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More poems for the April Poetry month challenge - I am writing more than one a day
1 April 1, 2019

63 Years Haut

63 years old
taught me a few things
life is
to short
to carry a grudge
live and love a lot

A Penitent Considers Another Coming of Mary

I sometimes wonder about the Virgin Mary

I sometimes wonder about the Virgin Mary
Wonder who she was and what she may
Have had to do with the birth of the savior

I do not believe that story today
or any day for that matter I can not leave
these thoughts that hang in the air
thinking that she must have been with men
and will be with them again

today just for today

today just for today
I plan to do nothing
nothing at all

just go with the flow
of the day
as the day turns into night
and the night turns into sleep

I will ride the wave
along with my love
until the day is done

It Can’t Happen Here or Can It?
Every day when I watch TV
I see the chattering classes

The TV pundits
And their guests

Pontificate about this and that
And it seems to me

That they are missing the big picture
In the era of Donald Trump

Nothing that they say
Will make a difference

Donald Trump has slowly conquered
The political world

And he is shaping it into something
That we had hoped we would never see

A truly American neo-fascist state
Wrapped around the flag

And so-called Christian values
And the latest made up outrage

And the chattering classes
Don’t seem to understand

That they are next
On the hit parade

As the Donald Trump machinery
Continues to take over the known universe

The question used to be
It can’t happen here

The answer I am afraid
Is already has

So Excited to Be Alive

I wake up
with the dawning sun

so excited
to be alive
at age 63

I look at my sleeping beauty
and realize yet again
my life began
the day I met her

37 years ago
she walked off a bus
out of my dreams
and into my life

and my life began
that autumn day
when I met
the girl of my dreams

April 4th Trump

Triumphed against all enemies
Remaining unvanquished
Uniting all who oppose him
Might makes right
Patriots unite behind the Great Leader

April 4th I Want a Dog’s Life

I want a dog’s life
That’s what I want in next life
A dog needs to be cute
And his master will feed him
It is a dog’s life for me

April 4th Just an Unhinged Werewolf Howling at the Moon

as the lunatic light of the blood red moon
the super blue moon lights up the night
the werewolf stirs
as the light shines on him

slowly transforming him
into a dark dangerous creature
of the lunatic night
ready for his flight

out into the world,
he emerges
howling at the moon

just another unhinged
out for blood today
howling at the moon

April 4th Scorpion Nights of Passion

Born in October
Scorpion Passionate fool
Always taking the lead
consumed with dark desires
is this Scorpio buddha nature
consumed with dark desires

April 5th GLOW

Glowing light of the dawning sun
Lights up my dismal room
Overwhelming me with love
Watching my dream girl sleep

April 6th The Old Lady and the Genie

An old Chinese woman
Stands in a field
On the lunatic edge of town
Where drinkers gather to drink

And woman of ill repute
Play their games
With the passing drunks
Men ready for a night of passion

She is holding a teapot
And proclaims
That the pot contains
A genie

That will grant the new owner
Three wishes
She had to sell the pot
Because her wishes came true

And she smiles
And laughs insanely
The laughter dies
And she implores people

To buy her teapot
And put her out of misery
Just buy my pot
And your dreams will come true

Be careful dear thought
Remember all magic
Comes with a price
A terrible price

April 6th Back of the Bus

Many years ago
When I was a foolish young man
I took a Greyhound bus trip
Just to see the country

I was trapped
In the back of the bus
Where the young
And restless souls

Gathered together
And drank illegally
And smoked weed
Also illegally

We stayed there
Until Winnemucca
Where I got off

And found my bus pass
Had found another owner
And I went to Salt Lake City
Still trapped in the back of the bus

The Messenger Dog of God

One day
While studying in Rome
As a priest
I notice a small white dog
Staring at me

He glances at me
Indicating that I am to follow him
I get up
And follow this strange dog

He leads me deep
Inside the hidden depths
Of the Vatican
Finally stopping by a door

I open the door
And see St Peter there
He smiles
Dismisses the dog

Who moves on down the hall
Finished with his cosmic duty
As the secret messenger of God
All in a days work

I ask why am I here?
St Peter says
Why are any of us here?
It is time for you to go

But I don’t want to go
Don’t want to leave this mortal plane
St Peter smiles
Says it is time to go

I wake up
Back in my bed
With my wife
And realize it was all a dream

It was not yet time
To go
But I am afraid
I will find the messenger dog

Outside my door
Any day now
The grim reaper waits
And it will soon be my time

Coffee Love Hate Affair

I love coffee
Always have
Always will

But I have a love-hate affair
With coffee
Love it when it gets me up
Flying high in the sky

As the sun comes over
Filling with hope
And anticipation

As I conquer the day’s
Dauting tasks
With a little help
From my drug of choice

But coffee turns on me
Late in the day
And I can’t not sleep

As the coffee burns
In my soul
And I toss and turn
And sleep no more

Coffee does that to me
And so, I am reduced
To drinking decafe coffee

Not the same thing at all
But that is all I can handle
As I am a coffee addict
And always will be

Coffee Blues

Coffee is my drug of choice
Always has been
Ever since I first tried
As a young lad

Loved coffee’s power
To speed up my synaptic nerves
Turning me on
Keeping me going and going and going

But there is a dark side to everything
And coffee is a drug
And it will take you
Where it wants to go

Enslaving you
Making you its victim
As it toys with you
Messes with you

Prevents you from sleeping
Coffee is a harsh mistress
It demands respect
As you fall under it seductive powers

Slave again
To the drug of choice
Just another over caffeinate
Coffee addict

Stumbling along the street
Looking for a fix
At six in the morning
As the coffee wears off

And you finally
Can get some sleep
Until the alarm
Blasts you away

And you reach out
Trembling for you fix
Coffee you scream out

I need coffee
The universe laughs

As you get your coffee high
Just another pathetic coffee junkie
When all is said and done

Morning Thoughts

Every morning I wake up
And see the love of my life
Sleeping soundly
In our bed

The sun fills my room
And I get up
To do my morning routine
Just marveling at the sight

And as I do my thing
I am drawn back to bed
Just to look
At this strange creature

That captured my heart
So many years ago
And I wonder yet again
At the mystery of our love

How and why
Did the universe bring us together
Where did she come from
And why did she summoned me

I have no answers
Our love transcended
The barriers of time
And space

And somehow
We found each other
And will be together
Until the death of time

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