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One of those random thoughts. Do other people do this?

Thoughts in My Head

Have you ever had thoughts in your head that you just don't say out loud? Well, of course you have. We are all human in fact and all have thought at one time or another something that just should not be said out loud. I happen to do this all the time. More often than I'd like to admit really. Sure, am glad I don't say it out loud. I tend to avoid confrontation. These thoughts in my head are good right where they are...in my head only.

One time I was having a conversation with someone and I just kept thinking to myself "shut the fuck up" and "are you done yet". It was not because I did not want to talk to this person. It was more about the fact that everything coming out of this person's mouth was stupid. I just kept thinking "what an idiot". It sounds super mean and really fucked up for me to say something like that. I do not think I am above this person or smarter than this person by any means. It is just that sometimes this person says things without thinking or believes something that is just ridiculous. I must wonder if at times this person has any common sense. Whew, feels good to get this off my chest but I also sit here writing this and just feel bad for admitting it. Does this make me a bad person? Have you ever done something like this? Have you ever said it out loud to the person? What was the reaction? How do you cope with these kinds of thoughts? Do they happen often?

Just wondering if anyone out there thinks like I do. Please feel free to comment or question. Would love to start a conversation about this.

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