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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2187122
Modern day Superhero thrown into the year 1890
The misadventures of Silverbolt Modern Vigilante on a Hero Bender

Prince George 2018

Meet Silverbolt, age twenty-three, Vigilante of modern Prince George, he is on a hero bender. This means his civilian clothes are collecting dust in his lair, and his normal life has been forgotten. He was born with his powers, the usual physical enhancements, strength, speed, agility, stamina. His power is to shoot silvery bolts of light, they don't harm people but they are great for distractions. As the sun's light plays across the silver combat armor, moving to the chrome-plated Colt five hundred, named intimidation. The light illuminates the meteor hammer around his waist and then reveals the bolo hung at his left side. He is about to have a bad day. As he leaps off a building, a time rift opens up, swallowing him up, like a boa constrictors lunch. He is now on a rather strange journey...

Somewhere outside the Fort George church 1890...

Silverbolt hurtles towards the earth like an armored meteor, his arms are waving frantically. Thankfully whoever made the saloon ensured it was sturdily built, or he may have fallen through the roof. Our hero lands with a loud thump, kicking up a cloud of dust that swirls around him before drifting away in the wind. Silverbolt groans in pain, as he slowly rises to his feet.

As he looks up from the lofty perch, things do not look like they should. He could have sworn he was in a city not ten seconds ago. Something is amiss, there are no power poles with the lines carrying the nourishment for electronic devices. He notices the lack of traffic, no people spurning their mechanical beasts of burden, to their destinations. The road is hard packed earth and not asphalt, the wind whips through the dusty emptiness of the streets. It does not smell either, Silverbolt had grown used to the acrid scent of the pulp mill. There are no people walking around bumping into objects and each other because they are buried up to their noses in their cellphones. This is not good

He hears the nickering of horses and moves to the other side of the roof where three men are talking. Their kerchiefs are loose around their neck, and they all wear tattered and worn dusters, and their hands hang over the holsters of their old revolvers out of habit.

The runt of this litter, a clean-shaven kid no more than sixteen appears to be nervous, “I do not like it, Harvey, a lot can go wrong, and everyone will know we did it”, he says removing his dusty hat and fanning his face in the heat of the summer sun. His hair is straw-like, and dull copper brown in color.

The nasty man with the eyepatch and the black hat, sneers at the young man. His sinister facial hair gives him away as a villain, as do the notches on his gun belt. Here is a man that truly enjoys slapping leather. “You wanted in on this gang Clement. I am giving you front row seats on how to be a proper outlaw. Taking the Atwood girl will make us rich. I heard her mother died of the Diptheria, and Old Man Atwood, gives the girl anything she wants. She is a cash cow waiting to be milked”, he says with devious finality.

Another man with a cheek bulging with chewing tobacco, with a pronounced squint, because he really needs spectacles laughs, “I would listen to Tom, “Sureshot”, Dorsey. I know it's scary with possibility of being hanged and all Clement. I was a little nervous my first time to, but our fearless leader got me through it” he says spitting the putrid liquid from his mouth by his horses ear.

Clement slowly smiles, “Thanks Rufus”, he draws the six shooter from the worn holster and holds it, the barrel gleams in the sun, “What say we go crash and wedding and get rich?”, he says with the fire of the sun behind his voice. “After Today everyone will know who the Smoking Barrels are”

The other two men cheer in assent and head to the church. They head to the church at a full gallop to claim their glittering prizes...

Silverbolt watches from behind the black mask, with the silver lightning bolt across it. Maybe he did not exactly know what was going on, but he knew these rodeo clowns would be struck down by the might of Silverbolt. He deftly leaps from the roof, rolling forward as he lands to absorb the impact of the fall. Heading to the church aided by his super speed...

Fort George 1890 inside the old church...

The summer sun shone through the window of the Old church outside of Fort George. The flowers were perfectly arranged and had taken weeks to get just right. The decorators swore the wealth of the bride made her exceptionally annoying. Though in their line of work, for the kind of money they were paid they endured it. The banners and decoration were hung with accuracy, exactly two inches apart. The people were properly dressed, men in their finest suits and women broke out their best parasols, gowns, and those weird chapeaus, you know hats with feather and lace.

