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Written for both of my beautiful daughters.
Through My Daughter's Eyes

Through the eyes of my daughter I see hope, joy, kindness, empathy, and love.

The hope for me that she will help bring change in this world.

I see the cruelty in it and it brings fear to a mother's heart and makes me hold my babies close.

The kindness she has comes by the buckest. She knows no stranger, has no fear. Anyone she sees is a friend that needs a moment to smile and laugh. To be heard and seen. I don't know if she's changed anyone's life but I do know that the few moments she spends with a person brings them joy. It shines in their eyes as they talk with her, laugh with her.

This brings me so much pride. My child sees the person. She sees the soul and her's reaches out for it.

At such a young age her heart feels so much. She sees a homeless man on the streets and she crys. She speaks of the unfairness of it. How no one should have to live that way. My own heart hurts for the man and for the child. So young and already seeing the unfairness of it all, something I tried to shield her from.

She has a love so fierce anyone who dares to hurt her loved ones will be met with the claws of the bear and the sharp tongue of the scolding mother. Her love knows no bounds.

Through the eyes of my daughter I see how the world can be, how it should be. I feel so much pride looking into those eyes, watching the innocent child do what comes so naturally to her. Through the eyes of my daughter I have hope for tomorrow.

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