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A simple example of Alzheimers.
Written for the Senior Center Forum Contest
On my birthday, 08 April 2019


I blink my eyes and I search to see.
Strangeness and confusion are all I feel.
I hear a noise and I turn to see
A woman walking to me, carrying a meal.

“Who are you?” I ask. Fear growing in me.
“I am your daughter, Maria,” a smile on her face.
Apparently, the food was meant for me.
Her lips trembled, tears now gave each other a race.

“How are you doing, daddy? Do you remember me?”
I trace the features of her face trying to recollect.
“These are my children, daddy, I now have three”
The children familiar, their names I cannot detect.

I look back up to the woman, something sets her apart.
I used to know her. I used to hold her. I now wanted more.
Suddenly, a memory tugs gently at my heart.
“Your name is Maria. You’re the one I’ve been waiting for.

Tears painted trails of joy down her beautiful face.
“Yes, daddy. It’s me. Oh, daddy, I so love you!”
I look back down to the pictures in the case.
“Julio, Marisol, and “Chuy.” I asked, “Is this true?”

“Yes, daddy. Let me go and get them. I’ll be back.
“Yes,” I said. She left the room. Out the window a noise.
The room about me familiar, but better reflect I lack.
Anticipation, I want badly to see Marisol and the boys.

Out the window another noise. The source I want to find.
Sounds in the house now draw my attention clear.
Memories began to fly at me as if from another mind.
I feel lost in my thoughts which draws out the fear.

I blink my eyes and I search to see.
Strangeness and confusion beginning to grow.
I hear a noise and I turn to see
A woman with children that I don’t know.
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