The wedding had been announced in the local paper, and all were pleased to hear of this. The whispered, and gossiped what the wedding would be like. Now they are here, with the promise of celebration and free food. Who doesn't like that?

Isis Atwood, a lovely young woman, and proper lady, stood at the altar, her honey blonde hair had been styled just right, her gown accentuated her perfect form, making her a vision in white. Her clear complexion is radiant, as her soulful brown eyes rest on her beloved Reginald Vanderwheel II. Isis comes from money, her father is a renowned rancher and leather maker. His slogan, “There is no feeling better, than wearing some Atwood leather”, and indeed the quality speaks for itself.

The Vanderwheels, make the finest Wagon Wheels in all of Fort George, and were pleased their son was marrying a woman of such profound beauty. His frosty blue eyes, and winsome smile, chestnut hair parted perfectly to the right, his finest black suit with coattails, and ironed slacks, pleases the woman across from him. His rugged handsome features were sought by many, but he only had eyes for Isis. He has a gambling problem, Isis does not know about it, and it is going to cause trouble.

The happy couple, soon to be the quite miserable couple, are just getting to their vows. Reginalsds eyes are watching the rafters, waiting for his turn to speak those two little words. Isis does not notice what Reginald is doing, she is happy people will stop talking about her being twenty two, and unmarried.

The crowd thinks they have seen a match made in heaven. They all whisper about the long and proper courtship Reginald. The men admired him for his wit and charm that won the Atwood Family over. The women Swooned at the romance Reginald had brought into the life of Isis. The children dressed in their sundays best, wished they would hurry up and get to the best part of a wedding, the cake.

The door flies open with force that threatens to tear it off the hinges of the old church. The Pastor looks up and see the three men with kerchiefs over their faces, and guns pointed at the crowd.

Sureshot fires a couple of rounds in the air as the other two control the crowd with practiced ease. The entire take over took less than ten seconds, before anyone could scream. The joyous day has turned into a horrific nightmare.

“Sureshot”, looks over at Clement, “Get the kids out of here, I want to make sure all the good people behave themselves while we retrieve the Jewel of Fort George”, he says motioning the fledgeling outlaw along.

Rufus fires a shot in the air, the whole crowd of townsfolk, leap out of their seats relfexively, “Listen up, we are just here for the Atwood girl, play nice and your children will be returned to you unharmed”, his deep baritone voice is filled with cruel intentions.

Reginald tries to be brave for his future wife and stands in front of her, causing the woman to swoon over his concern for the young Debutante,“You'll not take her you mangy cur”, he says with great vehemence.

“Sureshot” smiles before pistol whipping him with such force, the red starts to pour from his split lip, as he falls to the ground. “Ladies and Gentleman I am an Outlaw of my word, no one will be harmed once we have the girl we are out of your hair”, he scans the room, “Which one of you yellow bellies is Beauford Atwood he demands, his voice threatening.

A man wearing a cattle skulls bolo, and stetson hat, wearing a fancy vest, and well polished cowboy boots stands, “Name your price, foul villain, and I will pay it just keep keep my daughter out of this”, his voice is choked with the emotion, it has been a month since his wife Oleysa has died, and thought of losing his spoiled princess is more than he can bear.

Rufus smiles, as the barrel of his gun conveys fear to the balding man, “Two hundred dollars in cash delivered to the old farrier homes stead, once you do that, head to the abandoned farm just down the road your precious offspring will be tied up in the barn”, he says with glee.

“Sureshot”, approaches Isis, “Come on little miss we have a date with my girl destiny, and my friend cold cash”, he says with sinister delight.

Isis squeaks in protest, as her heart quickens. Her outstretched hand reaches for Reginald, and his reaches out for hers...


Silverbolt looks at the young man trying to keep the kids under control. If he had experience he would have fired a couple of shots off , it would have convinced the children he was a proper Outlaw. Silverbolt thinks this kid is confused and needs a little guidance. With the right approach he just might be able to save this young and impressionable person, from the hangmans noose.

