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How to survive
Captive. .Stay so quiet, and don't make a sound .remain frozen still, or they'll hear you moving around. .your so tiny you can fit, .into the smallest of spaces .but it's so dark and scary. .in your mind you must go other places. .I know your legs ache, so long having them still, .but if you move they'll find and hurt you, .in ways that's much worse a pill. .Close your eyes tight, and don't dare a look, .for to see the horror in front of you .your mind will begin to cook. .sitting in your own urine, the smell will have your eyes burn .still much better than coming out .for they'll sure all take their turn. .Control your breathing, and try not to shake, .have your mind clear, .for other fantasies to make. .Go to wonderland, so beautiful and pure, .dont stick around and watch, .it will send you crazy for sure. .In wonderland you can be, anything you need, .Leave the horror behind you, .All it takes is a creative seed. .It may also be best, if you can't possibly hear, .Place your hands over your ears, .and don't dare, loose a tear. .The bad guys will hear it, if a tear hits the ground, .so try not to cry, .As it makes far too much sound. .If you use methods,I've told you about, .You may actually survive this, .And find your way out
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