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Cramp prompt: Stuck at the back of a bus.
Are any of you familiar with Bollywood movies? Bollywood, you know, India's answer to Hollywood, which churns out the most number of movies in a year as compared to any other 'wood'.

Anyway, some of the most famous movies have scenes in them on a BUS.

That's right, an ordinary, everyday vehicle. A BUS.

Here's one of the most famous of the lot.


and here's another (it moves to the bus after the initial dialogue.)


That's right.

What's right?

Whatever your first reaction was on seeing those clips.

Yeah, yeah, that. What you thought when you saw the clips. Is RIGHT.

Now, imagine this.

Imagine you're an innocent bystander -- just strolling past the bus-stop. (Okay, okay, the movie studio, but bus-stop makes for better copy.)

You're just strolling past the bus-stop.

And SUDDENLY you hear your name being called. "HEY ----- (insert your name here)!" you hear.

You turn, and you see the director of the film, holding a megaphone -- and she (yes, it's a her) is asking you to be an extra in the film. And you'll get paid per hour and you'll get food AND you'll get to hob nob with those Bollywood stars.

So, you're stuck at the back of the bus, and THAT *Up* whatever it is you felt there, is what you are feeling, for eight hours, while they get the frame right (hence the title of this story - Framed on a Bus) and you're getting paid for it and you get free food.

Now, if that's not a happy take on a prompt that called for stories full of misery, I don't know what is!

I gotta log off now. Got stuff to do in real life, or I would've honed the story a bit.

Bus off.
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