He slowly creeps up to the side of the old wooden structure, his hand caresses the silvery meteor hammer, deemed one of the most difficult weapons to master, he wields it with expert ease.

Clement feels guilty holding these kids hostage like this. His parents died during an influenza outbreak leaving him in debt, and losing his home. He keeps the pistol trained on the children, they are scared witless as they huddle together, “I promise no one is going to hurt you, once the boss has the girl you can return to your mom and dad....”

He trails off because his eyes detects a Flash of silver, and his gun is sent twenty feet away, as the meteor hammer hits mark, and flies back with incredible speed to the outstretched hand of Silverbolt. Clement and the children are in awe of silver armor and intimidating mask, he walks slowly as Clement scrambles for the gun. The children watch in astonishment as the meteor hammer, streaks from the mans hands like a bolt of from above, wrapping around the legs of Clement. His face kisses the dirt passionately, as he is dragged back towards his Silvery judge.

“Listen kid you are not in too deep, you can get out, if you switch sides now I will back your play with the townsfolk”, Silverbolt says his mask distorts his voice making him more fearsome.

Clement is thunder struck by the words of the man with the odd whip made of chain, “You would do that? Why?”, he asks, his tone filled with wonder and hope.

Silverbolt coils the deadly weapon, around his hand, “We all get lost sometimes, I know I was at one time, until someone showed me a better way. I am just returning the favor, by showing you”, he says in a calm voice, “Can I count on your help to save the girl?” he asks, there is no need to beat around the bush.

Clement nodds, choosing now to admire his newfound hero, and courage. He nods with determination. Silverbolt motions for the pair to stand on either side of the church door while the children hide behind a nearby tree watching with excitement.

The door flies open Tom, “Sureshot”, Dorsey shoves the fair and beautiful Isis Atwood out the door. Silverbolt motions that Clement take her to safety while he deals with the outlaws. He moves Intimidation to his right hip from the base of his spine, just in case and waits.

“Sureshot”, who had been too busy yelling at the crowd did not even think to look forward, and comes face to face with an armor-clad man standing oddly. He stops dead, while Rufus crashes into him. They tumble to the ground, n tangle of limbs and leather.

The Crowd stares at the oddly dressed man in silver, as proceeds to tie up the dastardly men. As Clement brings Isis Atwood forward toward the astonished crowd.

Silverbolt looks up at them, “This young man turned on his gang to help Isis, is it possible to ask for leniency? Perhaps Mr. Atwood would like to hire him on as a ranch hand?”, He asks his distorted voice has the crowd hanging off his every word.

The Gerald the local constable steps forward wondering who this modern day white knight is. He strokes his Chevron Mustache thoughtfully, “It all rests on Mr. Atwood if he wants to press charges, I would agree if the children are unharmed, Mr...”

“Silverbolt, call me Silverbolt”, he says before whistling for the children, it sounds a lot like a wounded loon calling for help. The children rush from their hiding spot, and are reunited with their parents.

Beauford Atwood looks at the young man, “I owe you for saving my daughter, I was going to offer money, but if you are asking for me to give leniency to Clement, I agree”, the crowd cheers and Silverbolt prepares to head off into the distance.

The local Pastor gently taps him on the shoulder, “Young man perhaps you would like to stand guard over the ceremony. We have had a trying day so far, perhaps your added security would discourage any would be villains”, he says heartily

Silverbolt is not so fond of religion, but he figures free food is something worth investigating, “Alright but then I have to get on with my journey”, is all he says

As the couple once again takes their places, with Silverbolt guarding the weather beaten doors, of the Godly house. Silverbolt notices Reginald is staring at the rafters, but why?

As the couple are saying their vows Silverbolt suddenly sees something moving in the shadowy darkness above. He has a bow, and it is drawn back waiting for the moment to release. At the same time he notices two men watching Reginald, nodding in approval.

