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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2187478
Cyrus Rogox an alien known as Trasaries is a kid who is the last of his own clan
The Last Rogox

200 years ago a new world started to orbit next to earth and its moon. Since that happened the planet called Ion and has an advance alien race called Trasaries. When both planets start discover each other Trasaries try to become peaceful but the Humans did not trust them and so 200 years of war took place between the worlds. The leader of the Ion world Boderus ends the war and created an alliance with earth. When the war was over Humans and Trasaries became friends and Boderus changes things for the good until 5 years after the peace treaty the greatest warriors of Ion called Rogox clan was annihilated but one named Cyrus who was 7 at the time saw it happened and was taken care of by the leader of the world Boderus who also fought the masked warlord but got away. From then on Boderus raised and took care of Cyrus and trained him to become an excellent fighter.


On the planet Ion in the city of Jaiku it seems like a nice day with people doing things they needed to do. Cyrus speeding through a crowd of people on a saber bike that hovers and goes extremely fast gets chased by two Thugs that plan to kill him after messing with them. Cyrus throws a flash bomb at them making them scream out their revenge at Cyrus. He arrives at his best friends house Baxter one of the smartest Trasaries on Ion and makes most of Cyrus's weapons but loves technology. Cyrus brags about how his flash bomb worked and tells who he used it on. Baxter works on a new invention which he keeps from Cyrus from seeing because it's not finished yet then Cyrus notice strange items on Baxter's wall and never saw anything like. Baxter explains that they are items from earth and kept them as a reminder of what great things he saw. Cyrus always dreamed about going to earth but was never allowed to. Suddenly Cyrus gets a call on his communicator from Lord Boderus telling Cyrus to come and discuss what happened in the middle of the city. By the time he gets to his house he comes in with a smile on his face but Boderus was disappointed then his second in command Talicus who Cyrus couldn't stand is with him. Boderus gets a little mad about making a scene in front of people but Cyrus explains he was being pursued by two criminals then he gets interrupted and has Boderus explain that he is the last Rogox and his safety is important. Talicus also tries to cheer him up but with a cynical smile and emotion. Talicus tries to get in his head about how Cyrus should spend his life but Boderus stops his advice then Cyrus shouts out that he wants to go to earth and see what its like but Boderus says he will never go then grounds him for a week.

Late at night an intruder enters Earth from a distant planet and seeks an item in New York City at a museum. The intruder is known as Razur a built warrior with a gun for a weapon and a mechanical eye that has night vision and thermal. Razur quickly gets rid of the guards outside the building but sees that there are more of them inside. As he secretly enters in he sends a camera with wings to check the room where the item is held. When it was all clear he removes the glass box and takes the object but his luck runs out when 4 super humans were guarding it and tries to capture him Razur shoots his gun at them while being chased. The human leading the four Chris Thalan takes him down with a lightning whip and slams him against the wall. Razur grabs the lightning whip and absorbs the electricity and sending it to his mechanical eye then uses it against them to make his escape. Razur cloaks him self and leaves with the stolen item. Chris gets mad and starts to kick things but his best friend Linda calms him down with investigating further. Johnny another super human of the team freaks out that he was on guard duty instead of preparing for a math test tomorrow. Kayla the last member of the team makes a joke about Johnny not going to pass which freaks him even more. Chris tells everyone to go home and to just focus on school tomorrow. Razur goes to a remote location where he uses a hologram to contact his boss saying he has the last weapon of the Rogox making his boss very please then tells him to get back to Ion. The next morning Cyrus starts the day with training for 3 hours then goes out but Lord Boderus comes over to talk with him about what happened yesterday and discusses what he really wants to do with his life. Cyrus's response was to be a great warrior like his father and mother were and to save the people he cares about. Boderus definitely sees so much of his parents in him and believes he has the strength to make his dreams happen. Suddenly Boderus gets a crime report from earth and rushes to the scene. Cyrus goes to see Baxter to after a message from him about new weapons he has.

