitch shattered your heart into a thousand tiny pieces.
         'Christina wasn't broken though,' Theodora quipped without hesitation.
         'Oh,' the minuscule fiend chortled, 'so now we're taking on pity projects, huh? Is that it? Gotta help the little bird fix her broken wings?
         Theodora looked metaphorically at her shoulder angel, who sort of just looked at her feet. Was that what Adrienne was to Theodora? A dirty, little, abandoned kitten on the street with a weak, tiny mew begging for love and affection? What if she got Adrienne to abandon her life with Jaxon for one with her to give her everything she needed and when Adrienne was strong and well again, she moved on to the next person who gave her the time of day? Theodora looked over at the sweet slumbering girl, thinking to herself that Adrienne could never, would never, but she knew looks could be deceiving. Adrienne could be some type of sexual deviant, which Theodora normally wouldn't mind, but she was talking about her heart here. Sure, she loved the girls she played with to an extent, but those girls would never have her heart; Adrienne seemed to be taking it without even trying. That's the part that scared her: Adrienne wasn't promised, she really wasn't even available. She was engaged to a man that she was scared to death of, the only saving grace was that she didn't love the man. She wasn't going back to him out of love, she was going back to him out of fear. If she could convince Adrienne that she could keep her safe, maybe she'd leave him, and let Theodora love her and show her what it meant to be treated like a human being, but these things could take time, and by the time Adrienne came around, it might be too late.
         Theodora remembered when she'd found that Danica's boyfriend had been abusing her. She had tried to step in, but Danica had made it very clear that she didn't want saving, that she'd loved Damien, and told Theodora, respectfully to back off, that it wasn't a constant thing. Theodora had done as she was asked, and dropped the subject, but not long after she did, did Danica's mother call her in tears, wailing about calling the police when she hadn't been able to reach Danica for several days, only to have them find her daughter dead and caked in blood in her apartment with several stab wounds to her chest and abdomen and blunt force trauma to her head. Theodora remembered sitting in shock, but she wasn't as surprised as she thought she'd be. Damien had been beating Danica for a long time, and without leaving or seeking help, it was only a matter of time. She'd broken down and grieved her friend, but more so grieved the fact that she wasn't able to save Dani from herself.
         Adrienne was different though; she was screaming for help. She wanted to leave Jaxon, Theodora could see that. Hell, a blind man could see that she wanted her freedom. She wasn't Dani and she wasn't Christina. She was Adrienne. Like her shoulder angel said, she was different, she was special. She had to be. Theodora wasn't an easy catch, especially after Christina, but she was hook, line, and sinker for Adrienne, without the woman not even having to lift a finger. She was hoping desperately that Adrienne would let her help and love her, like she needed, but for now, she'd have to sleep on it.

         Adrienne awoke to soft burgundy light caressing the white wall above her head as sunlight filtered through the drapes to gently illuminate the room. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust and for her to recollect where she was, but then remembered to gorgeous woman she'd spent the night with. She sat up slowly and looked over to see the beautiful brunette with her hands placed neatly on her tummy as she slept soundly. Adrienne wanted to trace the curves of Theodora's body. She wanted to run her hands all over that soft, olive skin. She wanted to taste those sweet crimson lips on hers. She wanted fevered kisses and nippy little bites down her neck, on breasts, between her thighs, but more importantly, she wanted to be held by this woman. She wanted to caress this woman as lovingly and as tenderly as possible. She wanted to look into those beautiful hazel depths and lose herself, let herself be captivated by them. She wanted to belong to Theodora. She wanted Theodora to belong to her. She wanted to give herself to Theodora. She wanted to love Theodora in every sense of the word, and she only hoped that those feelings would be reciprocated.
         As Adrienne watched her sleep and admired her beauty, she remembered Jaxon fuming at home. She wanted to be Theodora's but was still shackled and chained to Jaxon. She thought for a moment before grabbing her phone and opened a new text to her father, the tiny blue cursor blinking, almost daring her to start typing. She sat for a minute, weighing the pros and cons as quickly as she could, before she looked back down at her phone again, this time she took the cursor up on the dare and began typing.
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