Something terrible is about to happen, Silverbolt has been in too many situations like this to think otherwise. He decides to ascend to trafters himself to investigate. The meteor hammer unwraps from his waist, and the crowd of people ignores the clinking of the chain as it wraps around the cedar beam

“Do you Isis Atwood take this man to be your husband for richer or poorer, in sickness and health?”, he turns his attention to Isis, unaware of the silver-clad meteor on a collision course with Reginald.

Isis answers in her sweet melodious voice, “I do”

Silverbolt gets up to the rafters and sees the foul assassin, who is unaware of his presence.

Desmond Archer assassin for hire has the bow draw back to his cheek his arm tensed and ready to let the arrow fly to its mark, the fair and beautiful Isis Atwood. He works for people interested in collecting gambling debts. Reginald has accumulated quite the handsome sum, his bosses demand the money be paid. They had used Reginalds guile and charm to convince Isis, to sign a document that states should anything happen to Isis, Reginald gains access to her fortune. He does not know Silverbolt is up there in the rafters with him.

Silverbolt has no idea why this man is ready for the kill, but he knows a real hero would not let anything bad happen to the happy couple. He releases a small bolt of light from his hand temporarily blinding Desmond.

The arrow flies from the bow with deadly speed towards Isis despite Silverbolts efforts. A true hero never gives up and swings into the path of the deadly primitive projectile, landing in front of Isis catching the arrow, a hairsbreadth away from the face of Isis.

Desmond has no idea who this man is, or why he moves so fast, what he does know he wants to get out of here as fast as he can. He lowers the rope ladder, and quickly goes down it. His tools of the trade are left behind. His homely face draws gasps from the crowd, as he rushes out the door.

Silverbolt laughs heartily, “Such rude behaviour, we just met how can I meet you properly if you run away?”, he asks, rushing after the no good snake in the grass. He does not bother to open the old church door, his had draws back and the crowd watches in wonder, as the silvery fist shatters the door sending pieces of it out into the earthen street

Desmond looks behind him only to see the man in silver in hot pursuit, “Oh come on”, he says in panic. As he looks back again the armored man has closed the distance between them in mere seconds.

Silverbolt reaches for the bolo he carries for just such an occasion, he draws it from his side, and throws it one motion, Desmond tumble to the earth. He walks over to the fallen Villain “Tell me a Story”, ...

Back in the church Isis is not thinking about Reginald anymore, in fact she is entertaining the idea of telling him to hit the road and leave. Her heart is filled with silvery hearts for her modern day Lancelot.

As if on cue He throws Desmond Archer unceremoniously on the floor in front of the woman who now swoons at the sight of the masked man. He decides to use a little intimidation, the massive pistol draws gasps from the crowd, never have they seen such a massive cannon.

The barrel gleams as it is squarely aimed at the head of Reginald, “Tell Isis what was supposed to happen, or I will pull the trigger and shatter your skull like a mason jar”, Silverbolt says in a menacing tone. It took him many months to get the tone when he first started.

The pastor has left Reginalds vows up in the air, all there is left to do, is to say those two simple words to seal the deal between a man and a woman.

Isis comes up with a plan, and all it will take is a little acting. She wishes to stake her claim, before that saloon whore Becky Ridgedale, can get her grubby mitts on the armored champion. However first she has to deal with Reginald.

Reginald confesses his dastardly plan, and tells the whole story, the constable shakes his head. The entire crowd watches as the man in the uniform carts two more never to do wells off to the jail. Pending a trial via Circuit judge. Their crimes are federal and they will see the hangman on the last important day of their lives.

“How dare you ruin my day are you not going to apologize? Do you not feel sorry?” she demands, her eyes give him the stare that would kill ten men if it were possible.

“I do. Okay I do feel sorry and I apologize. I am not supposed to be here at all”, Silverbolt says putting his hands out in an apologetic fashion. His voice distorted by the metal mask he wears.

The Pastor makes the well known cross motion with his hands, “By the power vested in me, with god as our witness, I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride” the Pastor says even though he sees the events unfolding in front of him.

