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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2187492
Sent to destroy a germanic village goes wrong, but meets a creature he's never seen before
Chapter 1
Hector walks through the heavy forested mountains of Germanica, his soldiers right beside him, his soldiers striding abreast in their kindling glory. Their armor glinted like liquified chrome, there faces stern and impassive. Light filtered through frequently through the canopies of the vast trees they passed in their tireless march, underbrush fazing unassailable army not. Gleaming eyes of ferocity stalked the grand army in secret, wildlife prowling through the thickets to skeptically observe the human battalion. They halted only once they met their destination, the native outpost ready designated to fall before there berserking strength in a raid strength in a raid. Hector observed the environment, ordering in a voice that commanded respect,
“Remember leave nothing behind and head back to the fort. Got that?”
“Yes sir”, the soldiers respond. The sound of a warcry came from the woodlands echoing, germanic soldiers ambush Hectors battalion like a pack a of wolves surrounding its prey, the germanic soldiers taking cover of the night and the Germanic soldiers taking out hectors soldiers one by one
“ Sir there taking us out one by one we need to retreat!” the young soldier sweating from every pore shooting his bow and arrow, A germanic native falls down the hill an arrow shot into his chest directly at his heart
“ Nice shot!” Hector proudly congratulating the young soldier
“ Thank you sir” the young soldier continues to fire killing more and more germanic soldiers one by one, The sound of a loud but deep warcry is heard, A Strong and big native wearing a black bear skin on his head covering his back, claw marks across his left eye, his eye completely pale with a slight color of gray in his pupils standing at 6ft tall armed with a roman shield and a long ax.
“ HAHAHA! you romans are idiots thinking you can destroy my village easily HAHAHA”,
his voice deep but with a croaky german accent
“ Now you will die for what you have done to my tribe!”
Swinging his ax he was able to easily decapitate someones head Hector dodges it stabbing his javelin into the huge native
“ Well it seems i'm not the one who will be dying at the end!” pulling out his roman gladius slicing at the natives legs trying to bring him down
“ AHHHH!!”
The german native swings his ax hitting hector but instead of killing him his ax swing made hector fallo off the steep hill, tumbling over rocks, bushes, for what seems like minutes causing to blackout. He wakes up a few hours later dizzy and confused where he is
“ Ahh my head”
A couple minutes pass, Hector hears the sound of a creature not to far away from him but being a little bit dizzy from being hit in the head he can't tell where it’s coming from. He walks toward where he thinks the sound is coming from and sees a creature trying to get out of a trap, its tail stuck.
“ Help---anyone---hallo” he goes towards the noise, seeing the creature but can't tell if its a human or not “ um...uh..” looking at the thing caught in a trap
“ah kurwa” agitated thinking the human is drunk
Do you even know what I am!”
“ No”
The creature becomes more agitated
“ well...let me go”
“ and why should I the next thing I know I let you go and I end up dead from a..”
Finally gaining back his full consciousness he realises what he was looking at was not a human but a monster
The monster hanging from the trap not realizing the rope from the net was about to snap.
The nets snaps, falling down bringing the monster with it.
After a couple minutes Hector and the monster sit in silence. As the monster got back up Hector could see that the monster stood at an outstanding height of 17ft tall, its giant muscles, its dirty clothes, and its eyes a ruby red color as bright as the night stars and filled with power. Hector intimidated from the monster slowly pulls out his sword, the monster speaks
“ That sword is weak, it won't Pierce through my scales, they are as strong as Iron”
Hector puts his sword back and and tries to analyze what he sees.
Talking in his head
“ A large and muscular creature standing at an enormous height, completely muscular, female and her scales shining like snow from the full moon shine
Hector gulps, a little of sweat coming down his head but tries to keep himself calm
“ Are you a dragon?”
The creature laughs hysterically
“ You are one funny human thinking I'm a dragon how stupid are you hahaha!”
“ Then what are you?”
The creature stops laughing
“ wait...oh your serious”
“ Yeah I am, now what are you?!”
Hector agitated from the laughing creature
“ Well...I am a lamia”
The lamia shows herself scratch marks on her right arm and eye
“ Oh your one of those I have a friend whos a lamia but she isn't as strong or as big as
you are but she's stealthy”
sweat comes down his face knowing if one thing he says ends up rude he will die
“ Why are you so scared”
Intimidating the man a little to show her dominance
“ I'm not scared im just cold”
Trying to bluff it off
“ Now if you excuse me i'll be heading off, do widzenia!
“She heads off into the woods pushing a tree out of her way”
“ wait!”
Stopping she turns around seeing the tiny hector in her own perspective
“What is it human?”
Hector walks towards the female lamia stopping after a couple steps
“ May I come with you”
She wags her tail from side to side knocking down anything behind her
“Hmmm...gut, folge mir nach
“ Yes mam”. Walking through the woodlands the sound of thunder is heard coming over the mountain like war drums beating
“ Um shouldn't we find some shelter”
“ Du bist rech then we should” Rain begins to poor on the enemy territory, it was woodlands.
“ hmm… Found some” The lamia finds a big enough cave to fit both of them but still looks kinda small
“ you sure we're gonna fit in there”
“ yeah we should be able to trust me it could be am schlimmsten” Climbing over the rocks The lamia senses something
“ Why are you stopping?”
She looks around sensing something
“ Something's not right about this jaskinia” Quietly speaking, The sounds of a wolf howl is heard echoing through the forest “ to musiały być wilki” “ wait what?”
The wolves charge at them viciously growling
“nawet największy ze szkodników nie może zlikwidować lamii”.
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