On earth hundreds of people of New York city crowd around the crime scene of the artifacts museum and many police along with law enforcement from Ion are there investigating a missing item of a weapon made from the Rogox clan and gets Boderus worried on what the robber stole as it was an Ion crystal created to destroy armies. Talicus zones out while Boderus talks on what everyone's job is then snaps him out of it but also gets a weird look from him. Chris and his friends meet up with Boderus and explain who took it and what he looked like which described someone that Lord Boderus knew. Even though Chris's mission was a failure Boderus still gave him credit for trying and protecting the item but Talicus found his compliments are just appalling and starts to speak his mind towards the humans they just let a dangerous criminal go and with a weapon that can do great damage so Boderus calmed him down then asks Boderus's forgiveness as they are just children. Lord Boderus gives the super human team more help from his world but they are not comfortable with that idea as they don't want someone from Ion doing their job. Meanwhile at Baxter's place on Ion Cyrus checks out the new weapons that he created and plans to use them in the near future but Baxter surprises him with three old friends of his and they were the swords he used to fight with. Cyrus was happy to see them again and start to get a feel for them again by using their powers that they were made from. Two swords were made from bones and the hardest metal on Ion called coraim and the bones were from devil bones. His third sword is even stronger then other two and was forged from Rogox technology filled with Coraim but can slice through mountains. Cyrus and Baxter spend the day developing the swords powers.

Boderus spends all night deciding who will be great for the task then he is visited by Cyrus who couldn't sleep and asks what he was doing so Boderus told him. Cyrus volunteers for the task but Boderus denies him as he is not qualified for the mission. Talicus comes out of nowhere starting to encourage him and for him to finally get some experience after such a long time. Boderus started to give in and did wanted Cyrus to be a great warrior so he agreed but Cyrus wanted Baxter to come along. The plan was decided so Cyrus heads to earth the next day. At an old tech lab where the Rogox village is Razur goes to a secret room to steal an anti-air cannon that used the Ion crystal's power to provide ammo but during that time he is given new orders to go to earth to hunt down the ones who try to stop him that night. Chris and his team go to a rally point outside of New York City to meet the Trasaries who were assigned to work with them but when they see someone coming they notice that its not their allies instead it was Razur attacking them with Ion blasts. Chris who can also use fire as a weapon sends several fire balls that explode on impact and Johnny who can fly also wields a titanium pole and takes Razur head on but Razur's mechanical eye absorbs the fire and uses back at him. Linda and Kayla both double team him with attacks like Kayla's monstrous strength and Linda's whole body turning into many forms making her Morph into anything she wants even with powerful fighters. Razur takes out his guns and creates giant blasts from each bullet which overpowers all of them except for Chris who combines lightning and fire into a perfect attack until suddenly Razur made the same attack when he absorbed his powers and both attacks collided and pushes Chris back. Razur takes his gun and aims it at the humans but an attacks come from behind and didn't had time to dodge it then shoots at Baxter while Cyrus comes from behind and uses one of his swords of blue flame that burns Razur's left arm. Razur looks at the two newcomers and sees that they are from Ion so he pulls out but promises to kill them all.

When everyone heals up by Baxter's medicine Chris starts to thank them at first but give them an unwanted attitude. Johnny complains that the Ion has send two kids instead of real warriors then Cyrus insults him back by saying "two kids who saved them from Razur". Everyone starts to introduce themselves and Cyrus explains that are here to help on this mission but Chris explains that they need to follow their rules and listen to their orders. Cyrus and Baxter start to laugh hysterically because rarely follow the rules and are known to be the most mischief people on Ion but Boderus told them to get along so they try to live with it. The super human team takes the Trasaries back at their base that's a giant warehouse. Linda starts to ask questions about Cyrus and Baxter so Cyrus tells her everything up to when Cyrus is from the Rogox clan which gets everyone's attention. Linda is shocked that he is the last Rogox and felt sad that his whole clan was wiped out. Baxter keeps throwing useless junk only to find out by Johnny's angry tone of voice that it was spare parts for weapon technology but Baxter said it was not impressive then Johnny shows him an invention but Baxter said it needs work then throws it and breaks into pieces. Cyrus and Baxter get informed about Razur stealing an Ion crystal which the both of them go into silence and Baxter telling them that they are screwed. Chris and the team start to get ready for school but Cyrus and Baxter didn't know what to do while they were gone until Cyrus wanted to explore the city since he has never been to earth before.