The gossip is spreading through the crowd like molasses on bread, and everyone is eating it up. Some say he is a gentleman caller, who heard of the plot and came to save his hearts desire. Others think he is a prince from a far off kingdom like Estonia. Crazy Irma, believes he is an evil fairy creature bent on stealing babies and replacing them with his own young. Their eyes remain glued to the exquisite drama unfolding before them.

The Pastor makes the well known cross motion with his hands, “By the power vested in me, with god as our witness, I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride” the Pastor says even though he sees the events unfolding in front of him.

“Excuse me?” Silverbolt asks from behind the black mask, with the silver lightning bolt on it, his voices echoes off the inside of it.

Isis grabs her spouse by a Silvery Arm, “Such heroic deeds, truly you will make a fine husband worthy of my love”, she says laying her head on his shoulder.

Silverbolt is not interested in marriage, he is on a hero bender, and has no intention of going through with this. He gently pushes Isis out to arms length, and speaks clearly, “Look I am sure you are a nice girl and all, but this has been a big misunderstanding...”

The Pastor takes on an offended look now, glaring at the armored man, “My son, there are no misunderstandings in Gods will. Truly he brought you here to save this fair maiden”, he says preaching to the mask

Isis is not discouraged, known for getting her way in the end, she holds the arm of the hero in her vise-like hands. Maybe she was supposed to marry Reginald, but she came out ahead on that one in her mind.

“Can't we just say the marriage never happened or get a divorce...”, Silverbolt does not know divorce is uncommon at this time in history, and the mere mention of it causes a stir. His ignorance stems from sleeping in class, a lot.

The cooper Big Henry, shakes his head, “Are you trying to shame her out of town, people will talk, and she may never gain her reputation again”, he says while everyone applauds.

Mariah Cole, the school teacher stands up, “A woman only has her reputation, if she was promised to one man, married to another man, and divorced on that very same day, it is a most shameful chain of events. Shame she should not have to endure because you refuse to obey the will of god, and be a proper husband”, the crowd agrees with her words

Silverbolt now has his mask in his hands, he is frustrated , he decides this place sucks, and wants to go home, “So let me get this straight, we are married even though it does not make sense, or make us happy? Does anyone see the holes in the logic?”

Isis wraps her arms around his arm tighter, “You have proven your love, you saved me from the those mangy outlaws, you caught the arrow, and revealed the most unseemly plot against me. Why on earth would I not want to be married to you? Am I so ugly that you do not wish to be with me?” , and

The crowd went “Oooh ha ha ha”

Our hero is now formulating a plan to get out of this, all he has to do is pry Isis off of him, “No, you are the most beautiful woman in this room. I just don't understand...”

Beauford Atwood, removes the cowboy hat, and adjusts the bolo tie like he does before a business meeting, his boots click along the floor as he walks towards the “Happy” couple, “I understand son, I still had the zest for adventure at your age when I married. I also know my laws young man, you said I do before all these witnesses, accident or not you are married to my daughter. Surely you hid your face, so Reginald would not recognize you. Mr.?”

Silverbolt is now annoyed with these idiotic people and their outdated ideas. “Silverbolt and No coming here was quite the surprise, to be honest I had never heard of your daughter, or you. She made a mistake and didn't deserve to die for it. I do this for a living...”

The Pastor raises his hands, “So you would save her, because it is the right thing to do? Truly you must be an honorable man to do such things in the service of your neighbours. Tell me does the money of your wife interest you?” the Pastor asks in wonder.

Silverbolt is now aware of everyone in the room. They are watching him with expectant eyes eager to hear the answer to the question. “No, even though I have no money, I am skilled enough to make my own way in the world”, he says with instant regret, for his words only put him over further with the young woman and her aging father.

Beauford Atwood hugs the armored man, “Ladies and gentleman, the son I never had”, he says with pride.

Silverbolt shakes his head, staring at the ground. There is only one thing to do. Run away and fast, he smiles and then remembers no one can see it because he is masked, and runs off into the bright afternoon.

Isis looks over at her Father, “I want him I do not care what it takes, he will be mine. I will turn him into a proper husband even if it takes all my fortune”, she says with determination, as Silverbolt vanishes into the wilderness where he has other adventures, but that is a story for another time...

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