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A mysterious girl enters the story and Calvin isn't happy.
My sexual orientation is bisexual. So, I like boys and girls all the same, and find both sexes attractive. I’m not out, per say. Only my parents and my brothers know. I wasn’t trying to keep it a secret. It’s just no one has ever asked me, so I never felt the need to share. There was a day when I went to come out to Cole. I felt, as my best friend, he deserved to know. But, as I opened the door to his bedroom, I saw him standing there shirtless. Before I could process, I was checking him out hardcore. I closed the door as my heart started hammering against my ribcage. That’s when I knew that I had feelings for him. I had seen him like that more times than I can count, and never reacted like that. Ever since, my feelings only grew stronger, even though I tried to stop it. I couldn’t tell him I was bi now. What if he figured it out? What if he found out that I liked him? That would only make things awkward between us. That’s the last thing I want. It was our last year, so I didn’t want us to feel weird around each other the whole time. Pushing every pressing thought to the back of my mind, I headed out the door to meet Cole in the lobby of the complex.

Cole was enthusiastically going through the mall picking out all the latest trends – or at least, things that he thought were trends. That was another thing I liked about Cole. He was definitely not a follower. He wanted to be liked as much as the next guy, but he would never compromise his personality to suit others. He never wore a mask to hide who he really was. What you see is what you get. If you didn’t like it then he didn’t need you. Sometimes I envied him for being able to live the way he wants to, freely. I didn’t have that luxury. I had an image to uphold. I represented the Prince’s; the fifth wealthiest family in the country. If anything scandalous should happen under my name, it would surely disgrace the whole empire that my dad had built. So, no matter where I would go, I had to pretend to be the perfect, pretty rich boy that loved all the attention he got. Unfortunately, all I wanted was to be just another hidden face in the crowd.
Maybe that’s why I fell for Cole so hard. Hanging out with him in the apartment was my greatest escape. I could lounge around, eat pizza, play video games, cuss, and tell dirty jokes with my friend. I was just a regular guy with no expectations to uphold. He made me feel normal. “Calvin, look at this!” Cole shouted across the store, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“There’s no reason to yell,” I said walking over to him.

After shopping and getting a bite to eat, we started to make our way back home. The sidewalk was narrow. We had to walk pretty close to each other. Every now and then, our fingers would brush. It seemed like Cole didn’t notice, but I was attempting not to show how absolutely nervous and shy I was at this simple action. I hated how he made my heart flutter without even trying. We entered the apartment and Cole disappeared into his bedroom to put his shopping bags away. I put my wallet and keys on the counter and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. Cole came out about a minute later and let out a big sigh. I turned around at the sound to find him shirtless in the middle of the living room. He stretched his arms up, which made his biceps bulge through. Dirty, nasty thoughts started to enter my mind as I looked him up and down.

I turned back towards the fridge and took a deep breath. I shouldn’t be thinking about him like this. If I didn’t stop myself, I might do something I would regret. “Oh, hey, our favorite show is coming on soon,” Cole said turning on the T.V.
I gripped the water bottle tightly. I didn’t know if I could stay here with him looking so…hot. He was a football player and played basketball. He went to the gym at least five times a week. Needless to say, he had a great looking body. I slapped myself on the top of my head. I had to stop thinking these things or I was going to lose it. Finally, after gathering my thoughts, I went to join Cole on the couch to watch the show.

As always, we ended up playing some video games before the show was even over. We had a lot in common, and one of them was being very competitive. We were playing a racing game and, as usually, I was winning every race. Cole started to get a little irritated. He stared at the screen with the cutest little pout I’ve seen. “Okay, game over,” Cole said irritated.

“You’re just mad because you keep losing,” I accused with a grin on my face.

“No,” he defended. “It’s my controller. It’s not working right.”

I laughed in disbelief. “Are you sure it’s not just because you suck?” I chuckled.

“Dude, look I’ll show you,” he said trying to grab my controller.

Right as I saw him reaching for the controller I put it up over my head. He quickly stood up on the couch to try to reach it. I tried to move my hand away, but he lunged. His hand grabbed my wrist and, instinctively, I pulled. He toppled over right on top of me, and the controller fell on the floor. Cole lifted himself up on his hands and our eyes met. Oh…my…god. The sound of the video game slowly faded away. The guy I love was sitting on top of me and looking right into my eyes. Those beautiful, intense green eyes left me mesmerized. I wanted to touch his soft cheeks, his ruffled hair; his pink lips. Everything about him pulled me in. Impulses I couldn’t quite understand took me over and I reached out to touch his cheek. Just before I could reach my hand up, his cell rang loudly on the coffee table in front of us.

He jumped up, seemingly unfazed at the position that we were just in. I scolded myself for letting me get so wrapped up in the moment. I had no idea how I was going to make it through another nine months. Actually, it might be longer than that. We had already planned that we were going to move out of this place together once we graduated. Cole was majoring in computer graphics as well, so it only made sense to us. But how was this going to work? I was probably just fooling myself thinking I could handle this. “Hey Angela,” Cole greeted on

My ears perked up like a dog when I heard him say a girl’s name. It’s not like he didn’t have friends that were girls, but this one didn’t sound familiar. I thought I knew all of his friends. I was trying to listen to the conversation but, totally ignoring me, he stood up from the couch and walked into his bedroom, shutting the door behind him. Angela?
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