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Needs a better title, but satisfies - trust me
To pretend like she wasn’t staring at his throat was proving to be difficult, for it curved just like she had envisioned in her dreams. It pulsed, like the tip of her tongue as she bit down in an attempt not to cry out. His eyes were locked on hers as he blissfully forced his thick fingers in and out of her, making her wet. They’d been playing this game for weeks now, it started with small flirtations, then progressed to him eye-fucking the shit out of her whenever he found the opportunity. She had tried to resist, sending nude snapchats to her girl friend May, they’d hooked up once and maybe release was all she needed. However, as she lay her, feeling his large cock press against her thigh and the taste of him so close she couldn’t imagine why she’d avoided this intensity.
Her thighs throbbed and she reached down to grab his cock. His eyes widened and he suddenly unzipped his pants and she was all too eager to help. With some maneuvering she was soon between his legs and with supple lips she kissed the head of his penis, teasing his hardness to life and praying that soon it would be pressed roughly inside her. First, she kissed the inside of his thigh and bit just enough so he’d know to be rough with her later, then she slowly took all of him in, her tongue playing hard at the ridge of his head. He moaned and her clit hummed, seeing him quiver at her touch drove her wild. For several minutes she worked her neck up and down at the same time lightly massaging his balls and soon he was so hard she got the full length of him - it did not disappoint.
“I’m about to come,” he said and so she began to move her head faster but then he grabbed her by her hair and hauled her up to kiss him roughly.
“I want to fuck you,” he said, flipping her over on her stomach and quickly entering from her behind, her tight pussy wet enough that his big cock slid in effortlessly and she cried out.
“God, daddy, you feel so good.” she said, her womanhood taking in his length and tightening in rapid response.
“Baby girl likes that?” he purred as he began slowly thrusting making sure she felt every fucking inch.
So it began, vivid, slutty words poured out of her mouth as he blindly fucked her. As their sweat dripped they licked it off each other, the act becoming animal and familiar, like they’d done this for ages. He flipped her over and slid right back inside, remaining eye contact. His eyes burned with an ever growing desire, like her pussy was a drop of water in a desert. Her entire body cried out for him, her hands shaking wanting all of him, needing him like she’d never needed anything before.
Simultaneously they climaxed, his cock delivering one final thrust as her pussy tightened in response. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she felt him burst inside, a new thirst she expected. His back arched and he bit his lip, ripples ran like waves down his back and she held him, a sultry smile on her lips. It was powerful, primal, perfect - to feel his release and know it was all thanks to her.
“I’m thirsty daddy,” she said and she pressed against his hips moving his manhood to her mouth, and with just her tongue, slowly tasting both of them.
“You’re a whore,” he said, a smile in his voice and her own smile brightened.
She was a whore, a slut, a goddamn heathen, he brought that out in her and she’d be lying if she said it didn’t absolutely delight her.
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