Meanwhile Razur contacts his boss outside of NYC telling he had failed and got an unexpected attacker from Ion but his boss starts planning to make his move and use the crystal on the Ion capital Jaiku. Razur returns to Ion for the making of the new weapon. Baxter and Cyrus explores the whole City then goes to their human comrades school but travels their by using their saber bike that fits for two people. However Baxter built it and warned Cyrus that it was a prototype but didn't listen and went mega fast. Chris sits in his math class looking out the window and thinking about everything that has happened so far. After school was over the others meet in the hallway and discuss the next move while Cyrus and Baxter find the breaks to the saber bike but Baxter forgot to put breaks in since he was in a hurry to build it. Johnny and Kayla Judge the two Trasaries and have no idea what they are doing. Johnny doesn't even trust Cyrus or Baxter but Linda asks him to give them a chance but Kayla agrees with him. Chris starts to give those two one last chance and starts to believe they are capable of handling the mission. Suddenly Baxter and Cyrus crash into the school and slammed into some lockers but Baxter made a quick move by activating a bubble shield at the last minute. Cyrus was happy that they weren't dead until the principal comes and freaks out. Next thing they knew they are called to the police station sitting with the chief in his office and Chris's team sitting along side them. Then Lord Boderus and Talicus comes in to handle what Cyrus and Baxter has caused making Boderus upset that he specifically said that Cyrus promises not to make any trouble. Baxter said it was an accident and never meant to crash into the school but Chris's team on the other hand were suppose to be responsible for Cyrus and Baxter and failed to keep them out of site so he makes them clean up the damages to the school and takes them off the mission. Boderus also pulls Cyrus off the mission and put him with Baxter on house arrest and won't go back to earth. Cyrus apologizes to the humans and leaves with a given up attitude but when he passes Talicus he sees a smirk but ignores him as he enters out.

Back on Ion everyone returns when Boderus puts trackers on Cyrus and Baxter then puts several elite guards around Baxter's home. At the kingdom of Jaiku Razur blends in using a disguise and travels through the whole City then uses a cloak to sneak in a room in the castle and met with his master who turns out to be Talicus. Several guards walk by and over hears Talicus then sees Razur talking about to use the Ion crystal on Boderus and his people to over throw him and take control of Ion then can focus on destroying earth. The guards immediately tell Boderus and show a hologram recording to prove that it's true so Lord Boderus takes many elite guards to confront Talicus and his criminal friend. Razur makes the final preparations by remotely arming the Ion cannon but before he can punch in the last code he gets interrupted by Lord Boderus and many warriors then makes Talicus explain what he thinks he's doing. Razur looks at how many men then looks through the walls seeing more coming so he quickly arms the cannon turning his hand invisible. Talicus says he is tired of Boderus making planet Ion different then it once was and forming an alliance with earth. Boderus noticed lately that Talicus was acting different with the situation of the mission and knew something was really wrong when he encouraged Cyrus to go to earth. Talicus only encouraged him to be apart so that he can get rid of the last Rogox but Razur failed on that part. While they were talking Razur turns Talicus and him invisible so the can escape through the window so Boderus wouldn't capture them on the spot. Lord Boderus sends an Elite squad along with assassins to find them and puts the city of Jaiku on full alert. Meanwhile Baxter and Cyrus get bored and couldn't stand being on house arrest but Baxter being smart as he has created a way to escape by going underground. First they got rid of the tracking devices and dug their way towards the city. The guards check on them but they disappeared and also get a distress signal from the city having all guards go back to the kingdom.

