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by brom21
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A supernatural being tells another of his secret duty to mankind.

The Burdened Defender

I am Kromious but I take the human name of Jared. I am immortal and I existed before the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden. I was ordained by God with supernatural power to defend against the Nepheseers - metaphysical aliens from another dimension within what men call a black hole.

Before the battle with the Nepheseers and before the foundations of the Earth were laid, I lived as a priest on another planet called Thron. I served as the head priest of God. Thron was a sinless, pure world where there was no death or suffering.

White stone colonnades and cathedrals lined streets of white polished marbles. There was no sun like on Earth as I would learn when I went there. Ribbons of dark purples, blues and greens shimmered in the sky like the beautiful borealis of God.

Towers with water spouts on for sides poured like waterfalls as people in golden and silk robes, walked up and down the streets, with their reflections showing from the polished marble. Still ponds dotted on every other street square.

Our language was beautiful, and far more refined then Earth’s tongues. But what excelled all language in beauty was when the chosen worshipers of God would sing in one of the many cathedrals. Harps gave off their glorious notes as the singers singed with skill and gentleness. It was like the angels the Lord were sounding their voices.

One day, corruption filled Thron when one of my own was tempted by an angel with a glorious appearance to commit sorcery. A dark spiritual force overcame my world and sin took root. Somehow, I was spared from its affects. One day the Prince of God Himself came to me and anointed my head with oil and hence my power came forth.

After the fall of Thron, ones like the angel that succored the sorcerer, banded together, and made spiritual slaves of Thron’s inhabitance. And so, the first Nepheseers came into being.

But some resisted.

By God’s power, us who kept faith battled against the Nepheseers, did not give into the power of darkness. Our once beautiful planet was plunged into warfare and desolation. I can still see the coy, sneer on Targess, the ruling Nepheseer. His taunting laugh sounded like the sculk of a jackal.

“How could you betray God and cause all this suffering!” I remember shouting to him. “Look at the evil you have become!”

His response was like a being devoid of self-consciousness or thought. “The only thing that matters is power,” he said to me.

Targess lunged at me with a glowing sword raised over his head. With my own blade of shining light, I held it up and we clashed into a deadlock.

“It is not too late Kromious. Turn and you will be greatly rewarded,” Targess said.

“Rewarded with what! Look around you!”

Targess silently shoved me with his foot and I fell on my back.

“So be it then,” the Nepheseer said.

A twelve-foot troll-like character, passed in front of Targess and he was gone. I stumbled to my feet and we, the righteous defenders, were being pushed to a retreat.

The rebellious Nepheseers, made my head swell with a strenuous twinge. My hands vice-gripped my sword and I gnashed my teeth as my eyes widened. I breathe heavily. Never had I felt such anger.

Around me, cries of the dying pierced the air. I cringed at the sound. The dark forces that were the Nepheseers, warred in clad, black armor with octangular onyx stones on their chests.

I shrieked with a righteous furry. A battle frenzy overtook me. My sword shone brighter and I swung at the nearest Nepheseer and vanquished it with that single stroke. Three of them closed in on me and I spun around with my blade. My three assailants fell to the ground.

I kept dispatching foes with single strokes, bashing sword out of the Nepheseers hands.

This portal of their origin is far from Earth. But the spirit, which they are of, can traverse great distances in moments of time. It is the 21st century, and I still fight against these invaders. I have defended Earth for seven thousand years. But I am weary of my constant battle in the spiritual realm. I long for rest from my task. I want for my soul to be at peace and to live in heaven with God and His hosts, the angels.

I have asked my Lord why they don’t’ shoulder this burden. He said to me that their job is to deal with the fallen angels. I was also told the Nepheseers are on a lower spiritual plain.

I appear as a man. And I occupy the office of a deacon at a church.

“So when is your birthday?” asked a deaconess name Mary. “There are only two months left in the year and you’ve never had a birthday party.”

