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Innocent ideas that go wrong (for a contest)
Jeremy hung off the seat of the chair staring at the corner for what felt like forever.
His mom put him there for jumping onto the teeter totter and launching his little brother off the other side because he “thought he could land him in the sandbox”.
On the phone with his dad, he could hear her yelling, “…lost his mind…talking to Sophie for 10 seconds…turned around to see Pete flying through the air…I…gurgling noises…you better…I AM CALM!!!...you better get your…and when you do you better have wine when you walk in that door!!!...”
Drifting away from his mother’s screeches a new thought formed, I’ve got it! It’s perfect!, he thought.
“Pete!” he whispered loudly to his brother in the next room. “C’mere!”
“I’ve got an idea for your Easter costume!”
“What is it Jeremy?” Pete looked at his big brother with awe.
“We’ll make you look so real!”
Pete started getting excited, and loudly asked “What is it?”
“Shhhh! You’re gonna get me in trouble again!
“But what is it?”, he asked again.
“An Easter Egg!”
Pete’s eyes brightened, “Whoah!”, he always trusted his older brother and loved every idea he ever had, even if it was bad for him.
“We’ll paint you all blue and give you a great big stripe of white from your head to toe! And then we’ll put sparkles on you just like we did with our eggs last year!”
“YEAH! Can they be red?”, Pete said as excited as he could be without alerting his mother in the next room.
“When can we do it Jeremy?! C’mon let’s go now!”
“I can’t, I gotta wait until I’m out of the time out, but then we can do it right after that! We can do it and surprise dad when he gets home!!!”

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