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Calvin Prince has a secret. He's in love with his best friend.
My name is Calvin Prince. I’m 21 years old. I come from a very wealthy and famous family. I am a student at a prestigious university. This is my senior year, so I’ll be graduating in nine months. After all my hard work, it was finally going to pay off. I was going to get my degree in computer graphics. I also wanted to work on a movie or a T.V. show and work with CGI. It was one of my long time dreams, and I could see it coming true in no time. I was a lot more excited than I thought I’d ever be about anything. My parents were very proud of me as well and always encouraged me to reach for the top. I was an only child so they were overly doting sometimes, but I couldn’t love them more.

I was pretty popular in the university too. Teachers adored me, and other students looked up to me. I had many love letters from the girls around the school. Though most of them only liked the idea of me or my last name. I might say I have a lot of friends, but no one really understands me. It had been that way almost my whole life. Soon, I got used to all the fake smiles and laughs around me, that I was numb to them. That was…until I met him.

His name was Cole Anderson. He was my roommate and my best friend. We met in freshman year as dorm mates. Unlike everyone else I had run into, he had no idea who I was, or who my family was. Apparently, he was a transfer student, so he had never heard of my family. With that, he didn’t treat me like I was some spoiled rich kid, and he didn’t kiss up to me just to get on my good side. It was like a refreshing glass of water. I had never met anyone who was so genuine with me. However, through the internet and rumors, he soon figured out who I really was. I got scared that he would get mad or start treating me differently, but that never happened. Although he was surprised, he didn’t care. He told me that it didn’t change who I was to him. We’ve been best friends ever since. Junior year, we decided to get an apartment together instead of continuing living in the dorms, and things have been great since.

Life sound pretty easy for me, despite some mishaps that aren’t really worth complaining about. Except there is one thing that’s happened, that could cause plenty of problems. The worst part is that I can’t fix it. I wish I could control this but it’s out of my hands. I have tired over and over again, but I gave up. There was no use fighting something off I knew I couldn’t beat. It was way too strong. “Hey Cal,” Cole greeted as he opened the door to my bedroom and threw his jacket on my bed.

“Dude, this is not your room,” I scolded. “Go make a mess somewhere else.”

“Aw, don’t make that frown,” Cole said coming up to me and throwing his arm around my shoulders. “It’s the last day of summer! We should be out there enjoying our last hours of freedom.”

He pulled me closer to his face to where our noses were pretty much touching. “Personal space,” I said as I pushed his face away from mine. “I’ll be out in a minute, okay?”

Cole waved his hand and closed the door on his way out. I quickly took a look in the bathroom mirror and tried to hide the obvious blush I had on my cheeks. My heart was beating a mile a minute remembering how close we just were to each other. That’s right. My problem is…I’m in love with my best friend.
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