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by elsie
Rated: E · Sample · Action/Adventure · #2187482
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One day there was a girl called Rise. She lived with her brother called Keith. They lived on this island because there parents abandoned them. They live on island just off the cost of Africa. On this island there was a whole village of children who's parents abandoned them. There was one boy who lived on this island that Rise had a crush on. His name was Archie. Rise tried every excuse possible to be with him. One day she got to be with him. Let's get on to the storie.

Hi my name is Rise and her is my storie about my love. One day I went to go see if Archie wanted to go play in the forest he said "yes!" When I heard him say yes I thought I was in heaven. So, we went to the forest and played some games and with the animals. When they got deep into the core of the forest. We came across something unusual. It was a bright red door on a tree. We unsure what to do but we came to a conclusion. We decided to knock. Then came the most shocking thing. The door answered. It was a dwarf. We weren't sure what to do so we ran and hid behind some trees. While we were looking at the door the dwarf left the tree. Suddenly it began to pour down with rain, so we snuck into the dwarf's house to keep dry. In the end we got so bored we decided to explore. I was so happy because I was spending the entire day with the most popular boy on the island and that was a big opportunity. So I carried on exploring the dwarfs house and he very interesting books about dragons spells and wizards. Archie and I thought that this dwarf could be magic.
Then suddenly...….
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