Boderus goes to the old Rogox village and found Talicus and Razur planning to use the Ion cannon with the Ion crystal so he immediately uses his two scimitars that were created from two wraith masters and creates dark energy. Talicus was a little shocked that he started using those two weapons again then tries to taunt him by saying how many humans he killed with those swords. Talicus takes out his black fang sword and both battle each other like they did a long time ago only this time it's not a friendly match. Razur gets surrounded by hundreds of warriors but uses the powers he recently absorbed to defeat them. Cyrus and Baxter end up arriving further away from the city but closer to where the battle is taking place. Cyrus didn't understand what was going and saw Boderus fighting Talicus. Razur defeats most of the soldiers and heads for Cyrus but Baxter blocks him so he can get away then Razur uses his gun that hits Cyrus's body. "I look forward to killing the last Rogox" Razur said while he is pointing his gun then shoots a second time but with greater power. The attack gets blocked by Chris and his team as they came to help when Boderus also send a distress call to earth but really wanted to have them finish their mission together. Cyrus gets happy to see them and Johnny mans up calling him a comrade and a friend which means he is able to trust the Trasaries. Baxter gets pushed back by Razur's attack then all of them stand together and fight Razur with real team work. Boderus takes many blows by Talicus's blade and makes him wonder that he's not what he use to be. " you look tired my Lord I guess your time is almost done. That's why Ion needs a true leader, a true warrior, not some outdated old man". Boderus gets up to hit him with a massive attack which only knocks him out. Razur takes on everyone at once with his powers and his right mechanical eye but when Johnny comes close he pokes his Titanium pole into his eye then Lind punches him hard in the face. Kayla turns into a Cyborg to beat him until he's weak but Razur uses powers he absorbed from others with an angry look on his face but Chris and Cyrus combined their attacks one last time and created a powerful phoenix that crushes and kills Razur.

Boderus explains what Talicus was doing with Razur so Cyrus understands but when they all had their backs turned Talicus got up and activated the cannon to fire on Jaiku. Cyrus takes his third sword and matches against the black fang. The two clashes with each attack while the others figure a way to stop the cannon from firing. "Cyrus you will never be a true Rogox, you don't even have their true powers. I will make sure that you will join the rest of your clan in the afterlife". After Talicus said those words Cyrus takes his mains sword and sends a wave of Rogox energy that seriously wounds Talicus's body. Cyrus doesn't know where that power came from but has a feeling it has to do with energy coming from his abandoned village. Talicus gets up and turns his whole body into a lethal dark flame but Boderus gets in the way and burns his arm. Talicus hovers over him and goes straight for Cyrus so he combines all his energy to concentrate on his sword and summoned an attack called Rogox strike. The attack surprised Talicus and slices through his body before he can make a move. Cyrus helps Lord Boderus up but he has serious burns then both help everyone stop the cannon from firing but its too late and heads towards the city. Cyrus plans to stop it so he uses a jetpack that Baxter brought and quickly flies towards Jaiku city before the Ion blast hits. Boderus cheers him on saying "you can do it Cyrus". Everyone else starts saying the same thing by shouting out loud so Cyrus concentrates his energy again but this time he creates a gigantic shield over the city and the castle that blocks the blast and it disperses into many Ion crystals. The citizens come out from hiding and are protected by warriors celebrating that Cyrus has saved their home. Boderus and the rest of the group comes to check if everyone and Cyrus was alright then Boderus expresses how proud he is of him and how thankful he is on how Chris and his team came to aid them. Baxter starts to share some of the glory with Cyrus and both started dancing in front of everybody and enjoying their victory. Boderus truly sees his father right in front of him and his mother as well.

Finally the next day Chris, Linda, Kayla, and Johnny said their final goodbyes and officially became friends with Baxter and Cyrus. Lord Boderus will definitely keep peace between both worlds and who knows he might have humans and Trasaries do missions together. Chris tells Cyrus "this won't be the last time I will see. I'm sure we will see each other again". "Right back at ya" said Cyrus. As the part ways Cyrus and Baxter had an adventure like no other then Boderus tells them to go back to Jaiku. Baxter gives Cyrus on a new saber bike but Boderus starts to tell them to walk. Cyrus doesn't pay attention and goes super fast then it starts to spiral towards the city. Lord Boderus shouts out "Cyrus...Baxter...GET BACK HERE!!" as he said that Cyrus yells "this is the greatest day of my life".

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