Mary was perhaps my best human friend. Since we met, I always knew she wanted to be more than friends. But we were literally worlds apart. A romantic relationship was out of the question. And to compound that, I am unable to experience such feelings.

“I’d prefer to keep that a secret. I’m not one for parties.”

“Oh come on. It will be fun.”

I shook my head.” I choose to remain candid. Thanks for the offer though.”

She sighed. “Fine. You’re a buzzkill.” She looked down momentarily. “So what do you say to lunch today at BJ’s?”

I smiled. “Alright. But just as friends.”

“Sure. That’s’ fine. So how about 2 P.M.?”

“Sure. I’ll meet you there.”

“Great!” she said as she slugged me on the arm lightly and ran off.

The set time came quickly. I sat at table waiting for Mary. Then. I saw her come to my table in jeans and a T-shirt. “Hey!” she greeted.

“Hello Mary.”

“Do you know what you want?”

“Um, no. But a soda would start things out well.”

A waiter came to our table. ”I’m Trish. Ready to order?”

“I’ll have the Alfredo pasta,” Mary said.

I quickly glanced at the menu. “I’ll have the prime rib.”

“Excellent choice sir,” said Trish. She walked away and Mary began talking.

“So where did you grow up Jared?”

I chuckled at the question. How about during the beginning of Earth? I thought.

“I grew up out of country in a remote part of the middle east.”

“But your skin is not dark,” she detected.

“I lived in a sheltered villa. I rarely went out.”

Mary narrowed her eyes. “There is something about you Jared. I can’t put my finger on it.”

Could she sense my spiritual quality? I thought again. It ached to hold in my secret. And her penetrating eyes felt safe and disarming. I was never told to keep my true role and identity. But this sweet woman’s presence stirred a desperate eagerness in me. I believed I could trust her with my apparent absurd notion. I folded my hands and put them to my chin. “Mary. I need to tell you something. But it will be after we eat.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Umm…Okay sure.”

I ate quickly. When we finished, I led her outside into an alley.

I paused. “I’m not human.”

She stared at me bewildered in silence.

“I’m a spiritual being who has lived since before the dawn of the Earth.”

Just as Mary was about to speak I sensed one – a Nepheseer. Suddenly a dark mist gathered above us that I only could see. “Get behind me!” I ordered.

The mist descended quickly. I cupped my hands like I held a ball. A blue glowing sphere appeared in my palm.

The nebulous manifestation darted straight for my chest but with a single hand thrust, the sphere hurtled towards the dark essence. It shrieked and it dissolved like black vapor. But like the evil manifestation, Mary did not see the ball of light in my hand. I decided to open her eyes. I put my hand over them then uncovered them.

She gasped. “What are those things in the air!”

“Beings I have spent my whole life fighting.”

“But how do you fight so many?”

“My God given power subdues them to stay the in troposphere. But many have a strong will, enough to penetrate. That’s where I come in. But I ‘m so tired of my battling. I want to sleep and rest in heaven.”

Then a mist, blacker than before was coalescing. She turned about and screamed. A mist taking form of a man rose from the earth. An old gray-haired man with black eyes like a shark’s appeared. “It was unwise to share your secret,” he said.

The Nepheseer withdrew a black blade.

Suddenly, a flash of white light appeared, revealing an angel. “I am Gabriel. I see, Kromious, your faithfulness and valor. I see you are weary and tired. God has heard. He will relinquish it from you.”

“But who’ll replace me?”

“I’ll grant this human with this task, if she accepts.”

Gabriel looked at Mary who was afraid. “Fear not child. Do you choose to take on this duty and be turned immortal?”

She was stirred in her heart and was at a strange peace. “I do.”

“So be it,” said Gabriel.

Instantly she was changed into something more than human. Kromious glistened with light until it abated and he was gone.

Gabriel vanished and the dark being fled for its life. So began the era of new stewardship that Mary would carry out for millennia to come.

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