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An Easter Bunny-in-training questions status quo. Pink Fluffy Unicorn Grand Prize Winner
I Want To Be A Unicorn

He just felt wrong as he hopped along
heading to Easter school.
His father's chide still rang inside:
“Dreams make you a fool!”

With floppy ears, eyes filled with tears
he trudged along the trail
that led to the class he’d have to pass
to earn his Easter tail.

Filled with dread, he quietly said
with derision and some scorn,
“Why can’t they see what I want to be
is a fluffy unicorn!”

He pulled up short when he heard a snort.
A unicorn stood there!
“It must be bad if you look this sad,”
he said, tossing his hair.

The bunny’s eyes filled with surprise,
“My wish has just come true!”
Said in a rush with no time to blush,
“I want to become you!”

The unicorn quipped, a smile on his lips,
“That seems a strange request.”
He looked up and down as he walked around.
“I don’t think that’s for the best.”

“It seems quite strange, wanting to exchange
the gifts you have already.
What you dream isn’t what it seems.
Just ask that bear named Teddy.”

“You think it’s fun ‘cause all day we run
and seem to laugh and play.
Life seems grand but you don’t understand –
someone’s hunting us each day!”

“If it wasn’t for magic, our lives would be tragic.
Consider this while deciding:
The reason we’re rare, hardly seen anywhere
is our need to be constantly hiding.”

“Now young rabbit kin, look how you fit in.
You’re welcomed every year.
You celebrate earth’s time of rebirth
as spring flowers once more appear.

The eggs that you bring stand for more than spring,
colored in various hues.
More than confection, they recall resurrection
helping to spread the Good News.

The rabbit just stared, no longer scared,
and shook his head to agree.
“It seems I’ve been wrong about you all along –
I should be the best possible ME!”

The unicorn nodded and off he trotted knowing his work was done...
And so this tale ends. They stayed best of friends but that is the start of a new one. 😁

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An entry for the "The Pink Fluffy Unicorn Contest
Prompt: Write the best poem possible about Unicorn(s) and The Easter Bunny (or any rabbit).
Line limit: 50
Line Count: 50
Form: Structured (Quatrains with internal rhyme and with a loooong couplet epilogue because you only allowed
50 lines *Laugh*)
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